Basketball - Boys

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Week 5 - INTERCOL - Saturday 26 August

1st V defeated Scotch College 44-36

We took the early ascendancy through a Matthew Rule offensive rebound followed by a foul shot. George Athanasas started strongly in his defensive assignment, making a foul shot followed by a strong loose ball basket from Elijah Randell. In what was a scrappy first quarter we had plenty of great opportunities however found ourselves down 6-7 at the first break.

The game opened up as we rotated players through, Daniel Nielsen helping in defense and Samuel Price giving George Athanasas a rest and menacing their big man all over the court. Elijah Randell was getting into his normal rhythm supported by Matthew Rodda who worked extremely hard and knocked down one of his trademark jump shots from the baseline. Tom Sibly had been everywhere; running our offenses, finding open team mates and scrambling on the floor to get us any disputed possession. He knocked down a three pointer which was disallowed but then followed up with another just when we needed it. Matthew Rule and Elijah Randell finished off plays giving us a 19-12 lead at the half. We were the far more dominant team but just not able to show it on the scoreboard missing some simple shots and keeping the opposition in the game with some defensive breakdowns.

We started smaller in the third quarter, determined to make our move through stronger defense and running the floor. Our intensity was excellent and Elijah Randell and Tom Sibly got us off to a strong start. Matthew Rule was popping up everywhere using his long arms at both ends of the court and Daniel Nielsen making a couple of strong moves to the basket. Scotch changed to a zone defense and Matthew Rule hit a long 3 pointer then Samuel Price and Elijah Randell finished off well from closer range. A stronger effort had the lead out to 13 points at the final change.

We started all of our Year 12's in the final quarter and it was great to watch them in action for the last time. Samuel Hore had a strangle hold on the big man position, blocking up avenues to the basket and making their shooters change their shots. George Athanasas and Samuel Price were harassing all over the court and Tom Sibly was directing the team and Elijah Randell kept making the big shots for us. A quick rotation saw Daniel Nielsen again provide great energy and Matthew Rule again finding ways to intercept and rebound when we needed the ball. But this quarter belonged to our two leaders who stood up in the heat of the game, guiding everyone through to a well deserved victory. Elijah Randell was huge at both ends of the floor and Tom Sibly made some big decisions - when to push, when to settle and iced the game with two huge 3 pointers. We ran out winners by 8 points, with my only regret not being able to rotate players in the final quarter as the margin tightened up. That being said, every player contributed in their own way to a strong result and a very successful season. A special mention on our defense, where George Athanasas and Samuel Price were able to restrict their opponent to 3 points for the match - most pleasing was the team support where everyone contributed to that result.

A huge thank you to Mrs Dunstan and Mr Bowen and the school community that generated such a great atmosphere to play in, as well as Mr Down who is very much a critical member of the team.

Peter Sexton - Pulteney 1st V coach


2nd V defeated Scotch College 45-23

The match started in a subdued atmosphere following the 1st V match and our intensity was down as we struggled through the early stages. Oliver Bishop was his normal attacking self and Katia Stamatelopoulos nailed two long 3 pointers in the first quarter giving us a 2 point quarter time lead.

The first half was not our best basketball with our defense non-existent and allowing Scotch to do whatever they liked. Our offense was also scratchy with our only score in the second quarter being 6 foul shots yet we had built a 6 point lead.

We set ourselves the challenge of showing the faithful parents and students who had stayed to support us our best brand of basketball. Thomas Conroy made a welcome return from injury and he was everywhere, blocking four shots in succession and kick starting our fast break. Roman Cardillo started making some great decisions in transition, hitting our shooters in Oscar McKenny and Katia Stamatelopoulos for open looks and Oliver Bishop on the break. Max Hammerstein had a purple patch scoring 6 quick points attacking the ring with great results. This allowed us a 13 point lead at the final break.

We opened the last quarter on fire, Jordan Cirocco owning the defensive boards and moving the ball to the best scoring option. Oscar McKenny attacked well on the break and the whole team turned in a strong second half delivering a 22 point win.

Whilst not for Intercol points I highly value this game as this team is the future of our program. Hopefully witnessing the atmosphere and performance of the 1st V is a motivator for them to be part of that in the future. We have lots to work on but I am excited with what this group has to offer.

Best players: Oliver Bishop, Katia Stamatelopoulos, Thomas Conroy

Scorers: Katia Stamatelopoulos 11, Oscar McKenny 11, Oliver Bishop 9, Max Hammerstein 8, Thomas Conroy 6

Peter Sexton – Pulteney 2nd V coach


3rd V defeated Scotch College 46-14

This week was our final game, the Intercol match against Scotch. We had a full roster of 10 against their 5 so we knew we could outrun them for the duration of the game. Albert helped to build the lead early on with a couple of inside shots and offensive rebounds. Daniel also contributed to the run with a 3 pointer. We continued to build our lead throughout the first half with good ball movement and running on the fast break. 

