Football - Boys

Welcome to the Boys Football reports page of the School website, match reports and/ or scores will be posted here as soon as possible as they are received.


Week 3 - Saturday 12 August

Pulteney:                        ¼  2.4.....  ½ 6.6..... ¾ 10.8......     Final: 11.11 –   77

Marryatville HS:            ¼  2.1..... ½  2.4.....   ¾ 5.6......     Final:    9.10  – 64 

Best Players:  Liam Geddes-Ryan, Jarrod Miller, Tom Rundle, Charlie Rowe, Isaac Pearce,            James Livesey, Lachlan Schatto, Connor Schatto,Sam Hore, Elijah Randell 

  • Special mention to our unsung defenders led by James Livesey, but also including Patrick Milewski, Sam White, Henry Bleby-Williams and others who played tight, disciplined football, maintained their structure (ie correct positioning, which allowed a number of intercept marks), tackled strongly and placed tremendous pressure on their opponents whenever they had the ball. 
  • Also to our two hard-working Ruckmen: Sam Hore and Elijah Randell...every Saturday morning they play Basketball for their school, then rush to make it to make it to Football in time. They also balance their other commitments (eg Year 12 Study, Music, Drama Performances, Training, Club and Family) and always participate with energy and enthusiasm. Their height and physical strength is vitally important to our team and I simply do not know what we would have done without them this year!                         

Goalkickers:  Tom Rundle 4 goals, Jarrod Miller, Liam Creaser, Rory Egarr 2 goals,               Griffin Evans 1 goal


Once again, we are grateful for the support given to our Team by the players who didn’t take to the field this week: Sam Price and Arthur Blunt (both injured).

Thanks to Mr Evans for Goal Umpiring and to all of the parents who provided oranges and lollies (I now have a ‘store’ of lollies that will see us through our remaining two games).

It also occurred to me that each week we have a large number of parents and family members supporting the team, providing plenty of vocal support and encouragement!

As I wrote last week, the support of all of the above groups of people is genuinely appreciated and isn’t taken for granted.

This year Pulteney has fielded a very ‘light’ and relatively ‘young’ First XVIII Team (for example, this week’s 25 included 10 x Year 10s and 8 x Year 11s). Despite this, the team has been wonderfully committed to training hard, to improving, and to being competitive each and every week.

I my opinion the team has had three outstanding performances so far this season; performances which typify the players’ improvement, commitment, endeavour, courage, work ethic and passion for their school:

  • The 25 point loss to St Michael’s Seconds...a tough, hard-fought, physical game
  • Last week’s 43 point win over St Paul’s Firsts...the team started very well (3 goals into the breeze) and won convincingly
  • This week’s 13 point victory over Marryatville HS’s Firsts...set up with an outstanding 4 goal second quarter (into the breeze), and characterised by tremendous tackling and physical pressure

In our very first game of the season we travelled to Marryatville HS and were soundly beaten. Marryatville was very ‘physical’, were far too strong for us, dominated the game, recorded 30 scoring shots to our 7, and won convincingly (by 68 points!).

This week, Marryatville was without one or two of their good players, but we also were without 3 of our better players: Sam Price, Sam Magarey and Stefan Mundy.

I concluded last week’s report by writing:

“We now look forward to our biggest challenge of the season so far: finding a way to push for victory against a team that defeated us by 68 points earlier this year.

We have improved significantly since that Round One encounter with Marryatville HS, hope to have some players returning from injury and illness, and I am confident that the players are ‘up’ for the challenge!”


Tom Rundle made a much-welcomed return to the team this week, as did defenders: James Livesey and Sam White, and onballers: Charlie Rowe and Griffin Evans. This meant that despite the absence of Sam Price, Sam Magarey and Stefan Mundy, we were able to field an even stronger side than that which recorded a convincing win last week.

Pulteney kicked with the breeze in the first quarter and started brightly. Goals to Liam Creaser and Jarrod Miller meant that we had our noses in front at ¼ time (2.4 to 2.1), despite a late goal to Marryatville.

Although we were kicking into the breeze in the second quarter, players were still encouraged to play with flair and confidence, and to maintain their strong attack on the ball. The team had an exceptional second quarter, kicking 4 goals and 2 behinds.

Rory Egarr kicked 2 goals, Tom Rundle kicked his first and Griffin Evans snapped a clever goal just before the ½ time siren.

Marryatville peppered the goals throughout the second quarter but Pulteney’s defence held firm, restricting the opposition to only 3 behinds. The ½ time lead of 26 points (6.6 to 2.4) gave the team much confidence heading into the second half.

