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Week 7 - Saturday 18 March


Senior A Softball were defeated by St Peters Girls 9 runs to 3

The A grade Girls faced St Peters Girls who, in my opinion, are the strongest team in the competition. They are anchored by a particularly strong pitcher / catcher combination. To come away with a win would be fantastic but the aim was to ensure that the team was competitive, remained focussed on doing the best that they could and not be daunted by the challenge facing them. 

Halfway through the game the score was 1 – 3 to St Peters. In our next turn at bat we managed to load the bases with none out but unfortunately we could only score one run. Still, the score was now 2 – 3 and we were still in the game. 

Saints responded like the good team that they are. Although they put on 6 runs in the innings, not one was attributable to poor fielding or a lack of concentration. In fact it was just the opposite with our field making virtually every play presented to them. Laura Argy was impassable at third base. In the end, the Saints hitters just proved too powerful. 

Ellie Georgaris did a superb job pitching and on a couple of occasions was just a little unlucky, with batters getting hits after looking completely at sea against Ellie’s pitching. Lillie Bailey for the second match in a row was outstanding in the catching position.

We rallied for a further run in our last innings due to some good hitting and aggressive baserunning – something we had worked on in practice the week before. Pippa Adkins and Natasha Holmes hit the ball very well. 

At the end of the game, my message to the girls was that I would be going home with a big smile on my face. I do not think that they could have done any more. To put the result in perspective, our last two results against St Peters have been 2 – 21 and 5 – 13. Bit by bit we are reeling them in!

Best:  Pippa Adkins, Laura Argy, Natasha Holmes 

Safe Hits:  Pippa Adkins 2, Natasha Holmes


Ian Marsland – Senior A Girls Softball Coach


Senior B Softball were defeated by Saint Peters Girls 15-13

The Pulteney Senior B Softball Team faced Saint Peter’s Girls for their 4th game of the season. Emily Edwards and Claire Nitschkepitched a brilliant game for the team walking minimum batters. 

Kahlia had a great game at short stop taking lead of the infield with a few infield fly catches. All girls contributed with the bat getting on base especially Emelia Dolphin and Beck Hume both getting 2 safe hits during the game.

Best: Emily Edwards, Kahlia Gilbert and Emelia Dolphin

Safe Hits:  Emelia Dolphin (2), Emily Edwards (2), Kate Barnett (2), Olivia Cameron (2), Claire Nitschke, Kahlia Gilbert, Beck Hume


Hannah Robson-Thoo – Senior B Girls Softball Coach


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Kimmie Adkins