Tom had a decent stretch of great defense which led to easy points at the other end. With the margin we had at half time, the team was able to play with more freedom and flexibility. There were a couple more 3’s made by Hugh and if I’m not mistaken, Arthur too. The four year 12s of team started the final quarter. We pushed our defense up the court and forced some turnovers and converted on the break. Anthony filled in for Scotch when one of their players went out with an injury. This helped to free up some court time for the bench. It was difficult to give everyone the playing time they deserved, but everyone made the most of every minute they had on court. An excellent finish to the season in front of the home crowd. Great work Cs.

Best Players: Albert Gu, Tom Rundle, Matt Beahan 

Kieren Krischnappa – Pulteney 3rd V Coach 


4th V were defeated by Scotch College 38-23

A tough closing game for us against a very athletic Scotch side. We opened the game with intensity but unfortunately failed to keep Scotch off the boards, giving them numerous second chance points. A second half switch gave Ryan Moseby and Elias Patrikis the role of defending and boxing out Scotch's largest player, who had been scoring at will inside. This combined with great patience in the offense by Hugh Gowland and some nice scoring contributions inside by Josh Hackett shifted the momentum in our favour.

Terry Koumi hit some nice mid-range jumpshots and Jackson Harvey bombed another 3. Things were looking good as we continued to close the deficit behind strong defensive pressure from Lachie Rawson and Zach Nicholls, as well as Will Cockburn's big presence inside. Unfortunately it wasn't enough, as we were unlucky on some of our shots towards the end, whilst Scotch managed to score a couple more 3s to clinch the game. Despite this the boys should be proud of the effort they put in and the grit that they played with until the very end. Good job boys.

Best players; Josh Hackett, Hugh Gowland, Terry Koumi

Top scorers; Josh Hackett 6pts, Hugh Gowland 4pts, Terry Koumi 6pts


Middle As defeated Scotch 46-4

Intercol always provides great atmosphere and competitive watching and this match was no exception. Having played this Scotch side earlier in the year and coming away with only a 1-point win we knew we were in for a challenge this morning. The boys opened the game with high energy, however defensively we looked lost and had trouble sticking with our match ups. We were being out played and the lead quickly ballooned out to 15-5 at the quarter break. 

Opening the second quarter our focus offensively was to take our time and work the ball around until we found the right shot. Declan Bell and Ollie de Broughe were outstanding this quarter, leading the offensive charge putting up big numbers. Stefan Gould ensured we remained structured and showed leadership beyond his years on the floor. This was the best offensive display we've had all season long with 5 different players getting on the scoreboard in the quarter. It was really impressive to see the boys work as a team the way they did to mount this comeback, piling on 20 points in 10 minutes to equalise 25-25 at the half.

The third quarter was all defense, the game became scrappy and our high energy players started getting their hands in the passing lanes. Max Cavender and Tristan Yew led the way defensively and the rest followed suit. Will Evans played tough inside getting his hands on some critical offensive rebounds. Jack Kfoury did his usual damage on the scoreboard making a big impact against his old side.

Going into the final quarter of our season up by 4 we were confident and looked to finish strong. Akash Thomas came up big putting in 2 clutch baskets to clinch the game. A great way to end our season with everyone playing their role to show that the future of Pulteney basketball is in safe hands.

Best Players: Declan Bell, Will Evans, Ollie De Broughe, Akash Thomas, Max Cavender

Top Scorers: Declan Bell 18pts, Jack Kfoury 9pts, Ollie De Broughe 7pts 

Joel Kittel – Pulteney Middle As coach


Middle Bs defeated Scotch 40-24

Facing Scotch would be the most important game of the season where we were looking to execute everything we have learned across the year and hopefully come away with a win. 

From the first tip we looked to be the more energetic and skillful side. Again we looked to test a zone against our competitors and utilise our great length and size inside. Will looked to attack early and this resulted in easy finishes around the basket allowing him to score our first 10 points. With clever defence and positioning by Dan and Clark we looked to dominate on defence and run the fast break.

Coming into the second quarter saw us hold a comfortable lead where James looked to be his usual self and attack the basket getting the other team into foul trouble. Clever ball handling saw Oskar control most of our offence creating shots for himself and others underneath the ring. Danny looked to take over from where Will and James left off continuing the tenacious rebounding both on the offensive and defensive ends.

The third quarter saw us extend our lead and run away whereby Cooper looked to knock down open shots to try extend our lead coming into the fourth. Although our efforts Scotch hit a few lucky shots to keep the game within reach. 

Our excellent defence from the start of the fourth saw Scotch scrambling and unable to get any momentum going. Where Dylan looked to have fast hands within our zone set forcing many turnovers. This quarter saw us outscore our opponents by 19 points and cemented the win.

Best Players: Will Rooke, Oskar Felusch, Cooper Hillen

Scorers: Will (12pts), Danny (6pts),Cooper (6pts), Oskar (5pts), James (4pts), Clark (4pts), Dylan (4pts)

Overall the Middle B's have had an excellent season. Whereby we defeated some big name schools and looked to improve and implement what we had learnt across each week into our games. It has been a privilege working with each player on the team and I am hoping to see everyone continue with basketball in the future (hopefully will see most of you next season!)

