Cricket - Girls

Welcome to the Girls Cricket reports page of the School website, match reports and/ or scores will be posted here as soon as possible as they are received.

Collegiate Cup

Tuesday 3 April

Pulteney 4/80 defeated Scotch College 6/74

Camryn Dudley 2/11 & 10 not out
Maddi Ashby 1/13 & 16
Pippa Adkins 13 


9 March 2018

PGS 6/66 defeated Pembroke 2/57 

Laura Argy 17 n.o, Kate Chapman 11 n.o, Pippa Adkins 13, Isabel Tynan 12, Maddi Ashby 1/3



SACA All Girls School Cup - 8 March 2018


The Pulteney Girls Cricket team had a very successful two days of cricket last week. We entered the SACA All-Girls School Cup on Thursday, 8th of March, where we competed in a field of six teams in the Year 10 – 12 division of the competition. The matches were modified which resulted in some very large scores being obtained. We remained undefeated on the day, winning all four matches and, ultimately, being named the winner of the competition. 

On Friday, we played Pembroke at home. Our batting performance was a big improvement on the previous week, with Laura Argy (17 not out) and Kate Chapman (11 not out) giving us great start. Pippa Adkins came in and kept the run rate ticking over, finishing with 13, and Isabel Tynan played her best innings yet, scoring a very valuable 12 runs late in the innings. We continued our good work in the field. We were challenged early on as Pembroke had some big hitters, but consistent bowling and good fielding ensured we ended up with the win. Maddi Ashby was the pick of the bowlers with 1/3 from two overs, Pippa Adkins took a wonderful catch behind the stumps, and Paige Cowles caused an early run out. 


Game 1 - PGS 158 defeated Adelaide High School (3)  32 

Laura Argy 29, Jessie Aldridge 25, Maddi Ashby 23, Camryn Dudley 21


Game 2 - PGS 102 defeated Trinity 91 

Pippa Adkins 25, Camryn Dudley 2/4, Paige Cowles 2/4, Tamsin Evans 2/18


Game 3 - PGS 123 defeated Adelaide Highschool (1) 103 

Camryn Dudley 20, Maddi Ashby 27, Kate Chapman 2/14


Game 4 - PGS 123 defeated Reynella 64 

Pippa Adkins 29, Camryn Dudley 22, Maggie Bailey 19 & 1/4


Ann Kennedy