Football - Boys

Welcome to the Boys Football reports page of the School website, match reports and/ or scores will be posted here as soon as possible as they are received.


Week 3 - Saturday 20 May



Pulteney:     ¼ 4.9.....  ½ 11.15..... ¾ 17.21.....Final: 24.25 – 169
Rostrevor 3: ¼ 0.0..... ½ 0.0.....      ¾  1.3.....  Final:      1.4  –  10

Best Players:  Jarrod Miller, Sam Price, Connor Schatto, Liam Geddes-Ryan, Nick Laity,           Elliott Bennett, Lachlan Schatto, Elijah Randell, Griffin Evans, Sam White

Goalkickers:  Jarrod Miller 10, Elliott Bennett, Edward Knights, Elliot Ridgway, Connor Schatto, Lachlan Schatto 2 each, Rory Egarr, Liam Geddes-Ryan, James Livesey, Ethan Patrick 1 each.

Congratulations to the following players who made their First XVIII Debut on Saturday:

William Craddock, Beau Jerkic, Ethan Patrick and Hugh Radbone


Arthur Blunt, Liam Creaser, Charlie Rowe, Tom Rundle, Noah Thesinger (all recovering from injury)

Leo Jones (Family commitment)



a)      Rostrevor were very much undermanned; as late as 10.30am on Friday morning it was probable that Rostrevor would be forced to forfeit this match. Their First XVIII Team had players missing due to State Commitments as well as players missing through injury. Seconds players get promoted to the Firsts and Thirds players get promoted to the Seconds. To compound the issue further,  Rostrevor Boarders also had an Exeat Weekend which impacts the Seconds and Thirds Teams in particular. Consequently, it was a weakened Thirds Team that travelled to Pulteney on Saturday afternoon.

b)      Despite the lack of depth in the opposition team, Pulteney’s First XVIII Team played very well; to kick 24 goals and to have 49 scoring shots in 80 minutes of Football is testament to the fact that the players did a lot ‘right’ on Saturday.

c)      We need to work on our Goalkicking!!!

d)      Such an overwhelmingly dominant display provides a large number of highlights. Many of these highlights were obvious and included:

i) Jarrod Miller’s 10 goals! Jarrod spent the first half playing at Centre Half Back (and still managed to kick 2 goals!). Due to the fact that our goalkicking was very wayward (4.9 in the first quarter and 11.15 in the first half), Jarrod was moved to Full-Forward in a bid to ‘straighten us up’ a bit. (From 11.15 at half-time we set a goal to finish the game with more Goals than Behinds; we almost got there!). Despite being rotated on and off the ground in the second half, Jarrod kicked 3 goals in the third quarter and another 5 in the last, for a game tally of 10. Jarrod’s marking was strong and clean, and from an individual standout playing point of view, this was the obvious highlight. I thought Jarrod’s goal from outside 50 metres, into a slight breeze in the first quarter, was the goal of the day! 

ii) The continued good form of Jarrod Miller, Liam Geddes-Ryan, Sam Price, Sam White,Connor Schatto (all named in our Best 10 players in consecutive weeks) 

iii) The improved form of a number of players including: Nick Laity, Elliott Bennett, Lachlan Schatto, Elijah Randell and GriffIn Evans 

iv) Elliot Ridgway’s return form injury, kicking 2 goals 

v) Cult-hero (!), Ethan Patrick, kicking a goal 

vi) The spread of goalkickers (10 different individuals) 

vii) The team’s acceptance of our Interchange Rotations which allowed all players to spend the majority of the game out on the ground; this included all of our debutantes and all 6 of the Year 10s that played on Saturday 

viii)  The team’s acceptance of Positional Rotations which meant that most players spent time in all three ‘zones’ of the ground’ and ensured that players such as James Livesey,  Patrick Milewski and Sam White who might ordinarily spend a lot of time in Defence were ‘freed up’ to run through the midfield and in the forward line on occasions 

ix) The team’s transition from defence: on a number of occasions the ball was kicked out from deep in defence (eg following a Rostrevor Behind), and then carried quickly ‘coast to coast’ through fast running, forward handpassing and accurate kicking, resulting in goals to the Pulteney team 

x) Whilst we acknowledge the opposition was nowhere near as strong as that provided last week by Marryatville HS, it was terrific to see the players simply having some fun today! 

