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Week 5 INTERCOL - Saturday 26 August


Pulteney Senior A were defeated by Scotch 31 - 38 

The A's played their final game of the season with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. This was by far their most highly skilled and competitive game, and the girls should be commended for their efforts. They warmed up with professionalism, listened to what the coaching team had to say, and worked hard to implement the suggestions throughout the match. The girls’ on court demeanour was again exemplary, particularly in the face of the loud and parochial cheering of the supporters; they certainly set a tremendous example for their school. 

Best Player: Sophie Zuill

Hannah Lewis (Senior A&B Assistant Coach) 


Pulteney Senior B were defeated by Scotch 15 - 52 

While the Senior B's final game wasn't their best for the season, the match itself was much closer than the score line appears. The girls gave it their all, and there were some extremely competitive moments on court. In particular, the defensive players created their share of turnovers but, unfortunately, the team was not able to capitalise on the opportunities often enough. That being said, there is some real talent in this team and Pulteney should be excited about the things to come for Senior Netball. 

Best Players: Maddi Ashby 

Hannah Lewis (Senior A&B Assistant Coach)


Pulteney Senior C were defeated by Scotch 32 - 39 

A fantastic game from the senior Cs, finishing the season on a high and really doing themselves justice after a long season of training hard. Starting the game, we were positive and thoroughly warmed up (so, no first quarter warm up!!); however, Scotch just seemed to score off every intercept, and by quarter time we were down 16-8. To their credit, the girls did not stop fighting, and narrowed the margin to 3 by half time. 

With constant encouragement for each other, the support from the girls both on the court and off was outstanding. It seemed every pointer I had given the girls over the season had been taken on board and delivered in this game. Special mentions to Whitney and Lara for their phenomenal goal scoring and Lucy for her intercepts. Unfortunately, Scotch did seem to get away in the end, but only with a final margin of 7, reflecting a very close and competitive game. 

I would like to thank the girls for a fantastic season, it really has been a pleasure watching you develop and play the very best netball you can. Good luck to the year 12 girls, and well done on finishing your Pulteney netball on such a good game. A very proud coach!! 

Best Players: Lara Kittel, Lucy Clisby 

Emily Johnson (Senior C Coach)


Pulteney 10A were defeated by Scotch 33 - 38 

Finally! A game with some competition! 

The year 10A team unfortunately lost to Scotch during the weekend’s intercol. Despite the score, the girls took everything out on court and played their best game for the season. Playing against a stronger team definitely challenged the girls’ fitness. However, all of them played an extremely good game of netball and they should all be very proud of their performance. Our shooters Chelsea, Kim and Lucy never let the team down and shot beautiful for the entirety of the game. Chelsea once again had an amazing hold in the circle, which made feeding an easy job for our mid courters. Our defensive end was made up of Zoe, Anna and Izzy. Zoe played a terrific game in Goal keeper with her strong blocks, defensive pressure and touches in the circle. Our mid court consisted of Camryn, Izzy, Lucy, Liv and Maddi. Cam played an amazing half in wing defence as she kept up with her attacking wing's fitness level. Liv, Maddi and Cam all played controlled quarters in centre, which helped to not rush the girls. 

An overall outstanding game by the Year 10A team and a fantastic end to the season. As coaches, we are both very proud of their performance from the weekend of from the entire season. An amazing bunch of girls to work with! Keep playing netball girls! 

Best Players: Camryn Dudley, Zoe Natsias 

Sophie Perkins and Maddy Kurpita (Year 10 AB Netball Coaches) 


Pulteney 10B defeated by Scotch 23 - 52 

The year 10B team unfortunately lost to Scotch on the weekend however, the score most definitely does not reflect how the girls played as they were only one goal behind at half time. Playing a stronger team for the first time this season took its toll on the girls as their fitness caught up to them in the third quarter. Our defenders, Bec and Eleanor, once again, never let the team down and adapted extremely well to the stronger attacking side, which they had not come up against yet this season. Hayley played one of her best games for the season in Goal Shooter. She had beautiful holds and made excellent space in the circle, which made feeding a whole lot easier for our mid courters. Our midcourt wasn't as consistent on the weekend, which probably let us down in the second half. However, the girls had not played against a team this strong and, unfortunately, Scotch got away with a greater number of turnovers. Unlucky girls! Overall, one of the better games the girls have played this season.  

