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Week 5 INTERCOL - Saturday 26 August


2nd XI - Pulteney 2 defeated Scotch College 1

After a rollercoaster season with the obligatory highs and lows, the 2nd eleven Football (Soccer) lads were determined to do their very best and wear the Pulteney colours proud in this all important Intercol match against traditional rivals Scotch. 

After a wonderful training session on Thursday, we intended to hit Scotch with some attacking football from the outset on this sunny Saturday morning. Inspired by a big crowd and determined to make amends for the first’s unfortunate loss, the team had a clear focus.  This and an energetic, passionate and team driven mindset, meant that the lads began brilliantly, creating chance after chance. Whilst our opponents defended staunchly, our irrepressible force was too much, with the lightning fast Kristian Borelli channelling his inner Sadio Mane and scoring from stunning high energy build up play from Suttie, Vetere and Pope. 

Although we were slightly disappointed with only a one goal lead, the players were focussed on finishing the job in the second half and aware that our opponents would give their all as well. So, it was unsurprising that Scotch upped the pressure on us in the second half, and although keeper Nisbet made save after wonderful save, eventually the pressure was too much and an equaliser was scored. 

What ensued then was the Pulteney lads saving their most exciting, blood pressure raising football for the last 20 minutes of the season.  They were relentless both in defence and when striving for a winning goal. When rewarded with a penalty, which was brilliantly saved,  it would be fair to say the team could have conceded that it was simply not ‘our’ day.  But give up we did not, with the marauding Jake Goehr scoring a fantastic and well deserved winner only a few minutes after the penalty. Although both teams had further chances, the determination of our defence led by the superb twin towers of Porter and Nayler and aided by the likes of Bender, meant that we could hold on. The only thing missing was an El- Scorpio from Cristiano Ronaldo/ Daniel Calderisi (you never ever see the two in the same place). 

As the players celebrated, it was fantastic to see the smiles on their faces along with the smiles from our wonderful supporters. I’m honoured to be in the company of such a lovely bunch of people and proud to be involved in the beautiful game for what is a beautiful community. 

We Are Pulteney! 

Dan Crane
2nd XI Coach


Week 3 - Saturday 12 August


1st XI - Pulteney played a draw with Sacred Heart 3 - 3 

After a very strong opening 20 minutes with some really good chances we unfortunately found ourselves a goal behind. The players kept there nerve and we equalised through a strong running goal by Alex Misfud.

Again when dominating the game we got caught on the break and conceded a second goal. To the players credit they fought back and with in 15 minutes we found ourselves in front with the score line at 3-2. The players were put under pressure for the remaining 10 minutes of the game and again against the run of play we conceded a soft goal which then ended at 3-3.

Overall I'm pleased with the performance and each week we are improving step by step. 

Goal Scorers: Alex Misfud 1, Juing Kim 1, Dillon Hill 1

Best Players:  Nick Wilson 3, Alex Misfud 2, Seth Dolphin 1 

Lucas Pantelis


2nd XI - Pulteney defeated by Blackfriars 0 - 7 

Putting the result aside I was very pleased with the teams second half performance. The team showed its resilience in bouncing back from a terrible first half. 

The first half was a complete and utter mess. We had no shape, no composure on the ball and didn’t defend as a team. We were punished almost every time Blackfriars went forward, we came into the break 7-0 down. 

After getting everyone to understand their roles and reinforcing the importance of team structure and shape, we were able to hold them to 0-0 for the second half. We managed to create a few goal scoring chances but were unsuccessful in converting the opportunities. 

The difference in performance from the first half to the second half was something that I was very pleased with and commend all players on their attitude in wanting to turn it around. I feel that this game was a great learning experience for the players and the second half result proved that they were able to identify and correct any problems the team was having. 

Dan Crane


Year 10’s - Pulteney defeated Cabra 3 - 1 

Another brilliant display! All players were able to adapt to various positions. Having a big squad again this week wasn’t easy as it limited game time for players and can also interfere with the performance. All players did very well at not allowing their performance levels to drop and remained positive throughout the entirety of the match. 

It was a very complete performance and showed me how well all players understand the game of soccer. Positive signs for the future. Well done again to all players!  

Matt Hiern
(Stand in) Coach


Middle B’s - Pulteney defeated by Trinity College 2 - 5 

The Pulteney boys got off to the worst possible start conceding a goal in the first 30 seconds without even touching the ball. The team defended the goal really well after that and showed great fight, but mistakes going forward and defending meant that they were 2-1 down at half time. 

