Prep School (Year 3-6)

The Prep School provides an enriched learning environment that focuses on supporting the students in Years 3 to 6 on an exciting journey of discovery and learning. With an emphasis on developing the critical, creative and ethical intelligences of all students, our curriculum is designed to create ‘Life Long Learners’ who strive to fulfil their potential.

Our students are encouraged to develop a strong understanding of self and the way in which they interact with others as we strive to build strong relationships between students, teachers, parents, care givers and the wider community.

By providing a secure learning environment where students can be open, think for themselves, solve problems and put forward ideas safe in the knowledge that their input will be valued, the students of the Prep School learn to be creative, independent and critical in their thinking and reflective in their learning.

With a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, dedicated teaching staff work collaboratively to deliver quality pedagogy in all key learning areas. Innovative teaching programs deliver a differentiated curriculum designed to cater for the individual needs of each student.

Shared assessment practices provide staff and students with the opportunity to celebrate, build upon and further extend student learning. Recognising the importance of extending learning beyond the classroom, the Prep School students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of co curricular, sporting, cultural and musical activities.

Our aim is to work in conjunction with parents and care givers to provide the skills and strategies required by our students of today, as they prepare to become successful, competent, global citizens in the world of tomorrow.

Denise O'Loughlin
Head of Prep School

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