Learning Framework

Our Vision for Learning

At Pulteney, we have an enduring commitment to nurture and develop the whole person in each of our students.  This commitment is not just a focus on academic excellence but a dedication to inspire a love of learning that empowers and challenges the way our students think.

We support students in developing their individual talents and passions for the good of themselves and their wider community.  Research tells us that student success (at school and beyond) comes from participation in a range of personal, rich and diverse experiences during their time at school.

Our key goal is to implement our model of a “Learning and Performance Culture” that summarises all we value in learning at Pulteney. 

In creating our model of a Learning and Performance Culture, our staff explored their educational hopes and dreams for all students. We aim to be responsive to our students’ needs while maintaining Pulteney’s core goals. Through this, we can achieve the best learning and teaching outcomes possible for all students in our care.


We put students at the heart of what we do. We:

  • Inspire, challenge and empower all students to develop their individual talents and passions
  • Foster personalised growth and development
  • Seek and create ways to enhance student learning
  • Are proactive, responsive and collaborative
  • Lead and act for the enrichment of the School

We seek to inspire a passion for learning. We:

  • Foster a mindset of growth and resilience
  • Optimise the relationship between learning and assessment
  • Underpin the innovation and delivery with evidence and data
  • Pursue improvement and celebrate personal best
  • Co-create solutions to our shared challenges

We honour and enhance our unique community values and relationships. We:

  • Engage and partner with students, staff, parents, alumni and the wider community
  • Share insights, practices and research
  • Are aware, informed and connected global citizens who value diversity
  • Nurture the heart and well being of the school community