Centre for Senior Learning


Pulteney Grammar School launched its Centre for Senior Learning in 2015. This exciting building houses our senior students from Year 10 to 12 in modern educational architecture that has revolutionised their learning.

The quality of the physical environment significantly affects student achievement. The building in which students spend a good deal of their time learning does in fact influence how well they learn.

Schools must create spaces that students want to go to, similar to the way cafes attract people, rather than the space being purely functional. Consequently, the Centre for Senior Learning is more like a modern warehouse advertising agency space with open plan areas for student collaboration, close to the vibrant and bustling Gilles Street. Students thrive in this inspiring active urban environment. 

One of the prime architectural features of the Centre for Senior Learning is its open design. Open plan encourages students to learn in ways suited to their distinct strengths. It allows teachers to embrace effective learning strategies and work collaboratively with other teachers and students. The traditional classroom boxes with desks lined up in rows impede teachers' efforts to work in teams and have students in flexible groups. Traditional academic classrooms may eventually disappear, replaced by holistic learning labs and exploratory centres.

Our location is one of our great strengths having the city on our doorstep to investigate, explore and inspire students. Easy access to University campuses, Museums, Art Galleries, the hub of business and 18 hectares of parklands for sport all give Pulteney students every possibility to explore. The opportunities are endless and within reach. 

Pulteney is proud to be at the forefront of this educational revolution.

If you would like to view this incredible facility and experience our School, we encourage you to book a tour.