Year 3 Scholarship


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Pulteney Grammar School offers scholarship entry into the Prep School (Years 3-6) from Year 3 for students who wish to let their passion prosper. A dedicated home for children 7 to 12 years of age, the Prep School provides an important educational bridge between the early years of education and the challenge of Middle School. It is a time for students to explore by pursuing a love of learning, seeking wonderment and awe from their world and nurturing passions that might be pursued throughout life.

To be eligible, students should:

  • Value a love of learning
  • Have a passion they wish to pursue 
  • Be able to demonstrate and speak to their passion
  • Share a commitment to the values of Pulteney

Recipients of the Let Their Passion Prosper scholarships will receive a generous contribution towards their tuition fees as well as additional enrichment opportunities in their key area(s). The Scholarship will be automatically renewed each year until the end of Year 6 when recipients will be encouraged to apply for one of our Middle and Senior School Scholarships.

Let Their Passion Prosper scholarships are made available to students who otherwise would not be in a position to enjoy a Pulteney primary school education.

Application instructions:

Please note, applications for 2021 Scholarships closed on Friday 14 August 2020. 

For further information please call the Director of Enrolments on 8216 5555.