Year 8 2022 Scholarship

LET THEIR PASSION PROSPER - YEAR 8 Entry Scholarships 2022

Pulteney Grammar School is offering scholarship entry into the Middle School from Year 8, in 2022, for students who seek to let their passions prosper. A Pulteney education provides a rich and diverse student experience that nurtures a child’s pursuit of their love of learning to find wonderment and awe from their world; nurturing passions to be pursued throughout life.

To be eligible, students should:

  • Value a love of learning
  • Have a passion they wish to pursue 
  • Be able to demonstrate and speak to their passion
  • Share a commitment to the values of Pulteney
  • Seek entry to the School in Year 8 2022

Recipients of the Let Their Passion Prosper scholarships will receive a generous contribution towards their tuition fees as well as additional enrichment opportunities in their area(s) of passion. 

Application instructions:

Please download the application form here.

The application period for this Scholarship has been extended, with a new closing date of 5pm, Friday 24 September 2021.

Please click here to view the Terms & Conditions of this Scholarship. 

For further information please call the Director of Enrolments on 8216 5555.