Best Players: Eleanor, Hayley Greig 

Sophie Perkins and Maddy Kurpita (Year 10 AB Netball Coaches) 


Year 9A were defeated by Scotch 17-66 

As Intercol crept up to the year nine side, trainings began getting harder and the crunch to execute seamless passes and plays increased. While the girls went down this morning they showed outstanding teamwork and sportsmanship on and off the court, by supporting their teammates and communicating well throughout the match. With an extremely tall opponent, Maggie Bailey and Kahlia Gilbert played very strong netball, blocking them off where possible and managing to get some wonderful rebounds in the process. Elli Paps fought hard against Scotch’s shooters and mid-courters resulting in some impressive turnovers. The smart feeding into Amelia Goehr and Sophie Cardillo from Kelsey Brion matched with their fantastic shooting made for a very strong goal third. 

It’s been a wonderful season girls, and we look forward to seeing you develop even further in your coming years! 

Best Players: Maggie Bailey, Kelsey Brion, Charlotte Casey and Amelia Goehr.


Year 8A were defeated by Scotch 17-55 

It was a competitive start to the game, but again going up against a tough team with tall players, the girls knew it was going to be a challenge. The girls down in defence and the mid court turned up the pressure sticking tight on their players, resulting in numerous turnovers and opportunities to score. In the second half of the game, the girls worked cohesively to narrow Scotch's lead and great teamwork around the shooting end helped get the ball into the ring.

Although the game didn't go in our favour, the girls' attitude and determination did not go astray. We were really impressed that the girls fought until the end, giving 110% all game, illustrating their sportsmanship. We have had a very enjoyable season, and we wish the girls all the very best in the future. 

Best players: Tiarn Verhulst, Rose Herriot and Emilia Dolphin 


Year 8B were defeated by Scotch 14-37 

The girls had a great first quarter, with it being pretty much goal for goal between the two teams. Unfortunately, Scotch sneaked away in the second quarter doubling their score. In saying this, the girls played a great game and gave their last game their all. The defensive pressure was great to watch and many intercepts were taken by our keepers which resulted goals for our team. The work and movement down the court made it easy to get the ball into the ring. It was a great game to watch and the girls worked hard against another tough side. Again, we are so proud of the girls achievements throughout the season. Although we did not have the most successful season, it was great to watch the girls grow and develop their skills and love for the game. We want to thank all the girls for a great season and again, we wish them the very best.  

Best players: Kalea Healey, Emily Tinkler and Jessica Sallis


Year 7A were defeated by Scotch (score unknown) 

Intercol always brings excitement and competitiveness amongst all schools and we were no different on Saturday. We were greeted with matching hair ribbons from Amelia and a mixture of emotions from the girls. They were excited for Intercol but a little sad it was our last game together. I don't think the score was indicative of the improvement, hard work and tenacity that all players showed on Saturday. Scotch were the overall winners and in a display of school sportsmanship loaned us a player in the last few minutes of the game as we had an injury. That is what school sport for young girls is all about.

Special mention to Victoria Osborne, Sarah DeJong, Ella McDonald and Madison Schubert. 


Year 7B were defeated by Scotch 26-38 

I can’t believe another season is over! The 7B’s finished off the season with a strong game against Scotch for Intercol. The first quarter we were even but let this slip away in the second quarter by ten goals. We then fought back in the third and fourth quarters being as close as three goals behind Scotch. Although we lost the girls played with determination until the final whistle. They all played as a team and it was great to see them having fun at the same time. 

The girls have improved out of sight from their first game, they should be all proud of themselves.  I am so thankful to have had yet another amazing team. I will miss you all and wish you all the best for the future.  

Best Players: Sophie Ruff, Amy Lush, Rachel Craddock


Week 4 - Saturday 19 August


Senior A defeated Pembroke 44 - 39 

The girls went into this match knowing that the exercises and set plays they had been working on at training were starting to execute automatically up the court. There was an overwhelming improvement in the offensive third, especially the shooters using the space around them effectively to gain possession of the ball. Stand out performances were in the defensive half, whereby the defenders were able to get the ball down to the court easily and allowed the attackers to focus on getting the ball into the circle. 

