Basketball - Boys

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Week 3 - Saturday 20 May


1st V defeated Cardijn College 65-35

With our full squad together for the first time this season we set some goals for the match to display strong teamwork and move the ball to the person in the best position for the team. We were very patient in running our set offences with many of the plays being finished off by Tom Sibly and Matt Rule from deep and Elijah Randall inside the paint. Sam Price and George Athanasas were clinical on the fast break and Daniel Nielsen penetrated and dished well creating opportunities inside for Sam Hore. Matthew Rodda again worked hard inside and Cameron Horsell played some valuable minutes across the match. Tom Sibly’s long range shooting was a highlight of the game and our teamwork in all situations was very pleasing. Much more to work on as we build towards some bigger challenges over the coming month.

Best Players: Tom Sibly, Elijah Randall, Matt Rule

Top scorers: Unavailable 

Peter Sexton – 1st V Boys Basketball Coach


2nd V defeated Cardijn College 66-29

We started strongly this week and had the game on our terms quite early due to some strong defence resulting in us scoring quickly on the fast break. Our big men controlled the key way with Jessie Coombs, Oscar McKenny and Jordan Cirocco finishing off many of our offensive forays. Our smaller brigade led by Max Hammerstein and Thomas Conroy shot the ball well from distance whilst Katia Stamateopoulos, Roman Cardillo worked hard to create opportunities for the team. Sam Magarey once again showed good vision and passing skills to creatively set up team mates in better positions. Our next challenge is to hone our offensive structures to equip us for the challenges later in the season.

Best Players: Jessie Coombs, Jordan Cirocco, Oscar McKenny

Top Scorers: Jessie Coombs (17), Max Hammerstein (11), Oscar McKenny (11), Jordan Cirocco (11), Thomas Conroy (10) 

Peter Sexton - 2nd V Boys Basketball Coach 


3rd V defeated Cardijn College 53-16.

The 3rd V had a slow start this likely due to the away venue and an earlier wake up than usual. Elliot came off the bench and set the tempo high for the rest of the match. They continued to build momentum at the start of the 2nd quarter with scoring contributions from all 6 of the boys. They used their height and strength against an undersized opposition to push their 1st quarter lead. In the 2nd quarter alone they scored 20 points and did not give up a single point to Cardijn. After the half time break, Cardijn was hungry for the ball and stepped up on both ends of the court. This defensive pressure resulted in quite a few turnovers. Defensively, the boys were struggling to secure rebounds, which gave Cardijn multiple opportunities to shoot. After a slight change to their play style at 3rd quarter time, the boys were able to run out the rest of the game without losing too much of their lead. Well Done C’s.

Best Players: Elliot Bell, Albert Gu
Top Scorers: Elliot Bell (20), Albert Gu (13), Matt Beahan (9) 

Kieren Krischnappa – 3rd V Boys Basketball Coach 


4th V defeated Saint Peter's 41-4

A strong effort on both ends of the floor today as we came up with a sizeable win over Saints. Our emphasis was on tight defensive pressure to create transition baskets and the boys executed this very well, causing several turnovers and keeping the other team scoreless in the 1st quarter. On the other end it was good to see our offense being run confidently and with patience leading to some nice passes inside for our bigs. Once again Ryan Moseby's efforts under the rim and Hugh Gowland's strong drives to the basket provided us with high percentage shots. Elias Patrikis, Will Cockburn and Josh Hackett were a big presence inside, both on the offensive end and defensively when we dropped back to a zone. Lachie Rawson and Zach Nicholls showed great hustle on defense, constantly pestering Saints' ball handlers whilst Terry Koumi and Jackson Harvey worked hard in the passing lanes. Overall a great effort by the whole team, well done boys.

Best players: Ryan Moseby, Hugh Gowland
Top scorers: Ryan Moseby (11), Hugh Gowland (10), Zach Nicholls (6) 

Luke Nottage – 4th V Boys Basketball Coach


Middle A's defeated by Norwood Morialta 17-44

The first half for the boys was tough going down 25-6. Defensively we just didn't work hard enough to win the 50/50 balls. Up against a couple taller boys it was made apparent the need to use our bodies in boxing out after allowing the opposition five chances at a goal to close the half. We did have some good looks offensively from cuts however they just weren't falling for us early on. 
The second half was much more promising going down 19-11. We changed to a zone defense which slowed their scoring. Offensively, Will Evans, Declan Bell, Travis Lewin and Akash Thomas all had a go playing inside the post which opened up a lot more scoring options for us. Tristan Yew scored well with aggressive drives and strong one-on-one defense. Oliver de Broughe was also a scorer for us, with some smart drives from the perimeter. Stefan Gould was an unselfish passer, finding some excellent off-ball cutters. Max Cavender controlled the ball well at the point guard position this week allowing us to get set into our offense each time up the floor. 
To finish the game we played a high-pressure full court man which caused turnovers allowing us to get out on the break. This high intensity defense is what we want and will be put into place in future weeks. Overall, it was a tough game for the boys. There will be an emphasis on winning 50/50 balls, full court defense and our zone-offense at training this week. 

Best Players: Tristan Yew, Travis Lewin, Will Evans
Top Scorers: Tristan Yew (4), Oliver de Broughe (4) 

Joel Kittel – Middle As Boys Basketball Coach


Middle B's defeated NMHS 33 - 20

After coming off a tough loss last week the boys were ready to go with a full team. The first half saw a close contest where again James T and James M looked to start out strong. They looked to attack the basket early having their defenders off their feet. We took an early lead and, due to Oskar and Clark's patience and IQ we looked to slow it down in order to get good looks inside and around the basket. As the half ended we were down 2 points but looked very dominant inside and unfortunately just missed some easy shots under the basket.
In the second half Dyllan caught fire. Dyllan ran the wings hard and this allowed him to get easy fast break points and easy shots from the mid-range. Recognising Dyllan's hot shooting Cooper and Dan found ways to get him the ball by driving and looking to dish when the defenders crashed on them. Looking to use our athleticism we played a full court man which allowed us to fluster and break down our opponents offense where quick steals and transition baskets were key. Allowing us to outscore our opponents 21-7 in the second half.
This was overall a great team game where we looked strong offensively and defensively knowing when to take the shot and when to pass off for a better option. 

Best Players: Dyllan Zhang, Oskar Felusch, James Taylor and James McMartin
Scorers: Dyllan Zhang (17), Cooper Hillen (8), Oskar Felusch (4), James Taylor (3) 

James Sibly – Middle Bs Boys Baksetball Coach


Middle Cs defeated Norwood Morialta 18 - 16.

The Philadelphia 76'ers have a motto "Trust the process". This refers to believing that if the improvement occurs the wins will take care of themselves. It is also applicable for the Middle C's. We knew if we kept working hard we would get the results. We started strong with our 5-out offense generating multiple looks but some rough luck found us down 6-1 at quarter time. 
From that point on we played perfect middle C basketball. We cut hard, pressured our opponents into low percentage shots, got out on the break and made our free throws!!!
Sam B displayed great handle on the dribble and good rebounding, whilst Cooper S and Finn B generated most of our fast break offense. Riley K had a breakout offensive game whilst Tom R held down a tough defensive assignment.
A lot of the boys played with me last year and missed out on the joy and elation of winning so this hard earned win was made all the sweeter by how long we have waited. 
"Trust the Process"

Best Players: All played incredibly well
Top scorers: Cooper Sarson, Zac Pouras, Finn Boylen 

Matt van der Sommen – Middle Cs Boys Basketball Coach