The third term gave us one more opportunity with the breeze; players were encouraged to use the ball long and direct, but not to simply ‘blaze away’ which perhaps both teams had been guilty of in the first half.

Tom Rundle made us all sit up and take notice in the third quarter! He had been presenting and competing well in the first two quarters, but in the third he held several strong marks and kicked 3 match-winning goals (4 for the match); Jarrod Miller also chipped in with his second for the match, stretching the ¾ time lead to 32 points (10.8 to 5.6).

We knew that Marryatville would hit back hard in the last quarter and would go all-out attack to kick the minimum 6 goals required for victory. Jarrod Miller was pushed back behind the ball and took several strong marks, courageously backing into packs on at least two occasions to ensure Marryatville forwards did not take uncontested marks. Players such as Liam Geddes-Ryan, CharlieRowe, James Livesey, Lachlan Schatto, Sam White and Connor Schatto refused to stop running, chasing and tackling, and willed the team to victory.

Isaac Pearce and Nick Laity repeatedly ran the ball into our forward line as they had done all day, forcing Marryatville to ‘run and chase’ which is always harder to do when your team is behind on the scoreboard.

The team had many very good players this week and even more who contributed their small bit here and there to a memorable victory. All players chipped in at various stages to ensure that the team recorded an incredible 81 point turnaround from the first game of the season!

Our challenging month, which has already included victories over St Paul’s and Marryatville HS, continues to get more and more challenging:

Blackfriars’ Firsts (at Prospect Oval, commencing at 2.15pm), will be another very tough test for us all; however, anyone who has witnessed the Pulteney First XVIII players in action, particularly in the past fortnight, will know the team will play with passion and courage...knowing this year’s players and team as well as I do now, I am confident that the Pulteney Grammar School Community will again be very well represented.

Barrie Bryan (First XVIII Football Coach)


Year 8/9 Pulteney 1.4 (10) def by Marryatville 17.15 (117)

If there is one thing that I can say, it is that this score did not reflect the game we played on Saturday morning.

The boys in the first quarter missed some opportunities to apply some scoreboard pressure, which hurt our confidence. We believed at quarter time that we were going to win and it was a shame the final score said what it said. Marryatville were not much better than us, the difference was they took their opportunities and also had help with a couple of tall strong boys.

It was nice to have Gabs back this week. It’s a shame we don’t have 2 of him, because I needed him in the back line, but also the forward line to take some marks. This week was one of the best games I have watched him play; strong hard footy with second, third and fourth efforts. Angus Brown took the ruck job again and impressed even more. We had players such as Angus W, Calvin, Finlay, Sam, Spencer & Alex M who were brilliant in patches, but couldn’t sustain it for the whole match. I think if we all played our best footy for all four quarters we may had won. 

Ben B did what he always does, great and unselfish football. Tyson was  magnificent again, but my best player for the week was Tom Lawrence-Doyle. Tom was playing in the dungeon and was in charge of kick outs as I freed Spencer forward and what a great job he did. Cool calm and collected, Tom continued to hit targets. 

We now have two weeks left before the season is over & it would be great to see a result, we must believe to succeed. 

Best players: Tom Lawrence-Doyle, Gabriel Luksich, Ben Beswick, Tyson Nguyen, Angus Brown 

Nathan Risitano (Year 8/9 Coach)


Year 6/7 - Pulteney 10. 3. (63) defeated  St Peter's College 1. 3. (15) 

This week's main focus set at training was to continue to get the desired outcomes we wanted to achieve in all 3 areas (forward, midfield and defence) as it is key for each player to have an impact on the game rather than be a 'passenger'. Coming up against another team we have already played, it was important for our boys to not get ahead of themselves and underestimate a team we have already beaten convincingly.

Pre-game, I reminded the team that they have been very impressive and consistent in recent games, winning 3 of the past 4 games and each player had been instrumental in those results. It is important for all of our players to play their role in order for us to be successful. 

Our start was fantastic kicking the first 2 goals, 1 through Slade 7 minutes into his debut for Pulteney 6/7's which was a great momentum boost for the entire team. We continued to sit in the driver's seat for the game maintaining control of the football and most centre bounce clearances. 

It was very pleasing to see each player stand up and have a positive impact on the contest. Some great morale lifters for the team included the Holman brothers combining for a goal, Cameron Kelly's great snaps from near the boundary and Harry Oates' long set shot which resulted in another 6 points. It was also very positive to not only kick 10 goals but to only kick 3 behinds which is a great improvement on our accuracy.  