A change in positions in the 2nd half saw the boys start the second half brightly and created chances early on, and eventually levelled the scores at 2-2. After conceding the next 2 goals in the second half, the boys showed real spirit to keep fighting and really pushed hard to try and get the game back. With a minute go to, we had a chance to make the score 4-3, but missed a glorious 1v1 chance and unfortunately, Trinity went straight up the other end and scored to make the final score 5-2. 

Best players: Alex Symons, Sam Tertipis, Zac Gillard 

Goal scorers: Alex Symons 2 

Matt Hiern


Middle C’s - Pulteney defeated by Pembroke 1 - 6 

Again against a team of year 8 and 9's, the boys started very well, matching the physicality of the opposition with tough tackling, fast movement and quick passing moves, catching the opposition defence on the counter attack on numerous occasions. Going into half time at 2-1, some injuries in the second half with no available substitutes left our defence weakened. Despite 100% effort from all players on the field, Pembroke ran away with the 3 points.

There were many positives to be drawn from the game, including our defensive structure, with the boys proving once more that they are up to the task in a much older division. 

Goal Scorers: Henry Moseley 

Best Players: James Cullen, Christos Michaela 

Luis Wiltshire


Week 2 - Saturday 5 August


1st XI - Pulteney defeated by Concordia 0 - 4

Unfortunately the score line did not represent the way that the players played. As a team we ticked off a number of adjectives.

The first 15 min was fantastic and if it wasn't for some wayward shooting could of seen us 2 goals to the good. Even though Concordia were starting to stamp their authority the players stuck to the task and for that I look forward to the remaining of the season and intercol.

Best Players:  Seth Dolphin 3, Juing Kim 2, Anthony Maro 1 

Lucas Pantelis


2nd XI - Pulteney defeated by St. Paul’s 0 - 7

“Adversity builds strength” is a wonderful quote, used by football coaches and political leaders alike in times of need and for this home game, these words were stupendously apt…. 

On the first truly winter’s day of the season, whilst we were glad to be back at home, we weren’t so keen on the single figure temperatures. Our opponents were relentlessly determined, even you could say ice-cool, and soon went to a 2-0 lead. It was clear that out work rate needed to improve, and although it did, a fortunate 3rd goal to the opposition was bundled into our goal just before half time. The tiny errors of judgement, poor first touch, slight stumbles, along with an unfortunate injury to star striker Goehr meant that things weren’t going our way. 

This continued into the second half, with the likes of Nayler, Calderisi, Vetere working hard to turn things around. But in the end, the organisation, skill and physical aggression of our opponents was too much. To play a team as determined as this was definitely something for us to take on board for our remaining fixtures, particularly with InterCol on the horizon…and our mental composure and positive attitude following this disappointment was a good sign for better days ahead. 

Best players: Nick Nayler, Daniel Calderisi, Thomas Vetere, Lloyd Pope, Josh Dunstan 

Dan Crane


Year 10’s - Pulteney defeated by CBC 2 - 8 

A very tough day for our team as we again were short on numbers. We played the first half with 1 player down and a defensive mindset. We did very well for the first 10 – 15 minutes until we lost shape and players started to fall into the trap of working for themselves rather than the team. We conceded 3 goals in the space of 5 minutes due to our midfield not being in an area where they could apply pressure on the ball, allowing PAC to have shots from long distances. This was very harsh for the defence and goalkeeper as they were helpless in preventing these types of opportunities. 

The first half was nothing but disappointing and the players recognized this. After addressing the mistakes and issues from the first half, the second half was a complete turn around, we even scored 2 goals through quick counter attacks. I was very pleased with the second half performance as the players worked more cohesively and it showed. 

Today we learned how important it is to work together as a team and listening to team instructions, which was demonstrated in the second half. We will learn from this defeat and continue to keep working hard during training sessions. 

Goal scorers: (Henry 1, Jake 1 ) 

Best Players: Henry Jorgensen, Jake Reedman, Jack   

Matt Hiern


Middle B’s - Pulteney defeated by St Pauls 0 - 2 

The Pulteney Prep boys fought hard and showed great organisation in the cold away from home. The team defended the goal really well, but a mistake in front of the goal meant that the boys conceded a penalty went into half time losing 1-0. 

A change in positions in the 2nd half saw the boys start the second half brightly and created chances early on. After conceding the first goal in the second half, the boys showed real spirit to keep fighting and play the game out to the best of their ability. In the end, the boys showed great improvement from previous weeks and really gave 100% and played the game out, unfortunately, the game finished 2-0. 

Best players: Sam Tertipis, Julian Di Rosa, Finn Flannagan 

Matt Hiern


Middle C’s - Pulteney defeated by St Ignatius 1 - 6

Luis Wiltshire