Tennis - Boys

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Thursday 6 April 

Pulteney was defeated by Concordia College 3 sets to 6, 36 to 40 games. 

It was great day out for tennis, sunny with not a touch a wind. This was to be the Drives last match until term 4. The boys put up a valiant effort but unfortunately results did not go our way today. The boys played out some very competitive doubles games however the boys didn’t come out on top. In singles the boys fought back some sets with some convincing wins from Ben Cahill (1 singles) 6-1 and Dillon Zhang (4 singles) 6-2. But the singles wins weren’t enough to bring us back to contention for the win. 


  1. Ben Cahill (6-1)
  2. Jack Simula (6-1)
  3. Stefan Mundy (3-6
  4. Dillion Zhang (6-2)
  5. Declan Beard (4-6)
  6. Brendan Loh (4-6)


  1. Ben Cahill & Dillion Zhang  (1-6)
  2. Stefan Mundy & Jack Simula  (4-6)
  3. Declan Beard & Brendan Loh  (2-6)

Intercol - Thursday 30 March

Drive Tennis defeated Scotch College 7 sets to 2 sets, 48 games to 36 games 

What a day for the Pulteney Drive team. The boys were super excited and nervous coming into the match, for some this was their first Intercol ever. Stefan and Jack have been talking to the team for weeks about how important it is to represent Pulteney and leave everything out on the court. Conditions were tough on the Scotch courts with wind and sun playing a big part. For Jack Simula it was his last ever Intercol after representing Pulteney with pride for many years. Stefan spoke to the team about how we were playing for Jack and Pulteney. All boys played fabulously under a lot of pressure. Ben Cahill and Kristo Daminato didn’t play their best doubles, but made it count on the big points to win in a tie break. Jack Simula and Stefan Mundy had a strong win, while Brendan Loh and Declan Beard lost in a tough match.

Eyes then turned to the singles where it really mattered to make sure we got the wins. All singles were won bar one match which showed just how strong the Pulteney boys were on the day. A highlight match was played by Ben Cahill. Ben won his match in a tie breaker and it was an absolute classic showcasing his great skill. Overall the boys couldn’t be happier with the result and as a Captain this was a very special thing to be a part of.  

Best Players: Ben Cahill, Declan Beard  

Singles: Ben Cahill 7/6, Jack Simula 7/5, Kristo Daminato 6/1, Stefan Mundy 6/0, Dyllan Zhang 3/6, and Declan Beard 6/4  

Doubles: Ben Cahill and Kristo Daminato 7/6, Stefan Mundy and Jack Simula 6/2, Brendon Loh and Declan Beard 6/0 


Stefan Mundy – Tennis Co-Captain 


Week 9 - Friday 31 March

Primary B (year 7) defeated St. Peter’s College, 5 sets 42 games to 4 sets 42 games

It was the last match for the term for our Year 7’s and they didn’t disappoint in a thrilling encounter against St. Peter’s College. The quality of tennis on display by our top two seeds was exceptional; however, it was our lower seeded players who determined the overall win. 

Best Players: Jack Hooper and Calien Sutton 


Chris Clements - Primary B Coach


Saturday 1 April

Drive Tennis 

Pulteney Drive Team were defeated by St Johns Grammar 3 sets to 7, 42 games to 41. 

It started off as a dark and gloomy day with some rain but cleared up into a perfect day just in time for the boys to go on court. Number 2 and 3 doubles played exceptionally well falling narrowly in tie breakers and number 1 doubles going down in a close encounter 5-7. There were some noteworthy performances in singles with our number 3 singles Stefan Mundy and number 4 singles Dyllan Zhang winning 6-0 and number 5 singles Declan Beard winning 6-2. Overall it was a terrific match against St Johns Grammar with some sets that could have gone either way that were the difference between winning and losing unfortunately. 

Singles Results:

  1. Ben Cahill (4-6)
  2. Kristo Daminato (1-6)
  3. Stefan Mundy (6-0)
  4. Dyllan Zhang (6-0)
  5. Declan Beard (6-2)
  6. Brendan Loh (2-6) 

Doubles Results: 

  1. Ben Cahill/Kristo Daminato (5-7)
  2. Stefan Mundy/Dyllan Zhang (6-7) tiebreak (4-7)
  3. Declan Beard/Brendan Loh (6-7) tiebreak (5-7)


Jack Simula – Co-captain of Boys  Tennis


Senior A boys defeated St Ignatius College B1 12 sets to 0 and 72 games to 8.

The Senior A's completed a very successful season by easily overpowering a weak team from St Ignatius College. Regular enthusiastic attendance at training and determination in matches led to only one defeat in the entire season. Well done! One hopes that the team will attempt to play regularly during the winter so that the good progress made will not be wasted.

Best Players:  None – the opposition was too weak.


Doug Anderson – Senior A Boys Tennis Coach.


Senior B boys were defeated by Scotch College 4 sets to 6 sets (37 games to 51) 

Pulteney unfortunately went down to Scotch College on a rainy and cold day at their home. In our last game of the term, the boys saved their best tennis until last, competing hard and playing some brilliant rallies. We went down in the doubles 1-2 and eventually the singles 3-4, meaning a 4-6 loss overall. Credit to the entire team for their performance. William Baigent, Hugh Gowland, Alistair Porter and Joshua Dunstan put in spirited singles matches. Credit to Ryan Moseby, Isaac Richards and Sucheng Zhang as well for their efforts in the doubles. 

Best Players: All played well. 


Hamilton Loftes: Senior B coach


Middle A Boys were defeated by Westminster School, 0 sets 11 games to 9 sets 54 games. 

As the boys ventured on to the courts for the last time this season, I couldn’t help but swell with pride. Although suffering a severe loss against Westminster, I could see an obvious improvement in focus, commitment and teamwork on court from every single player. I have been particularly impressed with the strengthening of all doubles teams – each team has grown closer and therefore stronger together regardless of the game score. I feel privileged to have coached the Middle A Boys this term and look forward to working with them once more in Term 4!


Victoria Cirocco – Middle A Boys Coach


Middle B Boys were defeated by Marryatville High School, 3 sets 31 games to 9 sets 61 games. 

Facing dreary conditions and a robust opponent, the Middle B Boy’s Tennis Team lost their last game. Score was not indicative of play in Maxime Chevrant Breton and Alexander Duance’s game; despite a solid defence, the boys went down 0-6. Slippery conditions got the better of Marco Talladira and Christian Veronese, losing 2-6. William Mahoney and Harry Blight played an excellent game and walked away with a 6-2 win, and Louis Tonkin Phanoulas and Thomas Lewis lost 4-6 despite Louis’ serves and Tom’s determination. 

As the boys fought on, they only managed to secure 2 more games. These outstanding wins, delivered by Christian (6-3) and Tom (6-2), earned through a streak of beautiful serves and ball placement, and tenacious playing respectively. 

Saturday capped off a great season for the Middle B Boys. Despite winning only one match, the team comprised of year 7 to 9 boys has shown an astonishing improvement to game skill and overall attitude, and for this I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Middle B Boys for an exceptional season, and wish them all the best. 

Best Players: All of them! Seriously!


Thomas Slattery – Middle B Boys Tennis Coach 



Middle C boys defeated Cabra Dominican College, 10 sets 62 games to 2 sets 22 games

The Middle C team played amazingly well against Cabra Dominican College, regardless of the 1 game forfeit by Pulteney due to an injury. The Middle Cs have all shown exceptional improvement since the beginning, it was also a great way to finish off the season with a fantastic win.


Francis Huynh, Middle C Boys Tennis Coach