I want to personally thank Slade, Edward, Logan, Charlie P and Oliver H for displaying outstanding spirit and sportsmanship and filling in for St Peter's for 1 quarter each. 

The Pulteney 6/7's are playing exceptional football this season, especially in the second half of the year which is a credit to the way in which each player is hungry and eager to improve and develop.  

We are all very excited to keep developing and improving and showcasing our skills and talent in the last remaining 2 games of the 2017 season.  

Thanks to all parents for their help and support especially with bringing oranges out at half time and assisting with goal umpiring!

Rocco Canino, Year 6/7 Coach


Year 5 - PGS 7.5 (47) defeated Belair 7.4 (46)


Year 4 - PGS 6.6 (42) defeated Burnside 4.2 (28)



Week 2 - Saturday 5 August


Pulteney:            ¼ 3.5.....  ½ 5.11..... ¾ 6.16.....Final: 11.18 –   84

St Paul’s:            ¼ 0.2..... ½  1.2.....   ¾  4.4......Final:    6.   5  – 41     


Best Players:  Connor Schatto,Lachlan Schatto, Jarrod Miller, Liam Geddes-Ryan, Nick Laity,       Stefan Mundy, Isaac Pearce, Sam Magarey, Patrick Milewski, Hugh Heidenreich                        

Goalkickers:  Nick Laity and Lachlan Schatto 3 goals each, Jarrod Miller 2 goals, Liam Creaser, Stefan Mundy, Isaac Pearce 1 goal each


Once again, we are grateful for the support given to our Team by the players who didn’t take to the field this week: Tom Rundle, James Livesey and Beau Jerkic.

Thanks to Mr Pearce for Goal Umpiring, to Mrs Magarey and Mr Jones for providing the oranges, and to Mrs Magarey and Mr Schatto for providing the lollies.

Thanks to all of the parents who assisted with Afternoon Tea (providing food, setting up, serving and packing up); in particular to Mrs Miller for her supervision and co-ordination of Afternoon Tea.

Thanks to the large number of parents, family members and Pulteney staff members who braved the cold to support the team this week.

The support of all of the above groups of people is genuinely appreciated and isn’t taken for granted.


For a number of reasons this was a very pleasing win:

  1. We had 6 of our Best 12-15 players unavailable through injury and illness: Griffin Evans, James Livesey, Charlie Rowe, Sam Price and Sam White (5 of these players played last week and four withdrew on either Friday or on Saturday morning).

Of course, this then provides opportunities for others and meant that some players were trusted with responsibilities that they might not otherwise have been given (eg Patrick Milewski and Henry Bleby-Williams playing Full Back in the absence of James Livesey and Lachlan Schatto spending more time ‘on the ball’ in the absence of Charlie Rowe and Sam Price)

  1. St Paul’s defeated us twice last year
  2. We were very keen to record a win against a ‘Firsts’ team (our other 4 wins this year had been over ‘Seconds’ and ‘Thirds’ teams)

Kicking into a strong breeze, Pulteney started particularly well. Players such as Jarrod Miller, Liam Geddes-Ryan and Stefan Mundy provided plenty of drive through the midfield; Liam Creaser and Hugh Heidenreich were dominant forwards and Sam Magarey was impassable across half back. With goals to Stefan Mundy, Jarrod Miller and Liam Creaser, Pulteney held a handy 21 point lead at ¼ time.

St Paul’s played a better second quarter (kicking a goal into the wind) and Pulteney were wasteful in front of goals, adding 2.6 (goals to Nick Laity and Lachlan Schatto).

Despite not using the wind as productively as we might have in the second quarter, there was no panic at ½ time. Pulteney had scored on 16 occasions compared to St Paul’s only scoring on 3 occasions, and with rain threatening, Pulteney was well placed with a 33 point lead.

St Paul’s played a very good third quarter adding 3.2 with the wind; however, Nick Laity’s second goal ensured Pulteney still had 24 points ‘breathing space’ at ¾ time.

To ensure victory, I thought Pulteney needed to score 2 goals in the last quarter (meaning St Paul’s would need to kick an unlikely 6 goals to win), but I encouraged the players to aim for a 3, 4 or even 5 goal quarter.