James Sibly – Middle Bs Basketball Coach


Middle C defeated Scotch College 67-25.

What a wonderful win for the hardworking Middle C boys! We spoke during the week about winning this game would be a fitting end for our year 9's who will move into the Senior basketball program. We implemented a full court press, which we had practiced and it led to us having the ascendency at 18-0 at quarter time. Displaying great sportsmanship we fell back to a zone defence for the second and third quarters allowing Scotch a chance to have some offence. 

Our entire team showed how much they had improved over the season in this game. A wonderful defensive performance, generated lots of fast break offence for us. A highlight would have to be Archer Stonehouse's made three point shot. Whilst Cooper Sarson's gorgeous reverse layup was a rare treat in Middle C Basketball. This game filled me with pride as a coach, not because of the win, but because of how the boys gelled as a unit. Everyone fed off each other and the enthusiasm we had at each huddle led to a "1,2,3 PULTENEY" that could have been heard from the car park.

A great finish to season that was full of ups and downs, but I hope each of my Middle C legends will look back fondly on our game against Scotch in the years to come.

Best Players: a true team performance - all played incredibly well
Top Scorers: Sam Beahan 22, Archer Stonehouse 18, Cooper Sarson 10

Matthew van der Sommen – Middle Cs Basketball Coach


Week 4 - Saturday 19 August


Semi-final - Pulteney 1st V defeated Adelaide High 75-35

The inaugural SAAS basketball finals were held at Westminster College with a 'semi-final/ winners advance to grand final' format. Our opponent for the semi-final was Adelaide High who we had beaten earlier this term. Our approach was to play hard from the start and should the result look favourable, look at resting players for the grand final.

The first quarter was tight with us trading baskets, Elijah Randell and Samuel Hore doing the bulk of our scoring for the term. We had rotated everyone into the game by early in the second quarter and the extra energy and opportunity paid dividends with a blistering 23-6 quarter had us leading by 21 at the half. We built on that lead with another 22-10 third quarter which allowed us to rest some players who had been ill during the week. We closed out the game with some great team play winning by 40 points and advancing to the grand final.

Daniel Nielsen was explosive at both ends and scored 10 points in a row at one stage proving to be too hot to handle. Matthew Rule and Samuel Price were also wreaking havoc in the open court, benefiting from the defensive rebounding from Elijah Randell, Samuel Hore and Matthew Rodda. Tom Sibly was finding the open player in the best position for our team and Cameron Horsell was playing aggressively and working the offences well. Defensively George Athanasas worked tirelessly on their best player minimising his influence and guaranteeing the result for our team.

Best Players: Daniel Nielsen, Elijah Randell, Samuel Hore
Top scorers: Daniel Nielsen 17, Samuel Hore 14, Elijah Randal 12, Samuel Price 12

Peter Sexton – 1st V Basketball Coach


Grand Final - Pulteney 1st V defeated by Westminster 48-51

Our grand final opponents were the host school who had won the other semi-final in a tight contest. 

We quickly got into a good rhythm offensively with Elijah Randell finishing off some strong plays whilst also feeding other team mates bringing them into the game. Tom Sibly was doing a good job defensively and combining with Daniel Nielsen and Matthew Rule had our structures running smoothly giving us a handy four point lead. We were so efficient offensively that it forced a change in defence from our opponents to try and slow our progress.

We adjusted well in the second quarter, with George Athanasas looking threatening at both ends of the floor and Samuel Hore and Matthew Rodda providing plenty of support inside. We had some good shots from outside with no luck, relying solely on Samuel Price and Elijah Randell for our scores in the keyway, our lead just 1 point at the long break.

Our third quarter had big plays from Tom Sibly and Matthew Rule as they connected from long range however we gave up too many easy shots at the defensive end through undisciplined fouling which resulted in a number of free throws and a 6 point three quarter time deficit.

We were unable to make any real in-roads in the early stages of the final quarter, with strong plays by George Athanasas and Matthew Rodda matched by our opposition. With two minutes remaining we were 9 points down and the situation looked hopeless, but through grit and determination the team was not finished with yet. In the blink of the eye Elijah Randell scored back to back baskets, then stole the ball and fed Tom Sibly for a layup to cut the margin to three. Matthew Rule then stole the inbound pass and fed George Athanasas for the score with only 15 seconds remaining – 1 point down. Westminster successfully inbounded and we fouled them with 6 seconds remaining, sending them to the free throw line where they edged the difference back out to 3 points. We took a timeout and went over our preferred play which the team ran perfectly, generating a long 3-point attempt which came up short as the game clock expired.

I was exceptionally proud of all of the boys as they all dealt with different challenges across the morning. Their efforts when faced with an ominous deficit was amazing, and the support for each other was outstanding.

Additionally, we very much appreciated the efforts of Mr Down, Mr Bowen and a number of students that came out to support us across both of these games.

