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Week 5 - Friday 3 March 2017


First VI - no game


Boys Senior B - no game


Boys Senior C - no game


Boys Senior D - no game


Boys Senior E - no game


Boys Middle A (Year 9 Navy) - BYE


Boys Middle B (Year 9 White) v SPSC



Boys Middle C (Year 8) v PGS Mid D

In the start first set we were a bit disorganised with no calling for the ball and poor team work but by the end of that set, we showed glimpses of our potential which was some pretty good volleyball. 

In the 2nd set we started of poorly going to a early 2-nil but than went on a 7 point scoring run. Unfortunately CBC capitalised on a small mistake by Pulteney and scored 9 points in a row. The end of the set was very close with both CBC and Pulteney going point for point before CBC scored a few extra that won with a very close in or out ball. 

In the third and final set the boys showed great courage to continue to fight to win a set even though the match win was gone.

The whole set was very close until Pulteney scored many points in a row to get to a late lead. After we felt victory in our grasp CBC fought back to make it 22 - 24 with us needing 1 point to win the set and them needing 1 to force an extra play, thankfully we went of a rally and scored the winner. 

Even though we lost I was really happy with how my friends in the team went and feel that If we play as well as we did in the last 2 sets we should be able to get a positive result next week.

Set 1: CBC 25 - 12 Pulteney

Set 2: CBC 25 - 19 Pulteney

Set 3: CBC 22 - 25 Pulteney

By Slade Hollway

Boys Middle D (Year 7 Navy) v PGS Mid C

On Friday the Pulteney Year 7 Navy (Middle D) played against the Pulteney Year 8 team. 

Set 1: Year 8 25 - Year 7 16

Set 2: Year 8 27 - Year 7  25

Set 3: Year 8 27 - Year 7 25 

In the first set, we started poorly going 6- nil down before we fought back to make it 7-6, then unfortunately year 8 scored lots of points. We fought back again, but in the end, the year 8's won deservingly.   We played well, some of our highlights were the serving and rallies which we did really well. 

In the second set, we let the year 8's know that we weren't going down without a fight and played some really good volleyball with everybody playing their part well. Towards the end we went on a scoring rampage and  got to a really big lead of 23- 13. Unfortunately we let victory slip from our grasp and the year 8's came back to 23-24 our way, only to let a small mistake make it 24 all. Again we got to set point only to let the year 8's score again. In the final play of the set the year 8's had set point on 26 and Christos got a really good shot in to make a rally for the year 8's where after they hit the ball back he hit the ball up perfectly for me but unfortunately I rushed for the ball and slipped, hitting the ball into the net to give the year 8s victory.

Our biggest highlight was by far the standard of serving which was amazing, We sometimes scored 6+ in a row because of it. 

In the 3rd and final set the year 8s took advantage of our broken spirit because of the loss of the second set, and scored lots of points to let victory look them straight in the eye.  Then everybody in the year 7 team lifted our heads high in search of victory. We fought back into the game to make it 20-23 where it was really even with lots of long rallies and some great serving before the year 8's got set point but again we fought back and both teams and went point for point before the year 8's scored a lucky point to win it. Even though this meant we lost 3-nil we were all proud of our efforts because we know that it could have gone either way and next time we can probably make it go our way. 

In conclusion, both teams were very even and we both played really good volleyball to the best of our abilities, which is all anybody can ask for. We played a great game and I feel that if we play this well next week we should definitely get a win. One thing that we really need to improve on, is our communication and teamwork because miscommunication cost us points that could have won us this game on Friday. It was a really good performance by everybody in both teams which proves that we can and will win some games this season if we play to the best of our abilities. We will all work hard to get the better result next week but by no means are disappointed with our performance in the game. 

By Slade Hollway, Captain of the Year 7 Navy team.

Boys Middle E (Year 7 White) v PEM



2017 ...  - GIRLS

All girls teams enjoyed an exeat weekend on 18 February