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TRC & SOC Regatta - 1 December

Unfortunately for the hosts and organisers of the weekend regatta, the forecast of high wind and foul weather came true resulting in the event being abandoned.  Disappointment for competitors soon gave way to feelings of relief however as the weather arrived with gusto!!

Next weekend we are in Berri for the Riverland Regatta with lots of racing on offer! 


PARC Regatta - 17 November

Beautiful Spring weather greeted rowers on the Port River on Saturday, a mild breeze causing some concern early but fading as the day wore on.  Many Pulteney rowers test their skills in small boats this week, a task made all the more challenging in the unmarked expanse of the Port River!!

First away were single scullers, James Mellor notching the first win for the day in the first event of the day!  He was followed by the experienced Natasha Perrott and novices Jenny Tang, Maddi Woolley and Abby McDougall who were racing in singles for the first time!! 

Crew boats were next and, after a major crab, the intermediate girls recovered to push the winners only to fall tantalisingly short by .56seconds!  The result of the Cornell Shield race for schoolboy eights was also hotly contested, our boys competing with four crews from St Peters and two from Scotch finishing a creditable third in a bunched finish.  Intermediate boys had limited opportunities but showed that they are still on track while the girls four finished second in their division and backed up, winning their third grade event.

Late in the day the boys eight looked long and smooth in a rowover for the second grade eight race but it was the mens and womens doubles races that created the greatest interest.  The combination of Daniel Hassan and Benjamin Woolley looked to have plenty of power but possibly covered more distance than they should have in a 1000m race!  Looking composed and fluent, the girls combination of Tiarn Verhulst and Olivia Young also acquitted themselves very well, both crews finishing second.  Some good potential in both boats!


3rd Grade Mens Single Div 1:  James Mellor – 1st
3rd Grade Womens Single Div 2: Natasha Perrott – 2nd   Jenny Tang - 4th
2nd Grade Womens Single Div 3:  Maddi Woolley – 4th   Abby McDougall – 5th
3rd Grade Womens Coxed Quad Div 3: Tang, Verhulst, Young, Perrott, A Nikoloff – 2nd (margin .56 sec)
Schoolboy Eight: Brown, Kilgariff-Johnson, T O’Dea, S Button, Thomas, Coombs, Mellor, Wilson, Tubb – 3rd
Schoolboy Yr 9/10B Coxed Quad: Howell-Meurs, Wise, Chappell, Redpath, Hillock – 3rd
Schoolboy Yr 9/10A Coxed Quad: A P Nikoloff, M Button, Candy, Darker, Hillock – 2nd
Schoolgirl Coxed Four: Casey, M Woolley, Bennett, McDougall, Perrott – 2nd
3rd Grade Womens Coxed Four: Casey, M Woolley, Bennett, McDougall, Perrott – 1st
3rd Grade Mens Double Div 2: Hassan, B Woolley – 2nd
2nd Grade Mens Eight: Brown, Kilgariff-Johnson, T O’Dea, S Button, Denton, Coombs, Mellor, Wilson, Tubb – 1st
3rd Grade Womens Double:  Verhulst, Young – 2nd


Round the Island - 10 November 2018

  • SG4+ 1st
  • Inter SG4x A 8th
  • SB8+ 2nd 
  • Inter SB4x A 4th
  • Inter SB4x B 13th
  • Inter SB4x C 19th

Senior Boys -  Saints posted the fastest time (25:05) however rowed by invitation, PAC were 13 seconds behind them (25:18) and we were a further 9 seconds back (25:27).  Because Saints rowed by invitation our result is officially second.

We were 22 seconds faster than Scotch (25:49) and we even beat the ARC club crew by 42 seconds. Also importantly we were 70 seconds faster than the best 2nd 8+ (PAC 2 - 26:37).  Our time was faster than the winning time last year (25:40). 

The boys felt that they had a good row but could have rowed better along the back side of the island with regard to intensity (rating down to 31) and they felt that they shortened up over the latter part of the race.

Inter boys crews were forced to make a number of late changes in order to boat all crews so possibly not their best effort – in a field of 20 boats to have a crew 4th fastest overall was good!

