Learning Technologies

Students and their learning is at the very heart of our work here at Pulteney Grammar School. The integration of technology into teaching and learning is an ongoing and ever changing process. Here at Pulteney Grammar technology is seen as a core tool, to be utilised to enhance learning experiences. Being a Reception to Year 12 School, we are continuing to tailor our technology programs to align with best practice. In Kurrajong and the Prep School, we currently provide each student with an iPad, to assist with personalising learning.

From Year 6, into Middle School and in one-ninety, the learning landscape is different in that students bring their own device to support their learning. At Pulteney Grammar we currently support both the Apple and Microsoft Windows platforms. Students have the responsibility to manage their own device and data, while the School provides a common productivity platform through Office 365.

Further information on this program can be found on our BYOD page. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is important information for current and new students entering Year 6 to Year 12 on the device they will use as part of their learning.

We continue to work with our staff in reviewing their learning programs looking for opportunities where technology can empower students to achieve outstanding learning outcomes, whilst developing skills required for living, learning and working in the 21st century.