Best Players: Tayler Price and Neha Athreya

Hannah Lewis (Senior A&B Assistant Coach)


Senior B were defeated by Pembroke 30 - 34 

This was another close match for the B team however, the result highlighted that there are still some more improvements to be made. The shooters were shut down by the opposition’s defenders, which made it difficult to get the ball into the goal circle. The work from the mid-courters was again admirable, as they worked incredibly hard to keep the ball moving up and down the court. Unfortunately, a few errors over the course of the game cost us the win, but again, really promising passages of play emerged throughout the duration of the match. 

Best Players: Maddi Ashby & Nadia Luksich 

Hannah Lewis (Senior A&B Assistant Coach)


Senior C were defeated by Pembroke 24 - 39 

An awesome start from the girls saw us in the lead 8 - 5 at quarter time. This was the best quarter of the match by far, with great positivity on the court and positive talk. The defenders created a tight zone in their end, pressuring the ball and turning the ball over to result in goals. Our attack end worked seamlessly, taking on some of the work we did at training with the A & B squad this week. It was lovely to see some of this training being reflected in the game. 

I would also like to mention how impressed I was by the girls’ attitude this week, with all players turning up on time and putting in the effort to have a decent warm up in the cold weather. 

Unfortunately, the rest of the game didn’t go to plan as we struggled against their tight defence and dynamic attack line. The girls did a great job keeping their heads up and maintaining a positive attitude on the court at all times. Special mentions to Lara for her great goal scoring and Aliyah for her fantastic drive and support down the court. Looking forward to Intercol next week and finishing the season strong! 

Best Players: Aliyah Balacano, Lucy Clisby 

Emily Johnson (Senior C Coach)


Year 10A defeated Westminster 50 - 13 

The girls continued their winning streak on the weekend defeating Westminster by 37 goals. For this weekend we decided to focus on our performance for the following weekend’s Intercol match against Scotch College. We told the girls to be mindful of their basic skills such as passing and making space. Once again, the 10As did not disappoint and played a beautiful game of netball. Zoe returned back from injury on the weekend and played a superb game of netball in goal keeper with a number of intercepts and touches. Once again, it was extremely hard to pick best players as they are all stand outs. Our shooters Chelsea, Lucy and Kym (who scored a one-handed goal while falling out of court!) all shot beautifully. Our mid-courters Maddi, Liv, Izzy, Lucy and Camryn make space on the court, which allows for easy passages of play.  

The 10As continue to support and encourage each other on and of the court, which makes every weekend as well as training fun and rewarding. We're very much looking forward to next weekends intercol match. The girls are very excited for some stronger competition and are pumped to bring out their best performance.  

Best Players: Zoe Natsias and Lucy Johnson 

Sophie Perkins and Maddy Kurpita (Year 10 AB Netball Coaches)


 Year 10B defeated Pembroke 34 to 25 

The 10B’s remain undefeated as they defeated Pembroke by 9 goals on the weekend. With only a 4 goal lead at half time, the girls improved their passing and defensive pressure during the second half. Although our mid court attack and defence wasn't up to scratch, both our attacking and defensive ends shot and defended extremely well. Lilly played an awesome game in goals, making a lot of space and leading forwards to the ball. Hayley who also played in goals for three quarters, had excellent holds, which made it easy for our attackers to feed the ball into our attacking circle. Our defenders Beck and Eleanor didn't (and don't ever) let the team down with their fantastic holds, intercepts and touches within the defensive circle. The mid court seemed a little bit under pressure and rushed for a majority of the game with a lot of bad passes and sloppy leads, however they were determined to improve their performance in the second half. 

The girls are very much excited for next weekend’s Intercol match where we hope to remain undefeated! Our training focus for this week will be strong front cut leads and patience.  

Best Players: Lilly Flannagan and Hayley Greig  

Sophie Perkins and Maddy Kurpita (Year 10 AB Netball Coaches)


Year 9A were defeated by Pembroke, 16-60 

This week the girls worked incredibly hard on smart passing and strong leading as practiced at training. The girls' clever use of channels resulted in some seamless plays and kept the first quarter reasonably close. It was wonderful to see an increase in the on-court encouragement from every single player as well as teamwork both on and off the court. The impressive movement from Kelsey Brion and Sophie Cardillo within the goal circle provided the girls with opportunities for easy goals, as well as the continuous strong leads down the court from Maggie Bailey, Charlotte Casey and Imogen Booth. Kahlia Gilbert's tight one on one defence against an extremely strong and accurate shooter resulting in some quick turnovers giving the team a boost in confidence. Overall, the team played a wonderful 4 quarters of netball against an incredibly strong opponent. 

