Football - Girls

Welcome to the Girls Football reports page of the School website, match reports and/ or scores will be posted here as soon as possible as they are received.


Week 3 - Friday 11 August

Pulteney Girls 1st XVIII defeated by Pembroke 2.2 (14) – 6.4 (40)

Friday night saw Pulteney make the trip east to take on a strong squad from Pembroke and it appeared right from the outset that Pembroke had some quality onballers and forwards which were going to make us pay when they had the opportunity. After 15 minutes of football, Pembroke dominated contested possessions and inside 50s to get the jump on us and lead by 3 goals at quarter time. After some strategic changes to our line-up we came out after the break and slammed home two quick goals by Millie Hanlon and Jessie Aldridge. The first one was set up by Aliyah Balacano taking on her opposition, breaking tackles and sending the ball in deep inside our goal square and the second saw Jessie doing her best Stevie J impersonation by snapping the ball off the outside of her boot in the forward pocket for what is certainly going to be a contender for goal of the year.

The pressure from our mid-field continued in the third and fourth quarters but unfortunately our many shots on goals didn’t reach their mark and Pembroke made us pay with their ability to convert at the other end which meant they were able to run out victors by 26 points. 
For the final three quarters, we had 21 contributors all playing their role (see below) and showed that when we all play at our best we are able to match it with some very formidable opponents.

Abbey Creaser – Worked tirelessly in the ruck as always and provided us with another option when moved to CHF as she competed both in the air and on the ground.
Anna Molony – Competed to lock the ball inside our forward 50 and helped provide Jessie with a great shepherd which secured our second goal.
Mia Paolo – Probably the best game for the year providing forward 50 pressure and a great tackle which lead to a shot on goal.
Gwynne Martin – Always putting her body on the line, exemplified by her ability to take contested marks and lay tackle after tackle
Pamela Charalabidis – Provided plenty of run up and down the wing, helped to clog up their forward line and provide options on the rebound
Issy Tynan – Proved to be a real game-changer when moved into the middle and layed one of the greatest blocks of the year to give her teammate time and space
Kirsty Kittel – Mrs Fix-it was thrown in the middle and down back and positioned herself really well to prevent opposition attacks
Laura Argy – Was able to read the ball really well and intercept the Pembroke kicks time and time again and her strong kick meant that her rebounds cleared the defensive area really well
Lillie Bailey – Came on after not feeling well to provide a spark in the forward line and another option to kick to across half forward which lead to forward 50 entries
Natasha Holmes – An absolute work horse performance, getting to every contest and stoppage and providing run and drive from each. Leading clearances for the game
Imi Evans – Went into the middle early in the game and helped to shut down some of their more influential midfielders laying some crucial tackles and leadership throughout the game
Neha Athreya – Always provides a contest in the middle giving our onballers first use and then was able to take some vital contested marks with her reach and vertical jump
Caitlin Pearce – Fantastic run and rebound from deep inside our defensive 50, her and Mia were able to mop up lots of Pembrokes attacks, beating her opponent one-on-one many times
Mia Boyaci – Has found a real niche down back, being extremely accountable on her opponent and not giving her an inch. Her and Caitlin worked really well together as a defensive pairing
Aliyah Balacano – Provided many contests inside forward 50 and helped to set up our first goal with her strength, run and speed
Nadia Luksich – Defensive specialist who just attacked the ball in straight lines and protected our goals valiantly
Maddi Woolley – The best game Maddi has played this year, providing plenty of run and speed around the stoppages and down back
Millie Hanlon – Was rewarded for efforts Friday night in what was one of her best games. Helped to lock the ball inside our 50 on numerous occasions and finished with an opportunists goal after providing plenty of pressure to Pembroke’s defenders.
Kimberley Verhulst – Played a lock down role on Pembroke forwards and defended our goals with great focus and intensity.
Anna Evans – Read the ball really well, finding plenty of the ball across half back and was able to provide plenty of run after turnovers
Jessie Aldridge – Kicked an amazing goal after pressuring our opponents into turnovers up forward and used the ball really well throughout the game.