Best Players: Elijah Randell, Tom Sibly, George Athanasas
Top scorers: Elijah Randell 16, George Athanasas 9, Matthew Rule 8, Tom Sibly 6, Samuel Price 6

Peter Sexton – 1st V Basketball Coach


Pulteney 4th V defeated by St John's Grammar 39-20

Another tough game for us this week as we came up against a strong defensive side. A large amount of pressure in the passing lanes caused us to struggle to reach our offensive set and led to many turnovers. Going in to the second half our focus was on making good passes and showing patience in offense. The team executed this well, with Hugh Gowland and Lachie Rawson leading the way as our number of turnovers dropped in the 2nd half. This gave us more opportunities to find Josh Hackett and Elias Patrikis inside, who performed well attacking the basket. Zach Nicholls showed his usual tenacity on defense, whilst Jackson Harvey and Terry Koumi got some good looks from outside the key. Will Cockburn ran the offense well, cutting to the gaps in the defense and looking to score. Unfortunately, we were let down in the end by our lack of boxing out, which allowed St John's to score a large number of second chance points from their missed shots. Some learning points to take into our final game against Scotch this week. Good job boys. 

Best players; Josh Hackett, Elias Patrikis, Hugh Gowland
Top scorers; Josh Hackett (6), Jackson Harvey (5), Hugh Gowland (4) 

Luke Nottage – 4th V Basketball Coach


Pulteney Middle As defeated Blackfriars 44-39

The boys came together to win a hard-fought team game this morning. With 9 players, our emphasis was on defensive intensity as we had the depth required to keep the energy levels high all game. The opening 5 minutes was dominated by our starters. Travis Lewin opened the scoring for us with his run ahead of the ball which continued throughout. Declan Bell played his usual role, putting up quality points, dominating the offensive end. Will Evans had the tough task of guarding their dominant centre. Will did a good job of contesting his shots and making things difficult for him, unfortunately getting into some early foul trouble.

We lost our run in the second quarter, slipping into a play style that suited them, losing the quarter 6-10. Opening the second half in a full court man it was reinforced that our emphasis was on defence. Tristan Yew led the charge, rattling their ball carriers and setting an example for the effort level required for the remainder of the game. Stefan Gould and Ollie de Broughe displayed the depth of our talent, providing really solid efforts on both ends of the floor. Max Cavender and Akash Thomas were relentless defensively, hassling their players and making every move difficult for them.

With 4 minutes remaining we were all tied up. Will came up with a huge block giving us momentum. Jack, Travis and Tristan put up a clutch contested drive each in the dying minutes to push the game out of reach, topping off a well rounded team performance. This was a long overdue win and gives us good momentum heading into the intercol weekend. 

Best Players: Travis Lewin, Declan Bell, Tristan Yew, Will Evans, Jack Kfoury
Top Scorers: Travis Lewin (11), Declan Bell (10), Tristan Yew (10), Jack Kfoury (7) 

Joel Kittel – Middle As Basketball Coach


Pulteney Middle Bs defeated Blackfriars 28-24.

Coming into the game we looked to run a zone defence to utilise our height and force our opponents to shoot from the outside. Will and James both looked to crash the boards early resulting in fast breaks led by Clark. With good open looks inside we looked to take the lead early and control the tempo of the game.

Coming into the second we turned to a man defence to test out our ability to shutdown our opponents offence. With Oskar controlling the offence and Danny looking to take over rebounding duties we looked dominant. Blackfriars looked to turn to a zone which allowed us to run and execute our "short corners" offence. Dylan looked to run the cuts allowing him easy mid range jump shots and looked to put us in a comfortable lead.

The second half saw much of the same structures run. Where Slade looked to hustle and out run his opponents in offence and defence. Dan looked to take over offence responsibility creating good shots for himself and others on the court. Cooper, coming back from injury, looked to attack wherever he could drawing fouls.

With the game in the balance we looked to fall back to a zone where our opponents struggled to get up uncontested shots. This allowed us to get easy offence and run away with the game.
Overall great game played by everyone!!!

Best Players: Oskar Felusch, Will Rooke, Slade Holway, James McMartin
Top scorers: Oskar Felusch (11), Will Rooke (9), Danny Putznezov (4)

James Sibly – Middle Bs Basketball Coach


Pulteney Middle Cs defeated by Blackfriars 16-24. 

We arrived at Pulteney and started what appeared to be a low scoring affair against Blackfriars. Our pressure defence worked well against a tall Blacks unit. Steals were going to be vital and Gabe Wilson, Finn Boylen and Sam Beahan all pressured with intensity and enthusiasm. James Lance was a massive presence inside tipping balls and boxing out and negated the height of Blackfriars. 

We needed to take better care of the ball in the second and third quarters which blew the score out to a ten point blacks lead.

To the boys credit they did not give up and won the fourth quarter. Some outstanding defensive work from Ryley and Tom kept us in the game until the final seconds. Cooper provided us with great handles and Zach gave us a spark early on. Christian was a massive ball of energy generating steals, rebounds and fast break opportunities for his teammates.