Best Players: Sophie Cardillo, Maggie Bailey, Charlotte Casey and Kelsey Brion

Eliza Smith & Charlotte Sexton (Year 9 Netball Coaches)


Year 8A - were defeated by Pembroke, 20 to 43 

It was a competitive start to the game, Pulteney having only a 3 goal deficit at the end of the first quarter. With the opposition gaining a strong lead in the second quarter, the girls knew it was going to be a tough fight back. With the opposition having exceptionally strong defenders and shooters, the girls fought hard and tough all game, holding their own well and making sure Pembroke worked hard for their win. The shooters worked really well around the ring making use of the players around them. The mid court and defenders also made great use of loose balls got the ball down our scoring end of the court to narrow the margin. I was really impressed with the girls determination throughout the entire game and it was a great game to watch.  

Best Players: Rose Herriot, Ellie Georgaris and Tiarn Verhulst.

Ashlea Svetlichny and Beatrice McDowell (Year 8 A & B Netball Coaches) 


Year 8B - were defeated by Pembroke, 3 to 37 

Both teams had a relatively slow start to the game, and the court conditions proved were not in the girls favour. It was a tough game for the girls with Pembroke getting a strong, early lead. The girls worked well as a team, and with Jess going down with an injury in the third quarter, it was going to be tough to catch up to the opposition. In saying this, the girls bonded together to double their score in the last quarter. Due to the fact that Pembroke had a tall team, the girls not leading in front really let them down and resulted in countless turnovers to the Pembroke's advantage. This is something that we can work on at training to improve for the next game. Overall, it was a good effort by the girls.  

Best Players: Kalea Healey, Amber Lennox and Steph Mifsud

Ashlea Svetlichny and Beatrice McDowell (Year 8 A & B Netball Coaches)v


Year 7A - were defeated by Pembroke 12-29 

This week saw us take on tough opposition. Unfortunately, our game plan didn't quite work and our basics were not executed on the day. We tried hard and played until the final whistle. A good effort by Jade who came up to fill in for us and our defensive players were good given the exceptional shooting from Pembroke. This week at training we will work hard to ensure we are ready to play our best game against Scotch for Intercol. 

Special mention to Laura Fitzpatrick, Ella McDonald and Sarah DeJong

Best players: Laura Fitzpatrick, Ella McDonald and Victoria Osborne

Tricia Crockford (Year 7A Netball Coach) 


Year 7B - defeated Pembroke 23- 12 

A very exciting and competitive game by the 7B’s on Saturday. The girls had their first win of the season by 11 goals. It was great to see the defence working together setting up base line throw ins and bringing the ball smoothly down the court. The attackers worked well with each other by timing their leads and throwing the balls into space. These are aspects of the game which we worked on at training within drills. One more game to go and fingers crossed we can finish off the season with another win against Scotch for Intercol! 

Thank you to Sarah from the A’s for filling in, we really appreciated it. 

Best Players: Larissa Henshall, Amy Lush, Jade Leane

Sara Crockford (Year 7B Netball Coach)


Week 2 - Saturday 5 August


Senior A defeated by Westminster 35 - 80 

The Senior A team went into this match with high expectations of themselves. The girls wanted to see how much they had improved over the season against another top quality side. The intensity of the play on court was again exemplary and the girls listened to feedback and pushed hard until the end of the match. Unfortunately, a large number of unforced errors in the 3rd quarter impacted upon the flow up the court into our offensive third. Having said that, the score did not, in any way, reflect how close the play was for most of the match. 

Best Players: Laura Argy, Natasha Holmes, Sophie Zuill 

Hannah Lewis (Senior A&B Assistant Coach)


Senior B defeated by Westminster 17 - 47 

The Senior B’s were extremely happy with their performance on Saturday, as it was highlighted to be a significant improvement with regard to the margin from last season. The girls were ahead during the middle of the first quarter and managed to score evenly with Westminster in the fourth. They worked extremely hard to put into practice some of the strategies they had worked on at training. 