The Pulteney players responded with a quarter that was at least the equal of their excellent first quarter, and despite numerous interchange and positional rotations, kicked 5.2 to St Paul’s 2.1. Jarrod Miller kicked his second goal for the match, Isaac Pearce kicked a classy goal, Nick Laity kicked his third goal for the match, and Lachlan Schatto’s two last quarter goals also took his game tally to three. These five goals allowed Pulteney to record a convincing, and very satisfying, 43 point victory.

We now look forward to our biggest challenge of the season so far: finding a way to push for victory against a team that defeated us by 68 points earlier this year.

We have improved significantly since that Round One encounter with Marryatville HS, hope to have some players returning from injury and illness, and I am confident that the players are ‘up’ for the challenge!

Barrie Bryan (First XVIII Football Coach)


Year 8/9 - Pulteney 0:0  (0) were defeated by Cardijn College 21:6  (132)

Although the boys had some confidence after their courageous efforts the previous week, we knew this was going to be a tough game. I knew the Cardijn coach and had been informed that they hadn't dropped a game all season. 

Still missing our VC Patty after breaking his arm first game back, we also were left without Alex Kris and ruck man Gabs, who pulled out the night before with a foot injury. This meant we started with only 16 and Angus Brown had to step up and be our number one ruck man all day. Angus did a great job, although not the tallest, he has ‘Mad Hops’ According to the boys such as Alex Magarey. 

Playing away, a lot of the boys had to travel quite a distance for the game down at a windy Noarlunga. Once again the first quarter we started slow, but we were also against the breeze. By the second quarter we put ourselves in good faith, but unfortunately Cardijn were just too good for us, no matter which way they were going. Credit to the boys we did not give up and fought hard all game. Angus Winter played one of the best games I have seen him play. Our captain was good as always and as mentioned Angus Brown was magnificent in the ruck.  

Thank you to all the parents are carers who made the trip down to Noarlunga early Saturday morning. It is greatly appreciated by myself, Barrie and your boys (even if they don't always show it!). 

Best Players: Angus Winter, Angus Brown, Ben Beswick, Spencer Atterton, Findlay Suttie, Samuel Milewski

Nathan Risitano
(Year 8/9 Coach)


Year 6/7 - Pulteney Grammar 6. 6. (42)  defeated  Trinity College 2. 8 . (20)

This was the first time this season we have had the opportunity to play the same side for the second time. I reminded our players that they have improved and developed magnificently since then, so we should be able to come out and orchestrate a great performance.

We got off to a great start kicking the first 2 goals of the game but to Trinity's credit, they were able to draw level in the second quarter. I asked the boys at half time what could each of them do to ensure they are putting in the extra effort in the second half to support their teammates.  

The Pulteney Year 6/7's come out in the second half determined to make a strong statement and take full control of the game and what it's outcome was to be. They used the ball well and made very smart decisions to ensure our forwards had the most opportunities to hit the scoreboard. I am very proud of the way in which each player is eager to get better and better as the weeks roll on and at the same time displaying consistent football. 

We are all very excited to keep developing and improving and showcasing our skills and talent in the last remaining games of the 2017 season.  

I look forward to assisting in the continual improvement and development of the Pulteney Year 6/7s at training on Tuesday and Wednesday, and also in future games! 

Thanks to all parents for their help and support especially with bringing oranges out at half time and assisting with goal umpiring!

Rocco Canino


Year 4/5 Div 2 - PGS 5.2 (32) defeated CBC 4.6 (30)

On a wet Harris Oval, Pulteney started the game against a CBC side that came to play. CBC dominated the first 5 minutes due to their superior hunger for the ball however, half way through the first quarter, the Pulteney boys kicked into gear and played with better desire for the contest, keeping CBC at bay as they kicked with the breeze.

Pulteney's intensity throughout the middle part of the game was exceptional. They played with courage, bravery and skill in tricky conditions to hold a two goal lead at the final change. CBC fought back in the final term which created a grandstand finish in a highly intense game. It was the sheer desire and effort that enabled the Pulteney boys to hold the opposition off and get the win!

As a coach, I was extremely proud of the boys. It wasn't the prettiest game, or the most skilful, but the effort displayed was simply awesome!

Well done lads!

