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Week 2 - Saturday 13 May


Senior A defeated by Immanuel 26-70

The A team had a tough challenge ahead of them, and tackled the challenge head on. Starting the season with undoubtably the strongest team of the competition, the team was able to quickly establish areas that needed improvement, but also their strengths. The score did not accurately represent their determination and on court ability. Whilst the score line blew out in the 3rd, during the 4th quarter the girls put to practice what they had learned in training and showed incredible potential.

Best Players: Natasha Holmes & Kate Barnett

Loretta Luksich


Senior B defeated by Immanuel 19-66

The B team commented on how much better the game felt compared to last year, and this was a really positive way to start the season. There are some areas to improve upon, mainly in attack, especially getting the ball into the circle, however there were passages of play which again showed potential. The Immanuel team was in a league of their own, yet our girls gave it their best shot and should be commended for their on court attitude. 

Best Players: Zoe Roberts, Sophie Radford and Nadia Luksich

Loretta Luksich


Senior C defeated by Immanuel 23-37

A brilliant start from these girls, most having never played together and only just getting used to each other. The girls played exceptionally well together. The focus for this game was to try a number of different combinations to see which line-ups worked best on a strong opposing side. The Immanuel girls were strong and had clearly worked together before, however our girls had strong drive down the court, clear passing, top goal scoring and excellent communication. These things allows us to be in a good position of 6-11 at quarter time. 

Second quarter was a little more challenging as the girls tired. Being the start of the season is always hard, so one thing we will be working on in the next few weeks is agility and fitness to allow the girls to push themselves that extra bit further. Immanuel pulled away this quarter, finishing up 8-20.  

The girls didn’t let their heads drop for a second and fought back to win the third quarter 8-7, narrowing the scoreboard and bringing it to 16-27. The feeding from Christine was exceptional to our goalies, Lucy and Lara, who only missed one goal each! Lotte picked off an incredible 3 intercepts in WA, along with Mia picking off 2 in WD. An injury brought a reshuffle to the team halfway through, but this did not rattle them a bit. 

The girls maintained this momentum in the final quarter, closing the game with a great score of 23-37. Overall, I was extremely pleased with the performance of the girls, as they should be also. We can only go up from here, and with this great start I can only imagine how this season will progress! 

Best Players: Lotte Martin, Lucy Clisby  

Scorers: Lucy Clisby, Lara Kittel, Whitney Dolling, Christine Tabe

Emily Johnson


Year 10A defeated Pembroke 44 -11

The 10A team started the season strong this weekend against Pembroke, finishing with a huge win. With a fantastic defence from Anna Molony, Bec Monck and Izzy Rigda, the team had many turnovers each quarter and consistently moved the ball down the court. After strong passes through the centre court, our shooters shot with accuracy and were strong on the rebound. Even with a slower second quarter, every player worked hard to increase the lead significantly in the last half. 

Best Players: Bec Monck, Chelsea Goodes 

Sophie Perkins and Maddy Kurpita


Year 10B defeated Pembroke 37 to 16

The 10B side also had a huge win on Saturday, using their height to their advantage all down the court. We saw some fantastic passing into the circle from Lily Flanagan and Zoe Wilmhurst, helped by the great positioning of Hayley Greig. Both Beck Hume and Eleanor Champion held a strong three feet in defence and Charlotte Lyford provided great pressure in WD. Very nice to see our wings and centres hit the circle after we worked hard on this in training. A very impressive game by all on court. 

Best Players: Hayley Grieg, Charlotte Lyford 

Sophie Perkins and Maddy Kurpita


Year 9A were defeated by Immanuel 23-32

For the first game of the season the girls came out strong. They demonstrated wonderful teamwork throughout the match. It was wonderful to see the on court encouragement. The girls utilised drills practiced at training, resulting in a string of unanswered goals in the first quarter. The fight and determination of Abby Elgar and Maggie Bailey resulted in countless turnovers, providing the team with more opportunity to narrow the margin. Great decision making from Charlotte Casey and Amelia Goehr, and accurate passing from Kelsey Brion resulted in some lovely plays. 

Best Players: Abby Elgar, Charlotte Casey and Maggie Bailey 


Year 9B were defeated by Immanuel 4-50

Although it did not translate onto the scoreboard, the 9B’s played an impressive first match for the season. The girls demonstrated wonderful teamwork, helping those who haven’t played much netball. It’s always tough playing with an unfamiliar group of girls, and it was wonderful to watch the girls give it their all for the entirety of the game. Special thank you to Emily and Kalea from year 8 for playing, as well as Kahlia Gilbert and Sophie C for playing both A’s and B’s. 

Best Players: Sophie C, Emily and Kalea 

Eliza Smith and Charlotte Sexton
Year 9A and 9B Coaches


Year 8A were defeated by Immanuel 14 to 31

For the first game of the season, the girls worked really well as a team and gelled together. All players on the court put in 100% effort and presented a strong effort against a strong opposition. As coaches, we were really impressed and the girls put up a fight considering we only had 7 players. The score did not reflect the effort and fight the girls put in on the court, especially Liza and Emelia down the defensive end and Olivia playing a full game in shooter even though not feeling well. We are looking forward to what the rest of the season brings.  

Best Players: Liza and Emelia 


Year 8B were defeated by Immanuel, 5 to 31

Again, although the score does not reflect it, the girls were up against a strong team but put up a good fight. We were really impressed, especially in the last quarter when the girls only let the opposition score 4 goals. The morale of the girls was high and they were eager to play and get on the court. The score did not illustrate the effort and fight the girls put up on the court. Special mention to Tiarn and Olivia (Liv) who were full of beans and ran tirelessly around the court constantly and Jess for her accurate shooting. Given the girls willingness to get on the court, there is no doubt that we are in for a good season. 

Best Players: Tiarn and Olivia


Year 7A defeated by Immanuel 15-31

Today was our first game as a team as we have been trialling our year 7 players over the past two weeks.  The girls played well against a well drilled Immanuel team. 

Victoria, Tahlia and Madison shot accurately and moved the ball with confidence to our mid court players. The quick footwork of Ella, Laura and Lily through the centre worked well with our determined defenders Amelia, Madison and Victoria.  

I am very proud of all the girls in their first game and had the chance to try different combinations. I look forward to now working on basic skill and team structure and seeing how far these girls will progress this season. 

Tricia Crockford


Year 7B defeated by Immanuel 5- 27

The first game of the season is always tough. Having never played together before without any training the 7B team did very well. 

Throughout the game I tried numerous combinations to not only allow the girls to experience new positions but from a coaching perspective so I could see individual's abilities and how the team worked best. 

Immanuel were a strong team with clean skills and talented players. Although Pulteney did not come away with the win, there are many positives to take away from the game. All the girls need to be proud of their great sportsmanship and effort they displayed- regardless of the score. Exciting times ahead as they individually improve their netball skills, but also gel together as a team.  

Sara Crockford