All in all, a strong performance and a good lead up to a massive game against Scotch next week!!!

Matthew van der Sommen – Middle Cs Basketball Coach

Week 3 - Saturday 12 August


Pulteney 1st V defeated by CBC 48-49

Another tough opponent this week and the match was one of the classics. We were down a player with a couple not at 100% however the effort and intensity was amazing.

Elijah Randell and Matthew Rule started the game off strongly converting a number of great plays supported by Tom Sibly who was organising us well. Our hustle and teamwork had us dominating all aspects of the game except the scoreboard with some missed opportunities vital in the end result. George Athanasas and Daniel Nielsen provided amazing energy throughout the match with George adding some much need points to provide some variety at the offensive end. Matthew Rodda also worked hard and came up with some vital rebounds whilst Sam Hore and Cameron Horsell contributed well in limited opportunities.

Our second quarter was a struggle with us only scoring four points and in hindsight we had become a little predictable with our play. The scores were tied at half time and we knew that we needed a big second half to remain competitive.

The boys dug deep and through a variety of avenues we clawed our way back to hold a slender lead coming into the last quarter. Some critical turnovers hurt us and CBC made some big plays to come out victors by a solitary point.

There were many lessons to be learned from the match and we have one week to implement prior to this weekend’s final series where we hope to be able to meet CBC again to measure our progression.

Best Players: Elijah Randell, Matthew Rule, George Athanasas
Top scorers: Elijah Randal 16, Matthew Rule 16, George Athanasas 9, Tom Sibly 5

Peter Sexton – 1st V Basketball Coach 


Pulteney 2nd V defeated CBC 83-43

Once again we were impacted by injuries with only 6 fit players at the commencement of this week’s game. Our start was lacklustre and a quick time-out sought to refocus us on the defensive intensity required to play well. The response was immediate and we quickly went from 4 points down to 4 points up at the first change. From there we took complete control of the match scoring easily and using slick teamwork to our best advantage.

Jesse Coombs started the scoring for us working well around the basket until a back injury had him rest for the last 15 minutes. This allowed Jordan Cirocco to completely control the keyway, whether it be through scoring, rebounding or throwing assists to team mates. Katia Stamatelopoulos connected on a couple of long bombs and worked strongly with Roman Cardillo to stop the guard penetration that was hurting us early. Oliver Bishop injected his normal hustle and this opened up scoring opportunities for everyone, including Oscar McKenny who shot the ball beautifully throughout the second half.

A minor concern was still the number of points we allowed our opposition to score however this group has shown that the program will continue to have success over the coming years if they continue to work hard.

Best Players: Oscar McKenny, Jordan Cirocco, Oliver Bishop, 
Top scorers: Jordan Cirocco 25, Oscar McKenny 21, Jesse Coombs 14, Oliver Bishop 13

Peter Sexton – 2nd V Basketball Coach


Pulteney 3rd V defeated CBC 43-28

It was a good opportunity to see the 3rd V boys play this week after only seeing them in training sessions thus far. We opened the game strongly getting some good looks inside for Albert. CBC fought back over the next two quarters bringing the game back to a close margin. Our focus was patience on offense as we went into the 4th and it payed off as Sam and Matt worked well off of each other inside. This coupled with Anthony, Lewis and Hugh's solid outside play, as well as Daniel's unmatched speed on the fast break gave us a commanding final run to close out the game. Good job boys.

Best players: Albert Gu, Daniel Bai, Matt Beahan
Top Scorers: Albert Gu (15), Daniel Bai (13), Matt Beahan (9)


Luke Nottage – 3rd V Basketball Coach 


Pulteney 4th V defeated by Pembroke 33-24

Overall a mixed game this week as we unfortunately fell prey to a strong outside shooting team in Pembroke. We were surprised initially by Pembroke's intense man defense and ball pressure causing us to commit many turnovers and struggled to get into our offensive structure. This led to us only scoring 2 points in the opening quarter. Our emphasis on offense for the remainder of the game was to get to basket aggressively and leverage our height advantage.

Ryan Moseby led by example getting many good looks inside, Hugh Gowland and Lachie Rawson followed close behind, also making some strong drives. Zach Nicholls and Will Cockburn contributed greatly on defense, pestering Pembroke's ball handlers and providing a big presence inside. Terry Koumi and Jackson Harvey had some good outside looks, with Jackson making a dazzling fade away 3 in the 4th quarter. But unfortunately we struggled to close out Pembroke's shooters, allowing one of their players to channel his inner Steph Curry as he came away with six 3s. 

Best Players: Ryan Moseby, Hugh Gowland, Lachlan Rawson
Top Scorers: Ryan Moseby (14), Hugh Gowland (4), Jackson Harvey (3)


Luke Nottage – 4th V Basketball Coach


Pulteney Middle As defeated by CBC 57-27

Turnovers were again the key to the scoreline this week. We matched CBC in every facet of the game other than some careless passes and dribbling into traffic, which unfortunately resulted in a blow out win for them. The second quarter however was exceptional, proving that we can match any team when playing at our best. Switching to a 3-2 zone we limited their offensive options and they looked lost out there scoring only 7 points for the quarter.