Jarrod Lienert
Year 4/5 Coach


Year 2

On Saturday, we ventured to Webb Oval to take on Glen Osmond Primary School. The boys braved the tough, cold and muddy conditions all morning, but the score did not go our way with Glen Osmond finishing on top when the siren was blown to end the game. Tommy Jarmer provided great run and grit all game as he was pushed over a few times, but got back up, brushed himself off and kept trying to win the footy. Super stuff Tommy! Hugo Sabine attacked the footy in fierce fashion every time it came his way and showed some maturity beyond his years by using his voice to direct his teammates on the field. Keep it up Hugo! George Tsmandonis provided good run with the footy for the team and used his footy smarts to find a free player either long or short. Terrific work George! James Button made sure he bent right down to pick up the slippery footy and looked to handball to bring others into the game. Superb team play James. B! And lastly, even though he rocked up at half-time, James Palmer was the game changer as he slotted in and was able to get a few crucial touches to keep Pulteney in the game. Superstar JP!

The conditions were tough for the boys compared to the lightning carnival last Saturday, but the majority kept at it for most of the game and this was great to see. Thanks to the parents for braving the cold on the sidelines and giving some great encouragement to the boys - and for the half-time oranges as well! It’s greatly appreciated. There’s only a few games to go in the season, so let’s have a great finish!

Josh de Heus


Week 1 - Saturday 29 July



Pulteney:            ¼ 5.2.....  ½ 5.8..... ¾ 9.11.....Final: 12.15 –   87

Mercedes 2:       ¼ 0.1..... ½  0.1..... ¾  0.1......Final:    0.2  –     2     


Best Players:  Lachlan Schatto, Jarrod Miller, Nick Laity, Liam Creaser, Liam Geddes-Ryan,          Sam Magarey, Isaac Pearce, Charlie Rowe, Connor Schatto, Griffin Evans                        

Goalkickers:  Liam Creaser 4, Elliott Bennett, Jarrod Miller, Liam Geddes-Ryan 2 each,               Lachlan Schatto, Elijah Randell 1 each


Once again, we are grateful for the support given to our Team by the players who didn’t take to the field: Tom Rundle, William Craddock and Jack Strawbridge.

Thanks to Mr Magarey for Goal Umpiring .


A 5 goal first quarter and an early 31 point lead, really set the team up nicely for a solid victory.

In the first quarter Liam Geddes-Ryan was strong in the midfield, Nick Laity provided plenty of run on a wing, Elliott Bennett was lively in the forward line with two first quarter goals, as was Lachlan Schatto and Liam Creaser, who each kicked a goal. Whenever Mercedes went into attack, Jarrod Miller marked strongly to ensure Mercedes were held goalless.

Pulteney continued to dominate in the second quarter, holding Mercedes to no score, but was wasteful in front of goals, adding 0.6 for the quarter.

Liam Creaser was the dominant player in the third quarter, leading and marking strongly and kicking accurately on 3 occasions, bringing his tally to 4 goals. Elijah Randell also kicked a goal in this quarter.

Jarrod Miller was moved into the forward line in the last quarter and kicked two goals, with the highlight for the quarter being Liam Geddes-Ryan’s goal kicked from half forward after running through the centre of the ground with two bounces.

The Mercedes team was not as strong as we expected and the Pulteney team was always in control, were never threatened, and ran out convincing 85 point winners.

Despite the fact that there were many positives to come out of the game (eg the excellent form of Lachlan Schatto, Jarrod Miller, Nick Laity, Liam Creaser and Liam Geddes-Ryan), there is still much room for improvement.

Such areas include:

Goal-kicking accuracy

Decision-making (eg in using the wind and our left footers to best advantage)

Focus and concentration

Support of team-mates

These are things that we will discuss and work on at training this week, in preparation for Saturday’s game versus St Paul’s.

St Paul’s defeated us twice last year, so I am hopeful that the players are looking forward to the challenge of performing well against strong opposition.

Our wins this year have been ‘soft’ wins against teams that we should, and have, defeated comfortably.

We are yet to record a victory against strong opposition; that is the challenge for the team this week and in the remaining games of this season. 


Barrie Bryan
Coach/ Co-ordinator


Year 8/9 - Pulteney 3:2  (20) defeated by Scotch College 12:6  (78)

This weekend saw us come up against Pulteney’s biggest rivals in Scotch. Scotch in the first quarter were able to come out and kick 6 goals to our none, which was quite disappointing.  We also missed some opportunities to score. Second quarter was better, we were able to get our hands on the football and keep possession. 

By half time I told the boys to wipe the scoreboard and try and win the second half. The boys just fell short of this goal by 1 goal, but we managed to get ourselves on the board and some much needed confidence through our Captain; Ben Beswick kicking all 3 goals.

Although we did not win the game, and it’s not acceptable to accept defeat every week. I think the boys for the first time this season felt a sense of accomplishment.  