Best Players: Lillie Bailey, Maddi Ashby, Nadia Luksich & Lotte Martin. 

Hannah Lewis (Senior A&B Assistant Coach)


Senior C defeated by Westminster 24 - 39 

A great game from the girls after an intensive training. They are really taking on board my feedback and are looking much slicker on the court!  

A solid start to the game meant we were able to keep our heads up, and the team was down by only a few goals at quarter time. Throughout the rest of the match it appeared that possession of the ball was equally spread between the two teams, so the score did not reflect the closeness of the game. The difference came when some passing and footwork errors allowed for turnovers, enabling Westminster to finish off and score on a number of occasions more than we did. 

There was also amazing team spirit this week; this is the most vocal I’ve seen the girls, who were encouraging each other both on and off the court. Furthermore, some incredible drives down the court from our defenders, in particular Mia and Hannah, contributed to an amazing last quarter, which we drew with Westminster 10-10. 

Best Players: Hannah Scholz, Lucy Clisby 

Emily Johnson (Senior C Coach)


Year 10A defeated Wilderness 77 - 5 

Another big win for the 10A girls on the weekend as they defeated Immanuel (for the second time) by 72 goals. The girls were up a huge 28 goals to 1 at the end of the first quarter. Once again the girls played beautiful netball. With Zoe out due to an injury our defenders Anna, Izzy, Kim, and some circle defending fill ins, Maddi and Cam, the girls continued to create turnover after turnover. Their defensive pressure was very strong, which made it very difficult for Immanuel to get the ball into their attacking circle. Our attackers Chelsea, Kim, Lucy and Liv all played extremely well, bringing the ball down the court easily. They adjusted to the cold weather and strong winds by leading to the ball and avoiding big loopy passes. 

A big shout out to all the girls this week as they were all happy to rotate through playing goal keeper. This let the other defenders have a run out in wing defence, goal defence and some attacking positions.  

Best Players: Camryn Dudley, Anna Molony 

Sophie Perkins and Maddy Kurpita (Year 10 AB Netball Coaches)


Year 10B defeated Seymour 32 to 18 

Another happy win for the 10B team on the weekend. With Charlotte still out due to an injury and another late withdrawal, the girls only had 7 on the weekend. Nevertheless, the girls continued to dominate the court with never-ending intercepts from our two strong circle defenders Beck and Eleanor. Our attackers Elyce and Lilly kept the game calm and controlled, which made it easy for our shooters, Hayley and Zoe, to make space and gain possession. Once again, a few silly passes affected our final score, but that didn't stop the girls from playing great netball, despite the cold and wintery weather. 

Keep up the undefeated record girls! Very impressed coaches! 

Best Players: Beck Hume, Lilly Flannagan 

Sophie Perkins and Maddy Kurpita (Year 10 AB Netball Coaches)


Year 9A were defeated by Westminster, 7-49 

In another challenging match, it was great to see the girls’ motivation and determination for every loose ball and their continuous efforts to win the ball. Utilising the defensive drills practiced at training, Kelsey Brion and Charlotte Casey played a huge role within our mid court. Strong leading throughout the centre third from Abby Elgar as well as her fabulous reading of the play providing the girls with more opportunities to descrease the margin. Overall, the girls played a good game against a much stronger opponent.  

Best Players: Charlotte Casey, Abby Elgar, Kelsey Brion and Amelia Goehr. 

Eliza Smith & Charlotte Sexton (Year 9 Netball Coaches)


Year 8A's were defeated by Westminster, 15 to 36 

With the cold weather and wet court conditions, the game against Westminster was going to be tough from the first whistle. Great movement by the goalies and strong intercepts down the court  resulted in extra goals for our team. Tight defensive pressure in the ring was helpful to stop the opposition from scoring. It was a competitive game and the girls stood strong and held their own very well. Thanks again to Olivia E and Tiarn for coming up and helping out again.  