Tristan Yew created huge amounts of pressure at the top of our zone. Will Evans and Jack Kfoury were big presences down low and rebounded well this quarter allowing us to get out on the break. Declan Bell was again a huge scoring threat for us, attacking the basket and exposing gaps in their defense. This was a really impressive quarter and if we could have extended this play to a 4 quarter effort we would've been very competitive with this side. Unfortunately the third quarter was the defining point in the game where we would have had 10+ turnovers and they blew it out, winning the quarter 20-6 putting the game out of reach. 

Best Players: Declan Bell, Tristan Yew, Will Evans
Top Scorers: Declan Bell (7), Tristan Yew (6), Will Evans (5)


Joel Kittel – Middle As Basketball Coach


Pulteney Middle Bs defeated by CBC 41-15

We faced another tough match up this week but did not shy away from the competition. The first half saw us play some great defence against a sharp shooting and skilled CBC. Falling into a zone defence early allowed again for our big men to dominate, this saw James, Will and Danny apply some great hand-in-face defence as well as pulling down easy rebounds. Unfortunately though our offence was out of sorts, where we were making silly turnovers and forcing up contested shots.

For the second half we decided to test our man-to-man match up. This allowed for us to focus on a particular player and especially saw Oskar shut down the oppositions best player resulting in Clark receiving fast break layups down the other end. Dylan also looked to make a strong presence inside cutting towards the ring receiving wide open looks underneath the basket. Resulting in 25-15 CBC lead going into the fourth.

With fatigue kicking in late in game, we made a couple of simple mistakes allowing CBC to have fast break chances. Dan looked to keep us composed bringing the ball up the court and slowing down the offence but unfortunately the game was out of reach.

Best Players: Oskar Felusch, James McMartin, Will Rooke
Top Scorer: Will (7)


James Sibly – Middle Bs Basketball Coach


Pulteney Middle Cs defeated by CBC 62-13.

Coming up against a CBC team possessing height we felt as though getting enough rebounds would be a struggle. We struggled to implement our offence in the first quarter with CBC getting steals and easy baskets in transition.

A focus on fast break points and a switch to playing man to man defence resulted in a close second quarter. We still struggled to gain momentum on offense but we kept trying all morning and were rewarded with some baskets to Tom and Ryley. Cooper, Finn, Sam and Archer also made an impact on the scorecard. 

Our term three recruits Jacob and Christian played gritty games showing a willingness to defend and get out on the fast break. Continual improvement from this group of boys over the year will culminate in a match against Scotch who beat us narrowly in our earlier encounter this year. 
We will play Middle C basketball against them and hopefully get a much deserved win.

Best players: Archer Stonehouse, Sam Beahan, Christian Sorgini, Finn Boylen, Cooper Sarson

Top scorers: Sam Beahan, Cooper Sarson, Finn Boylen


Matt van der Sommen – Middle Cs Basketball Coach


Week 2 - Saturday 5 August

Pulteney 1st V defeated Adelaide High 47-28

Our opposition on the weekend are our semi final opponents in two weeks’ time so we knew the importance of a strong showing. This week we had Samuel Price injured allowing us to reward the efforts of Oliver Bishop with a debut opportunity in the 1st V.

Tom Sibly got us off to a flying start nailing the opening 3-point shot followed by a strong finish on a drive to the basket. Sam Hore and Elijah Randell followed suit with strong moves and the tone was set for the rest of the match. Our defensive pressure was excellent and we held our opponents scoreless for the first quarter.

Matthew Rule opened the second quarter with a flurry of baskets and George Athanasas and Daniel Nielsen stepped up the defensive intensity creating a number of opportunities for team mates. Matthew Rodda, Cameron Horsell and Oliver Bishop made the most of their extended opportunities enabling us to extend our advantage to 29 points at three quarter time.

Our intensity lagged a little in the final quarter as our opponents enjoyed a little more freedom however, the composure and discipline from the first three quarters should give us confidence for our upcoming re-match.

Best Players: Tom Sibly, Elijah Randell, Matthew Rule. An awesome team display.
Top scorers: Elijah Randell 20, Matthew Rule 20, Sam Hore 6

Peter Sexton – 1st V Basketball Coach


Pulteney 2nd V defeated by Adelaide High 48-51

We had reduced numbers this week due to injury which meant greater opportunities for those who were available.

Our work at the offensive end of the court started well and Jesse Coombs got us rolling with a couple of strong moves under the basket. Katia Stamatelopoulos was controlling our tempo well and we appeared in sync early with some great opportunities to score which we couldn’t quite grasp. 

Our problems were glaring at the defensive end where missed match ups and an inability to contain players making scoring too easy leading to some score board pressure. The second quarter was below our best and we found ourselves 15 points down at the half way mark of the game.