Best Players: Ben Beswick, Gabriel Luksich, Tyson Nguyen, Alex Magarey, Henry Bradley 

Nathan Risitano
(Year 8/9 Coach)


Year 6/7 - Pulteney Grammar 4. 9.  33  defeated  PAC 1. 4. 10 

Our key focus at training this week was to pick up where we left off before the holiday period and continue to improve and develop our football skills. I reminded the team how far they have already come so far this season and how important it is to continue to aim to get better and better each training and game. 

I spoke about different methods we can implement as tactical enforcers to help us take control of a game. Some of these methods included "effective legal 'Don't Argue's" when taking possession of the ball in order to stop the opposition from grasping a tackle before we can dispose of the footy and also the power of the 'Shepherd'. 

These two skills were used by the entire group over the weekend and proved to be another key element to help us get the desired result.  

The boys came out all guns blazing on Saturday and tried to capitalise on a strong 2-3 goal wind. Even though we couldn't put early damage on the scoreboard, the effort was there!

At quarter time, I reminded everyone that PAC would now have the strong wind, and we would need to work twice as hard to score in the 2nd term. That is exactly was Pulteney did to their credit, scoring a few great goals with exceptional passages of play. This was again repeated in the last quarter against the wind. 

They were able to continue to fight for the hard to get football throughout the game, continuing to apply strong pressure through determination and strong tackling. Our use of shepherding allowed our players to have more time to make a smart decision when disposing of the ball. It was a brilliant game to watch.  

I look forward to assisting in the continual improvement and development of the Pulteney Year 6/7s at training on Tuesday and Wednesday, and also in future games! 

Thanks to all parents for their help and support especially with bringing oranges out at half time and assisting with goal umpiring!


Rocco Canino


Year 5 - PGS 13.3 (81) defeated St Josephs 3.6 (24) 

The Year 5's on Saturday played one of their best games of the year against a skilled opposition.  

Having large numbers in recent weeks is benefitting the team and allowing us to improve on certain aspects of our game, including setting up around stoppages and around the ground, manning up, and having numbers around the ball at all times. Every player impressed on the weekend, where it started from our midfielders setting up properly in the centre, that would result in quick clearances and goals. 

The boys are continuously coming together as a team that knows and understands each others' abilities; this knowledge will help improve them and ultimately allow them to thoroughly enjoy their football. 

See you all next week!


Harry Lumsden & Jarrod Leinert
Yr 4/5s Coaches


Year 4 Div 2 - PGS 1.3 (9) defeated by Rose Park 3.8 (26) 

The Year 4's faced tough opposition in Rose Park on the weekend, playing a very equally skilled outfit. Despite the close loss the boys played well all game, integrating new skills that have been learned and practiced at training into the game, including being front and square of your team mate when playing on and our tackling pressure. 

Most impressive is the maturity this team shows in the way that they structure themselves around the ground. They take the initiative to lock the ball into our forward 50, and also alway making sure to have a player a kick behind the ball around the ground. 

See you all next week!


Harry Lumsden & Jarrod Leinert
Yr 4/5s Coaches



Year 2

Footy was back on Saturday for the year 2's and we played in a Lightning Carnival! The morning was set out so the boys would play five 10-minute matches against different schools in the Sturt zone – some we had played already, some we had not.  I was proud of the boys as they all tried their best and we ended up winning three out of five games which was a fantastic effort. The main aspect however, was that they enjoyed the contest against the other schools and got to improve their match play skills.

Special mention to the Unley football team as we played them in the last game and it was one of the greatest contests I have seen in year 2 football. At one point, I questioned if we were playing tennis, as the ball was going back and forth between the teams in an absolute arm-wrestle! Great work Unley. Congratulations to the other seven teams who displayed fantastic sportspersonship.

The boys also enjoyed some sausages courtesy of a delicious BBQ and some free apples to keep their energy levels high throughout the morning’s matches. Thanks to the parents who helped out with the sausage sizzle, goal umpiring and cheering the boys on throughout the morning. Bring on next Saturday!


Match one: Pulteney 2.1.13 defeated Burnside 2.0.12

Match two: Pulteney 1.0.6 defeated by Glen Osmond 3.1.19

Match three: Pulteney 2.0.12 defeated by CBC 4.3.27

Match four: Pulteney 3.2.20 defeated Unley 1.1.7

Match five: Pulteney 3.1.19 defeated St Johns Grammar/Belair 2.1.13 


Josh de Heus