Soccer - Girls


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1st XI:  



Away Games

  • Transport to and from away games will be by bus. 
  • Students will be accompanied and supervised either by their coach (who are Pulteney employees) or a member of teaching staff. 
  • Departure time from school will be determined by the venue location, i.e. the farther away the earlier the departure.  Teaching staff’s permission for students to be excused from class is always requested.
  • Arrival back at Pulteney will usually be between 5.00 – 5.30pm, again depending on the location of the game and traffic conditions.

Injuries and Treatment

The attached information booklet published by Wakefield Sports Clinic contains information about taping techniques, the recognition and treatment of concussion and early management of sports injuries.  

Please note that this booklet is designed to inform only and we have no connection with Wakefield Sports Clinic!  Read the booklet