Best Players: Ellie Georgaris and Jamie Kelly

Ashlea Svetlichny and Beatrice McDowell (Year 8 A&B Netball Coaches) 


8B's were defeated by Westminster, 12 to 18 

The cold weather did not subside, so the girls were in for a tough game. They battled well in the conditions and used the loose balls they picked up to their advantage which often resulted in goals, helping to reduce the other teams lead. The girls kept the game competitive and gave the other team a run for their money, especially in the last quarter where we doubled our score. The movement around the ring was very positive, with the goalies often using their outside players for help if needed, illustrating they gel well as a team. We are pleased that they girls never bowed their heads throughout the game. 

Best players: Amber Lennox, Kalea Healey and Emily Tinkler

Ashlea Svetlichny and Beatrice McDowell (Year 8 A&B Netball Coaches)


Year 7A defeated Westminster 27-17

Today was our first win of the season!!

All players gave 100% and executed all the basic skills of netball well. Our goalies were very accurate today and the defensive end won many turnovers. The mid court delivered the ball well in to our goal circle providing many scoring opportunities. This match proves that if you keep working hard on the basics it will pay off in the end. Congratulations girls you deserved the win.  

Best today: Laura Fitzpatrick, Victoria Osborne and Lily Koch. 

Tricia Crockford (Year 7A Netball Coach)


Year 7B played a draw with Seymour 13-13 

A competitive game for the 7B's against Seymour. This was the second week in a row we have drawn. A few questionable umpiring decisions made the girls try even harder to get the ball back into their possession.  Having only seven players didn't allow anyone to get a rest which made it tougher on the girls. At the start of the game I gave each player two goals which I wanted them to focus on during the game. Everyone listened to my feedback and put it into play to improve their game, which was great to see from the sideline. 

A cold morning but we were all thankful there was no rain! Two more games left for the season and I'm sure we can get a win up our sleeve!  

Best players: Saskia Brennan, Amy Lush, Larissa Hensaw

Sara Crockford (Year 7B Netball Coach)


Week 1 - Saturday 29 July


Senior A defeated by St Peters Girls 43 - 56 

After the long break, the girls came out firing in the first quarter. After pushing ahead, they were then contained and held back by the opposition. The girls played with lots of intensity for the full four quarters, which is a testament to their fitness and mental strength. The opposition was incredibly tough, as their shooting percentages were up around the 90’s; therefore, the girls’ defensive work up the court, especially in the goal circle, was a real strength and a highlight of the match. 

Best players: Neha Athreya, Pippa Adkins, Sophie Zuill


Hannah Lewis (Senior A&B Assistant Coach) 


Senior B played a draw with St Peters Girls 47 - 47 

The girls came incredibly close to a win in this game. After a 6 goal deficit in the first half, the girls kept working at closing in the score line, until they were eventually up by 2. This was by far the best game of the season for the B’s as they all worked together beautifully as a team, and started to really get the timing right on their leads. Their sportsmanship was impeccable and the girls all supported each other on and off the court. 

Best Players: Paige Cowles, Lotte Martin and Zoe Roberts. 


Hannah Lewis (Senior A&B Assistant Coach) 


Senior C defeated by St Peters 30 - 46 

After 5 weeks off, it was lovely to have the girls back in action and playing again. We had a good start against St Peters, leading the first quarter by 1 goal. Unfortunately the rest of the game did not go to plan, with a number of rough patches leading to our overall loss. In saying that, there was some great play on court, with some fantastic shooting from both Lucy Clisby and Lara Kittel. The number of turnovers generated from the team, not just from the defenders, was absolutely excellent. 

Over the next few weeks we will be working hard to score off the turnovers generated, as well as communication on the court. 

Best Players: Aiden Heal, Lara Kittel


Emily Johnson (Senior C Coach)


Year 10A defeated Wilderness 103 - 1 

Saturday was the first game back for the 10A team this weekend and it's obvious that the holiday break didn't stop the girls winning streak with a huge 102 goal win over Wilderness. With a 27 goal lead at quarter time we decided to focus on basic netball skills including forward leads for the ball, keeping possession after an intercept and shoulder passes. At three quarter time the girls told us that they would like to reach a target of 100 goals. This meant that they had to obtain a total of 25 goals in the last quarter, which they very much achieved. Special mention to Zoe for filling in for the Wilderness team during the third quarter as they were low on players. It was very hard for us to pick best players this weekend as all of the girls, like always, performed extremely well. Chelsea shot exceptionally in GS, while defenders Anna Molony, Izzy Rigda and Maddi Wooley continued to get turnover after turnover. Kim, Lucy Johnson and Zoe were also outstanding particularly Lucy's drives onto the goal circle as a WA and Kim's shooting accuracy. 

