Senior School (Year 10-12)

one ninety

Our teaching staff are inspired by the belief that our young men and women will leave us with a vision of an ever-expanding world, be sensitive to its problems and ever alert to its advances. We are confident that they will be able to use what they have learned with us to be innovative and creative in their thinking and caring in their dealings with others. Our fervent hope is that one day we shall see them become wise adaptors and initiators in their chosen fields.

In one ninety, we are proud to build on the excellent behavioural practices and academic foundations established in the first three phases of life at Pulteney – Kurrajong, Prep School and the Middle School. On entering one ninety, each student, with the help of parents and staff, including our Coordinator of Futures, makes some very significant choices about future life directions. 

Whatever the aspirations of the students are as they enter one ninety, critical, creative and ethical intelligences continues to play an important role in the teaching and learning of each individual subject. The increased variety of subject choice is balanced by the SACE pattern for Years 11 (Stage 1) and 12 (Stage 2) established by the SACE Board Of South Australia to ensure that each student selects an educationally sound curriculum. 

Staff members in one ninety are enthusiastic and committed to providing quality education and striving for academic excellence. It is the expectation that each student will achieve his or her individual best not only academically but also in the wide variety of extra-curricular activities available, thus gaining valuable leadership experience and learning the value of a balanced lifestyle.

The experience in leadership is also fostered in the Tutor Groups. Each student belongs to one of the four Houses: Bleby-Howard, Cawthorne-Nicholls, Kennion-Miller and Moore-Sunter. Each House is divided into Tutor Groups according to year level. Parents are encouraged to contact Heads of House, Tutors and subject teachers if they are concerned about any aspect of their child’s life at the school.

We welcome you to our very focused community in one ninety and assure you that, at all times, the very best interests of each individual student is of the greatest importance to us. We recommend this to both parents and students as a valuable resource, as together you make the choices to ensure a suitable preparation for the future.

Rebecca Baker
Head of Senior School (one ninety)

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