Inter girls battled bravely with at least one injured rower and finished mid-field (8th out of 15 boats).

Very proud of all crews!  


Murray Bridge Regatta - Saturday 3 November 2018

What a great start to the season!  Our first regatta for the season was at Murray Bridge under overcast skies, a light breeze challenging crews early.  It wasn’t long before the Pulteney tent was on its feet cheering our senior girls as they showed good early form finishing strongly behind a talented Torrens crew.  Not even an hour later however the intermediate girls went one better winning their division of third grade with ease, looking composed and strong.  A great team effort and an excellent race by coxswain Amelia Nikoloff, keeping the crew away from trouble!

The great results kept coming as the U/19 boys quad stormed home in their division of third grade mens quad followed soon after by the senior girls four who won their division!  The Schoolboys senior four finished fourth in their division as the sun appeared for the first time.

In the next brace of races some keen senior boys contested second grade mens single sculls over the very long 2,000m distance!  William Rooke and Oliver Wilson looked very relieved at having lasted the journey in their divisions while Angus Brown made it look easy, winning his division in style!  Jesse Coombs rowed his heart out in his division finishing second – apparently by .97 sec!!  A huge effort by everyone.  Rounding out the morning events the intermediate girls finished second in their division of schoolgirl year 9/10A coxed quad in a strong field of crews.

Immediately after the lunch break a number of school, club and Masters crews contested the signature Murray Bridge event, the 3 Mile event.  A distance of approximately 4.8km, boats are started at the Swanport Bridge at 10 second intervals, gliding past the judge some time later!  At the time of writing, adjusted results had not been published.

Our senior girls ‘book ended’ the day of racing also rowing in the final Pulteney event, second grade four managing to maintain a consistent standard through the day finishing third in their division.

Intermediate boys crews did not race as Pulteney however three keen rowers raced for their club – Matt Button, Alex Candy and Bill Darker combined to win the novice quad, Matt Button won the second grade double and came second with Alex Candy in  third grade double, just behind Jesse Coombs racing for Adelaide Uni !!.  Great results boys, well done!

Overall a good start to the season with some encouraging results across crews.  Well done all rowers, coxswains coaches and of course supporters who made the day so enjoyable. 

Richard Sexton
Head of Rowing 


2nd Grade Womens Coxed Four: Casey, M Woolley, Bennett, McDougall, Perrott – 2nd

3rd Grade Womens Coxed Quad (D4): Tang, Verhulst, Young Keene, A Nikoloff – 1st

3rd Grade Mens Coxed Quad (D1): Wilson, Rooke, Mellor, Coombs, Tubb – 1st

Schoolgirl Coxed Four (D1): Casey, B Woolley, Bennett, McDougall, Perrott – 1st

Schoolboy Coxed Four (D1): T O’Dea, Thomas, Kilgariff-Johnson, Denton, A Brown – 4th

2nd Grade Mens Single Scull (D1): William Rooke – 5th

2nd Grade Mens Single Scull (D2): Oliver Wilson – 5th

2nd Grade Mens Single Scull (D4): Angus Brown – 1st

2nd Grade Mens Single Scull (D5): Jesse Coombs – 2nd (by .97 sec)

2nd Grade Mens Single Scull (D7): James Mellor – SCR

Schoolgirl Yr9/10A Coxed Quad (D1): Tang, Verhulst, Young Keene, A Nikoloff – 2nd

3 Mile Handicap:  T O’Dea, Thomas, A Brown, S Button, Rooke, Coombs, Mellor, Wilson, Tubb

2nd Grade Womens Coxed Quad (D2): M Woolley, Casey, Bennett, McDougall, A Nikoloff – 3rd


Torrens RC

Novice Mens Coxed Quad: Colotti-Perez, Button, Candy, Darker, Pham – 1st

2nd Grade Mens Double (D2): Button, Colotti-Perez – 1st

3rd Grade Mens Double Scull (D1): Candy, Darker – 2nd

Adelaide Uni

3rd Grade Mens Double Scull (D1): Southcott, Coombs – 1st