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Week 7 - Saturday 18 March

After many months of planning and preparation the Pulteney hosted regatta at West Lakes went off with a bang on the weekend!

On a perfect day for rowing the Pulteney rowing community came together to cheerfully fill the many volunteer roles and provide a smoothly run regatta for all concerned.  Huge congratulations to all who assisted either on the day or in the lead up – special thanks to Alison Perrott for pulling everything and everyone together once again and to the mighty Boat Club committee who led the charge!  Thanks also to our magnificent boat holders and their coaches who put in a marathon stint before lunch time.

We are always grateful for the support of School staff at regattas and thank our Principal Anne Dunstan, Deputy Principal Greg Atterton, Head of MS Paul Ryan and Head of Sport Huw Bowen for their interest and support and for Mr Bowen’s efforts cooking the barbecue!  We are also very grateful for the financial support of every sponsor and we were pleased to see representatives from Adelaide University presenting medals.

Without a dedicated year 8 event, all junior crews raced together meaning a mix of year 8 and year 9 boats alongside each other with seven heats of boys and six of girls.  All crews were guaranteed a final and the chance of a medal and pleasingly, all crews continue to show improvement race by race!

Intermediate girls qualified for their B Final however were not able to race due to illness in the crew and the girls eight put in a consistent effort in their two events to remain on track for a strong showing next week.

This week however was one for the boys – the eight won their division of schoolboy eights, emphatically avenging their loss to Unley last week.  The intermediate A boys proved last week was not a fluke by prevailing in the A Final of their event rowing a composed last 250m to hold off a fast finishing Pembroke crew!!

A good day when all is said and done!

All eyes now turn to next week and the Schools’ Head of the River Regatta – We urge the whole School community to come along and support our Navy Blue rowers – join the crew!!

Richard Sexton
Head of Rowing 


Results of the Pulteney hosted Regatta - West Lakes:

Schoolboy Yr8/9 Coxed Quad:

Burgess, Coombs, T Pardoe, Rooke, Thomas:  Heat 2nd:  A Final 4th
Denton, H Pardoe, Kilgariff-Johnson, Brown, Spyropoulos:  Heat 3rd:  B Final 6th
G Luksich, Darker, Candy, M Button, Alex Nikoloff:  Heat 5th:  C Final 3rd
DeJong, Redpath, A Winter, Bell, D Hassan:  Heat 6th:  E Final 6th

Schoolgirl Yr8/9 Coxed Quad:

Elgar, Muller Casey, Bennett, I Tucker:  Heat 2nd:  A Final 8th
Penberthy, Young, Champion, L Molony, Amelia Nikoloff:  Heat 4th:  B Final 7th
Healey, T Tucker, Tang, Keene, Beard:  Heat 7th:  D Final 3rd

Schoolboy Yr 10 Coxed Quad:

N Hassan, S Button, Mellor, Wilson, Pledge:  Heat 2ndA Final 1st
H Brunning, Casey, O’Dea, Koumi, B Woolley:  Heat 4th:  B Final 5th

Schoolgirl Yr 10 Coxed Quad:

M Woolley, N Luksich, A Molony, Tubb, N Perrott:  Heat 4th:  B Final – scratched (illness)

Schoolboy Eight:

Lucas, Rawson, Horsell, DeLuca, Hore, Cockburn, F Brunning, Jerkic, Attanasio: Div 1 1st

Schoolgirl Eight:

Walker, Beer, Churchill, Chapman, Kailis-Philips, Turczynowicz, Radford, Mol, Dieperink: 4th

U/19 Womens Eight:

Walker, Beer, Churchill, Chapman, Kailis-Philips, Turczynowicz, Radford, Mol, Dieperink: 2nd


Week 6 - Saturday 11 March

While other sports enjoyed the weekend off, Pulteney rowers were competing at the third School Super Series Regatta at West Lakes.  In overcast and still conditions early in the day, junior crews busied themselves preparing boats and equipment for the days racing, year 9 boys the first to leave the beach, soon followed by year 9 girls and year 8 crews.

The boys continued their good form, both making their A final and competing strongly while both year 9 girls crews returned to the beach beaming having each won their respective B final events – congratulations on your first wins!!  Again there was only one round of year 8 races for our three crews, both boys crews posting similar times, the girls unfortunately thwarted by a breakage early in their race.

Our senior crews continue to work hard setting a positive example for younger rowers, the girls again winning their B final.  The boys however were forced to juggle the crew due to sickness and injury, putting in a solid crew effort but still in pursuit of the Pembroke boat!!

The highlight of Saturday afternoon was provided by the intermediate boys who continued their consistent performances of recent weeks in this extremely competitive category.  The B crew set the scene with another solid podium finish in their final, only to be overshadowed by the A crew which, after being ‘around the mark’ for weeks, broke through to defeat their nemesis with a strong display of controlled rowing winning both the heat and final – a promising prelude to the next couple of weeks hopefully!

This weekend is the Pulteney hosted regatta at West Lakes, the full program will include all schools, clubs and Masters events in a smorgasbord of rowing!!  Everyone is invited to come along and support our fantastic rowers as they fine tune for Head of the River!!  Come along to the host tent on the Rowing SA lawn and be loud!!


Regatta results – Super Series #3 – Saturday 11 March

Schoolboy Yr9B Coxed Quad:  Heat 2nd:  A Final 4th

Schoolboy Yr9A Coxed Quad:  Heat 1st:  A Final 4th

Schoolgirl Yr9B Coxed Quad:  Heat 5th:  B Final 1st

Schoolgirl Yr9A Coxed Quad:  Heat 5th:  B Final 1st

Schoolboy Yr8B Coxed Quad:  6th

Schoolboy Yr8A Coxed Quad:  6th

Schoolgirl Yr8A Coxed Quad:  DNF – breakage

Schoolboy 1st Eight:  Heat 5th:  Final  5th

Schoolgirl 1st Eight:  Heat 4th:  B Final  1st

Schoolboy Yr10B Coxed Quad:  Prelim 3rd:  Final 3rd

Schoolboy Yr10A Coxed Quad:  Heat 1st:  A Final 1st

Schoolgirl Yr10A Coxed Quad: - Training