Another huge congratulations to the girls as they continue to perform extremely well every weekend and improve every week both at training and at games.  

Best Players: Chelsea Goodes, Anna Molony


Sophie Perkins and Maddy Kurpita (Year 10 AB Netball Coaches) 



Year 10B defeated Wilderness 28 to 19. 

The 10B's played the stronger Wilderness team on Saturday however, they still managed to stay in the lead for the entirety of the game. The girls lost a number of scoring opportunities due to overcrowding and bad passing, however after the holiday break this is something we can most definitely work on and refresh at training this week. Our defenders Beck and Eleanor both once again played exceptionally well, securing possession of the ball on rebounds. Although our mid court was sometimes rushed, our shooters Hayley, Zoe and Lily maintained their patience and concentration and shot very well. Special mention to Elyce Borrelli who normally plays in our mid court for playing in goal defence. Another special mention goes to Zoe who also played in an non-preferred position as WA. Another strong game and win from the girls.  

Best Players: Elyce Borrelli, Hayley Greig


Sophie Perkins and Maddy Kurpita (Year 10 AB Netball Coaches)



Year 9A were defeated by Saint Peters Girls 16-84. 

The year 9's had an extremely slow start to the game, but managed to lift their enthusiasm and fight in the third quarter. With improvements to their teamwork and movement on the court we managed to see some results on the scoreboard but it wasn’t enough to beat the highly skilled Saints Girls. Although it wasn’t our best match, it was great to see both our captains Charlotte Casey and Kelsey Brion encouraging the team both on and off the court. 

Best Players: Charlotte Casey and Kelsey Brion


Eliza Smith & Charlotte Sexton (Year 9 Netball Coaches)


Year 8A were defeated by St Peter's Girls 15 to 45 

With three A players unavailable this week, the girls were under the pump right from the start however, they fought really hard and didn't drop their heads. The third quarter in particular was very competitive with Ellie and Emilia taking lots of interceptions and chasing down loose balls. A big thank you to Milly, Tiarn and Liv for stepping up to a tough challenge at short notice. 

Best players: Ellie Georgaris and Emilia Dolphin


Ashlea Svetlichny and Beatrice McDowell (Year 8 A&B Netball Coaches)


Year 8B defeated St Peter's Girls 34 to 11 

An anxious warm up for the B team as there were only 5 players present when the match was due to start. Fortunately, Liza, Jamie and Tiarn offered to stay back so we could put a team on the court. The girls blended well together to play open flowing netball right from the first quarter. The goalies created lots of space in the goal circle and shot with pleasing accuracy, while the defenders created turnovers regularly to help increase our lead. Overall it was a great game and a fantastic win by the girls. 

Best players: Jamie Kelly, Tiarn Verhulst, Kalea Healey.


Ashlea Svetlichny and Beatrice McDowell (Year 8 A&B Netball Coaches)


Year 7A were defeated by St Peters Girls 10-26 

After a long break for the holidays, it was great to see the excitement of all of the girls back together as a team.

This week we provided an opportunity for Addi to come up and play in the A team. She took on the challenge and held her own throughout the game.

St. Peter's Girls are known to be competitive and this was evident the whole game. However, even though the score line didn't indicate our endeavours, St Peters had to work hard for every ball. 

Well done everyone on the team for the spirit you displayed today. I'm very proud to be associated with Pulteney.

Best players: Ella Mcdonald, Laura Fitzpatrick and Lily Koch


Tricia Crockford (Year 7A Netball Coach)


 Year 7B played a draw against St Peters Girls 16-16 

Wow, what an excellent game! The 7B's had their first ever win drawing to St Peters. Thank you to Maddi and Laura from the 7A's for staying back and playing full games. The girls' determination during the game was evident from the sidelines and they utilized all feedback and worked together very well as a team. They should be all proud of themselves. I am a very happy coach! 

Best players: Amy Lush, Larissa Heneshaw and Jade Leane


Sara Crockford (Year 7B Netball Coach)