Oliver Bishop stepped up the intensity at both ends and got the scoreboard ticking over however we were unable to make any in-roads into the deficit.

As a team we threw caution to the wind and applied full court pressure to get some momentum and the results were impressive. Led by Oliver Bishop, Roman Cardillo and Katia Stamatelopoulos our extended defence produced a number of turnovers allowing Oscar McKenny and Jordan Cirocco to extend their defence and the team scoring followed. Unfortunately, time ran out and we fell short by 3 points despite all of the momentum being with us.

With some dedicated work over the next 2 weeks we can reverse this result for the return fixture. 

Best Players: Oliver Bishop, Katia Stamatelopoulos, Jessie Coombs
Top scorers: Jessie Coombs 12, Oliver Bishop 11, Katia Stamatelopoulos 8, Oscar McKenny 8

Peter Sexton – 2nd V Basketball Coach


Pulteney 3rd V defeated by Adelaide High School 29-39.

This week’s game was a bit of a struggle for us as things were not going our way. The referees were officiating the game very closely, which resulted in quite a few turnovers as we struggled to adapt to their officiating of the game and this gave AHS the opportunity to play the game on their terms. We had some good looks inside but were unable to convert often as the ball just didn’t seem to go our way. We were able to stay in the game with some great defense inside from Albert and Matt, but a slow rotation on occasions gave AHS some easy layups. Later in the game, there were some nice individual plays off our drives, but I would like to see some more consistent scores from structured offense like we had earlier in the season. An unfortunate loss, but we will keep working on our offense and ball handling to finish the season off strong. 

Best Players: Albert Gu, Matt Beahan

Top scorers: Matt Beahan (13), Albert Gu (5), Daniel Bai (5), Hugh Gowland (5)


Kieren Krischnappa – 3rd V Basketball Coach


Pulteney 4th V defeated St. Peters College 32-15. 

Having only coached this team in training sessions, it was a great opportunity to observe how they played in a real game setting. I was quite impressed with the boys’ efforts as they started the game off with a 10-0 first quarter. Our plan was to lock down the key and not give up easy shots, which they executed perfectly. Will’s role on defense was crucial to our success as he did not let them get close to the basket. Our guards up top also helped to pressure the ball, making it even harder for St. Peters to move the ball around safely. Throughout the rest of the game, the boys hustled non-stop and didn’t give up until the ball went through the ring. A great effort from all and a well deserved win. 

Best players: Will Cockburn, Hugh Gowland, Josh Hackett

Top scorer: Hugh Gowland


Kieren Krischnappa – 4th V Basketball Coach



Pulteney Middle A's defeated by MHS 25-81

The boys came up against a quality opposition this week and it was a real challenge for us. Allowing them to score 28 points in the first quarter we were on the back foot for the rest of the game. Our defense picked up, however turnovers remained an issue throughout the following three quarters. Whilst MHS had some talented players, it was a lot of unforced errors and adjusted shots that showed they were in our head from the get go.

Despite the score line there were some real positives to take out of the game and some things to work on at training.  Tristan Yew was a trusted ball handler for us who controlled the tempo well, his defense was a real spark we needed in the second quarter to stem the flow of their scoring. Declan Bell was our main offensive option, making some really good passes and attacking the rim the whole game. Jack Kfoury made his debut with us this week and he slotted in well into the team. Jack played very patiently with the ball, making the right decisions and getting some really good looks on offense. Akash Thomas was a stand out, running the floor all game long getting a lot of fast break opportunities, just needing to work on the strong finish which will eventually convert into a lot of scores for us. 

Best Players - Declan Bell, Tristan Yew, Jack Kfoury
Top Scorers - Declan Bell (11), Jack Kfoury (5)


Joel Kittel – Middle As Basketball Coach


Pulteney Middle Bs defeated by MHS 30-34

Coming off a close loss to Marryatville last term and having a few additional players we were coming into the game looking to get the win. From the start, we applied some fantastic defensive pressure, with Cooper and Slade communicating within the front court. This allowed for easy interceptions and forced our opponents to crumble under the intense pressure. When Dan was injected into the game he ran our offense keeping us composed and allowing us to run through our plays. This saw us put up a lot of great inside shots. 

After the quarter break we decided to try a zone, as we had height inside and wanted to test their outside shooting. This allowed James and Will to use their height to grab down easy defensive rebounds and their length to make all shots inside heavily contested. Although, a few plays saw us miscommunicate between ourselves and saw multiple people guarding the same area and leaving an area open. This allowed Marryatville to break our defence down, forcing us back into a man defence.

With the game still within reach, only being down by 8 points, we needed a few quick stops and scores. This allowed Oskar to shine, controlling the offensive tempo and finding open players allowed us to find quick scores underneath the ring. With the game still in the balance Danny kept crashing offensive boards and drawing fouls to get himself to the line numerous times to keep us alive. With our opponents worried and panicked Dan looked to read the play exceptionally well picking passes out of the air and running the fast break. Despite the run we had created Marryatville got a few lucky contested shots under the ring and looked to close out the game.

