Football - Girls

Welcome to the Girls Football reports page of the School website, match reports and/ or scores will be posted here as soon as possible as they are received.


Week 8 - Friday 22 June

SS Girls:  Pulteney  0.0 (0) defeated by St Peters Girls 3.4 (22)
Best Players: Laura Argy, Tayler Price, Telopia Kallis-Phillips, Maddy Woolley, Lily Flannagan

MS Girls:  Pulteney  xx


Week 7 - Friday 15 June

SS Girls:  Pulteney 0.2  (2) was defeated by Concordia  5.12  (42)
Best Players: Ruth Fischer-Bent, Tayler Price, Lucy Turczynowicz, Laura Argy, Kate Chapman

MS Girls:  Pulteney   6.8  (44) defeated Concordia  0.0  (0)
Best Players: Chanel Borrelli, Jess Sallis, Jeanne Lombard, Tiarn Verhulst, Ellie Georgaris


Week 5 - Friday 1 June

SS Girls:  Pulteney 2.3  (15) was defeated by Immanuel 7.9 (51)
Best Players: Zoe Wilmshurst, Isabel Tynan, Maddison Woolley, Laura Arcy, Aiden Heal

MS Girls: (bye)


Week 4 - Friday 25 May

SS GIRLS:  Pulteney 0.1 (1) was defeated by Seymour  4.4 (28)
Best: Elyce Borelli, Olivia Cameron, Camryn Dudley, Anna Evans, Tayler Price

MS GIRLS: Pulteney  1.3 (9) defeated Seymour  0.7 (7)
Best: Jeanne Lombard, Liza Molony, Tiarn Verlhurst, Nikita Papaj, Tamsin Evans, Miesha Rollison, Chanel Borelli


Week 3 - Friday 18 May

SS Girls: BYE

MS Girls: Pulteney 1.0 (6) defeated by Immanuel 7.6 (48)
Best Players: Liza Molony, Jeanne Lombard, Tamsin Evans, Olivia Egarr, Jess Sallis, Anya Ecimovic



Week 2 - Friday 11 May

SS Girls: Pulteney 1.2 (8) was defeated by Wilderness 5.4 (34)
Best Players: Rebecca Monck, Maddie Ashby, Ruth Fischer-Bent, Telopia Kailis-Phillips, Stella Healey

MS Girls: Pulteney 9.12 defeated Wilderness 0.2
Best Players: Ellie Georganis, Tamsin Evans, Olivia Egarr, Anya Ecimovic, Jeanne Lombard