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Week 10 - Intercol - Saturday 1 April


Senior A Girls Softball were defeated by Scotch College 5 runs to 4

Softball was the final event to be contested for the Summer Sport InterCol competition against Scotch College. Just to add to the pressure of the occasion, the team was aware from late in the week that a victory would hand Pulteney the Summer InterCol trophy. 

What followed was a high standard and very tense game. Unfortunately, the girls fell agonisingly short, losing by one run after leading for the majority of the game. 

Defensively, we were outstanding. Ellie Georgaris, as a Year 8 student pitching in a senior game was superb. With the help of a fielding unit that did not put a foot wrong, Ellie continuously pitched her way out of situations where it looked like the opposition was going to score heavily. 

Our base running was aggressive and caused confusion for the opposition. 

However we just couldn’t get our own bats going in a consistent manner against a very strong and vastly improved pitcher from Scotch. Scotch did bat marginally better than us and had a little luck but importantly, they took all of the chances that they created – we didn’t. 

As always, the girls fought to the very end. With a runner on third base and two out in the final innings, Natasha Holmes hit the ball very hard but unfortunately, it went straight at their 3rd base who completed a good catch. If only! 

The girls were genuinely devastated at the loss. I am certain of one thing – the character and the talent of the girls who will return to softball next season will ensure they will bounce back and will work hard to reverse the result next year. As a coach, I could not have asked for any more effort and dedication to training and game days from the entire squad. 

I know the team was very appreciative of the large crowd of parents, friends and teachers who were present. Thank you for making the effort. 

To the Year 12 girls who have possibly played their final game of school softball, thank you for all of your efforts over the past 3 years that I have been involved and good luck with whatever you may pursue. 

I’ll finish with one of my many favorite sayings – “Thank you girls, you are a cracking bunch.”

Best Players: Ellie Georgaris, Pippa Adkins, Laura Argy, Isabelle Tynan 

Safe Hits:  Pippa Adkins, Lucy Clisby, Isabelle Tynan, Lillie Bailey


Ian Marsland – Senior A Girls Softball Coach


Senior B Girls Softball were defeated by Scotch 2-14



Hannah Robson-Thoo – Senior B Girls Softball Coach


Middles were defeated by Pembroke  1-8


Kimmie Adkins