Despite these and many other highlights, there were a number of other things that as a Coach and as a member of the Pulteney Community, I was even more pleased with and even more proud of:

  1. I asked the Pulteney players to play as ‘hard’ as they normally would, but also to show respect for the opposition and to acknowledge our gratitude that they allowed us to play (ie rather than to forfeit). We were to win with humility; there was no need for us to ‘kick them when they’re down’ or to ‘rub their noses in it’. I spoke to the Rostrevor players and to their Coach throughout and after the game, and thanked them for the game and for representing their school with such good spirit. 
  1. I was very pleased with the support given to our Team by the players who didn’t take to the field: Charlie Rowe acted as Team Runner, Henry Bleby-Williams and Jack Strawbridge filled in as Boundary Umpires (in the absence of Dan Bourke) and Arthur Blunt, Liam Creaser, Tom Rundle and Noah Thesinger filled up water bottles, ran water to the players, and assisted the players and I in a variety of ways throughout the afternoon. 
  1. There was tremendous support  of the Team and I given by parents, families, staff members and friends: Mr Brenton Milewski was our Scoreboard Attendant; Mr Paul White was our Goal Umpire; numerous Pulteney parents supplied oranges and lollies for the players; numerous Pulteney parents provided afternoon tea for the Pulteney and Rostrevor supporters; and numerous Pulteney parents (led by Mrs Jenny Gillespie and Ms Cathy Miller) set up, served and packed away the afternoon tea (NB for Parents/Guardians: next week’s game is at Prince Alfred College; 2:15pm start...Contributions of Oranges and Lollies appreciated, if possible).

Barrie Bryan
Coach/ Co-ordinator


Year 8/9 - Weeks 2 & 3 (13 & 20 May)

It has been not the easiest start to the year for our Year 8/9 Boys being kept goalless in both games. Unfortunately we are competing in a straight Year 9 competition but to the boys' credit they have kept positive and tried their hardest thus far. 

Round One we travelled to St Ignatius. Already struggling for numbers we were left without our Vice Captain Patrick Winter and late exclusion of Gabriel Luksich left us with only seventeen players and not much height. St Ignatius were kind enough to give us players to fill in. The boys tried their hearts out but after losing Samuel Milewski due to a dislocated elbow and Hudson Loftes with a rolled ankle there was very little hope. It was great to have their coach speak to our boys after the game. He mentioned that we should keep our heads high and be proud of the way we went about the game. He liked how we did not go into our shells or turn aggressive like other teams may have. St Ignatius were just too big and strong. 

Best Players: Spencer Atterton, Brooklyn Selway, Ben Beswick, Angus Brown, Tyson Nguyen


Round Two saw us back at home facing Immanuel College, another strong straight Year 9 team. As mentioned previously we failed to score a goal, but were very unlucky not to. I believe we should have kicked at least five. Especially when Ben Beswick ran into an open goal and kicked just as the siren went. 

I thought in the first quarter we were very good. We spent more time in our forward 50 than we had in the whole of the previous game, we just struggled to hit the scoreboard. It was great to have Gabriel back in the team; he showed great ruck work and aggression towards the ball. Our captain Ben Beswick was working hard as he always does, Jack O’Connor and Tyson Nguyen were involved in a brilliant chase down that got Immanuel holding the ball and Angus Winter’s attack on the ball was a class above. Second quarter Ben Beswick went on a great run, taking 5 bounces and hit Tom Lawrence-Doyle for our first set shot, which unfortunately hit the post. Giving Gabriel a rest I decided to try Alex Magarey in the ruck and he did an exceptional job. We let ourselves down by once again missing opportunities to score and letting Immanuel score 3 goals in the last 3 minutes, which was not acceptable.

At half time I got the players to talk in their groups (Forward, Midfield & Backmen) and asked them to give me 2 things they wanted to focus on in the second half. Once again we reacted well but by the end of the quarter we let ourselves down. By the final quarter the boys had tired; this was due to having no bench all game and losing our captain in the final quarter with an ankle injury. 

Best Players: Ben Beswick, Calvin Santo, Tyson Nguyen, Gabriel Luksich, Angus Winter


This week we take on Christian Brothers College and the boys are excited and confident they will put in a solid effort and not just get on the scoreboard, but win!!


Nathan Risitano (Year 8/9 Coach)


Year 6/7

Pulteney Grammar 0. 0 . 0   DEFEATED BY  Scotch College 15. 13. 103

The Year 6/7 Pulteney boys have been working extremely hard at training to further improve their skills in all areas of football. I reminded the team on Wednesday that results on their continual improvement in these areas, far surpassed what the results are on the scoreboard. Although, we committed to still going into each game very confident and to try our best to put on as much scoreboard pressure as we possibly can. 

Scotch college were a very impressive team on Saturday and they were the very deserving winner of the match. 

The belief is there in our playing group that we are on the right track to becoming a team that is able to control the full outcome of the match which is exactly what Scotch were able to do.

Despite the scoreline, I am very proud of Pulteney's efforts throughout the game and their willingness not to give up or drop their heads at any stage. 

I look forward to assisting in the continual improvement and development of the Pulteney Year 6/7s at training on Tuesday and Wednesday, and also in future games! 

Thanks to all parents for their help and support especially with bringing oranges out at half time and assisting with goal umpiring!

Rocco Canino