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Week 1 of Term 3, 2020

Saturday 25 July
Senior C:
 Pulteney had a BYE this week

Senior D: Pulteney had a BYE this week

Senior E: Pulteney 6 was defeated by Seymour 52

Year 8C: Pulteney 8 was defeated by Seymour 45

Year 8D: Pulteney 4 was defeated by Seymour 17


Week 2

Saturday 1 August
Senior C:
 Pulteney 66 defeated Walford 19

Senior D: Pulteney 44 defeated Walford 23

Senior E: Pulteney 4 was defeated by Immanuel  42

Year 8C: Pulteney 29 defeated Immanuel  6

Year 8D: Pulteney 6 was defeated by St Peters Girls  36


Week 3

Saturday 8 August
Senior C:
 Pulteney 62 defeated Seymour 20

Senior D: Pulteney 49 defeated Seymour 23

Senior E: Pulteney 1 was defeated by St Peters Girls 37

Year 8C: Pulteney 31 defeated Pembroke 10

Year 8D: Pulteney received a forfeit from Pembroke


Week 4

Saturday 15 August
Senior C:
 Pulteney 26 was defeated by Immanuel 45

Senior D: Pulteney v Immanuel

Senior E: Pulteney 24 was defeated by Pembroke 33

Year 8C: Pulteney 36 defeated Wilderness 8

Year 8D: Pulteney v Wilderness (combined with 8C's)


Week 5

Saturday 22 August
Senior C:
 Pulteney 40 was defeated by Westminster 52

Senior D: Pulteney played a draw with Westminster

Senior E: Pulteney xx was defeated by Wilderness xx

Year 8C: Pulteney 31 defeated Concordia 2

Year 8D: Pulteney 27 defeated St Peters Girls 8


Week 6

Saturday 29 August
Senior C:
 Pulteney 53 defeated Wilderness 29

Senior D: Pulteney 37 defeated Wilderness 17

Senior E: Pulteney 17 was defeated by St Peters Girls 32

Year 8C: Pulteney 48 defeated Concordia 3

Year 8D: Pulteney