Best players – Natasha Holmes, Issy Tynan, Laura Argy, Maddi Woolley, Millie Hanlon, Mia Boyaci
Goal kickers – Millie Hanlon, Jessie Aldridge

Matt Down and Greg Atterton


Week 2 - MS Carnival Wednesday 2 August


Middle School Footy Carnival

On the Wednesday of week 2, the Middle School Girls Football team played in a girls football carnival run by the SANFL. Hosted by Pulteney, the day made for a fun opportunity to build our skills and build some friendships across the 3 year levels. Teams from Immanuel, Pembroke, St Peters, Seymour, Concordia and Walford participated also. Our goal for the day was not to necessarily beat these opponents, but win as a result of our 4 smaller goals; play with Intensity, develop territorial advantage, learn and most importantly have fun. 

The day started off well and fast, with the girls bringing a high level of intensity as we had planned, evident in our determination to get the ball, and hard fought contests. Immanuel proved to be one of the tougher teams, but as a team we held our ground and composure to only concede 2 goals. The final score of 0.0 - 2.2 did not reflect our efforts, however, gave us the belief of a win going into our next game. 

Concordia, like Immanuel, showed they had a lot of speed when the ball was in their hands. Our first half showed a great level of intensity again, and our constant pressure and clean hands resulted in an early goal. A quick goal from our opponents though, tied it all up going into the second half. Concordia brought some great pressure in their game, and the ball remained in their forward 50 for the most part of the half, eventually scoring 3 behinds which gave them the win by a mere two points, 1.1 - 1.3. 

The team, after two narrow losses was pumped for a big game against Seymour. Reflecting back on our goals, we started the game with aggression and hard work. Second and third efforts from the whole group led to a goal in the first half and control of most of the ball. We continued this form through the latter part of the game and produced another goal, this time from Sophie Rundle. A few more close behinds gave us a lead of 13 points, and when the final siren sounded, the happiness and relief were seen on every face. For most of the girls it was their first ever footy win, and whether it was their third or tenth ever football game, the joy and excitement of each player was undeniable. 

Following a short break, the team came back with their heads held high and looking for another great contest. Pembroke showed some height, and whilst they got the first few possessions, Pulteney’s persistence and constant tackling got the ball back in our hands. A goal from Pembroke highlighted a hole in our defence, but the girls in the back line worked hard to make sure it didn’t happen again. Jeanne Lombard’s continual movement and leads in our forward 50 was exceptional, rewarding her with a goal to tie the game up, 1 goal a piece. Pembroke, again opened up the field and after a some fast ball movement found themselves with two more goals. Credit to the entire Pulteney team, who stayed positive for the rest of the half, a late goal from Jessica Sallis evident in our persistence. 

Having finished 4th in our pool, we were scheduled to play our last game for the day against Seymour. The game, being played on a much smaller oval, made for a very congested match and one that we had a good chance of winning. Whilst we battled hard and fought to keep the ball in our forward 50, a Seymour goal in the last half gave them the slim win. Watching the girls come off, it’d be hard to believe we only won one game for the day. Cheers and excitement filled our final group huddle and every girl, whether year 7, 8 or 9, had at least one highlight from the day. A long, exhausting day never drained the enthusiasm of this team and the smiles on the faces of all, proved exactly that. 

Whilst our team ranged dramatically in size, our ability to put pressure on our opponents and force the turnover time and time again was incredible. Special mentions to our year 7’s, who in many cases were half the size of their opponents, but were never deterred. The day showed little success in our win, but did however, in our promising football talent in the middle school. In coming years these girls will be playing a lot more games, and if the efforts at the carnival is any indication of what is to come, the Pulteney community should get excited. Stay tuned…..


Jessie Aldridge – Middle School Girls Football Captain


Week 2 - Friday 4 August


Pulteney Girls’ 1st XVIII defeated by Seymour 



Matt Down and Greg Atterton