Overall another great team effort, where everybody played a fantastic game as a group.

Best Players: Oskar Felusch, Dan Whitelock, Will Rooke
Top scorers: Dyllan Zhang, Oskar Felusch, Will Rooke


James Sibly – Middle Bs Basketball Coach


Pulteney Middle Cs defeated by MHS - 17-45

We had a full roster on offer today and we welcomed Christian and Jacob for their first games in the mighty middle C's. We tried a new defensive structure in the first quarter which gave up too many shots in the paint. 

In the second and third quarters we kept pace with a talented MHS squad. We got out on the fast break and played hard physical defence. Finn showed poise acting as one of our main ball handlers, Jacob showed a fearless jumper that rattled around the ring and Sam had a breakout game leading many offensive forays.

We continue to struggle to score enough points to win games so more work will be put into both our pick and roll offense and our pass and cut movements. 

Overall the score didn't reflect how competitive we were for half of the game. But the game of basketball is played over four quarters so it is all about getting some consistency all game. 

Top Scorers: Cooper Sarson, Sam Beahan, Finn Boylen, Christian Sorgini
Best Players: Sam Beahan, Cooper Sarson, Finn Boylen


Matthew van der Sommen - Mighty C coach


Week 1 - Saturday 29 July


1st V defeated Pembroke 64-42

The team was keen to continue the success of term 2 and therefore committed to a training session on the last Thursday of the school holidays followed by an internal trial match just before school returned. With two high quality training sessions in the first week we were ready and waiting for Pembroke who agreed to play us as we both had a bye this week.

The start to the game was flawless at both ends of the court as we played perfect team basketball to take control of the match. We were powerful in offence where six players got on the scoresheet for the period and ruthless in defence keeping our opponents to just 5 points. Matthew Rule started with a long bomb and mixed it up well with strong drives making him a real handful for their defence, running up 13 individual points for the quarter. Tom Sibly ran our offence perfectly, controlling the tempo as required plus regularly nailing his open 3 point shots whilst Daniel Nielsen was a great foil with his poise and strong drives to the basket in addition to doing a job for us at the defensive end. 

Samuel Hore worked well in the keyway and showed signs of developing more variety in his offensive moves forming a strong partnership with Matthew Rodda who was always threatening. Elijah Randell controlled the boards for us at both ends and quietly amassed his score, leading the team by example as we worked our offences to find the best option. Cameron Horsell gave us an important lift in intensity when he came on and gave us a second opportunity of possession on a number of occasions coupled with some strong drives to the basket.  Samuel Price and George Athanasas rarely put a foot wrong and their intensity for the contest at both ends of the floor was once again a vital contributor to our overall play.

The end result was a 22 point win but it was the manner in which we achieved it which was the most pleasing.

Best Players: Matthew Rule, Elijah Randell, Tom Sibly, Samuel Price. A fabulous team effort.
Top scorers: Matthew Rule 20, Elijah Randal 16, Tom Sibly 9

Peter Sexton – 1st V Basketball Coach


2nd V defeated Pembroke 49-39

We started the game well with strong offensive play by Jordan Cirocco who showed variety from short and long range to help us open up an early advantage. He worked well with Katia Stamatelopoulos who connected on two long 3 pointers to complement the good work from Jesse Coombes and Max Hammerstein in the early stages. 

Oscar McKenny then stepped in and showed a lot of class with his finishes around the basket as he was almost unstoppable during the second quarter. Roman Cardillo and Thomas Conroy both maintained the intensity in the contest working well with Oliver Bishop, many of their efforts resulting in baskets for team mates.

Most impressive was the manner in which we got the ball to the right people to put the team in the best position to succeed. This meant that we took advantage of Katia’s hot hand in the first and last quarters and Oscar, Max and Oliver during other periods. Additionally, we showed poise to stay with our structure when the inevitable push came from our opponents. 

The team have been developing well and are now starting to gain the rewards from playing together.

Best players: Katia Stamatelopoulos, Oscar McKenny, Jordan Cirocco
Top scorers: Katia Stamatelopoulos 12, Oscar McKenny 10, Oliver Bishop 9

Peter Sexton – 2nd V Basketball Coach


Pulteney 3rd V defeated by Pembroke 21-31

After the three-week term break, we came back a little bit rusty. The first quarter score reflected this, scoring only 3 points to their 9. We weren’t able to create space on offense, which made it hard for us to get easy, open looks. In the second quarter, we stepped up on defense and stopped them from scoring a single point. Matt, Sam and Albert were able to secure the defensive rebounds to eliminate their second chance opportunities.

After the half time break, they came right back at us. Pembroke started to run traps and double-teamed our ball handlers, making it harder for us to move the ball around. They were also hitting their mid and long-range shots that were free rebounds for us in the second quarter. The 4th quarter was the highest scoring for both sides and was also the most competitive. There were hustle plays from both sides, most notably from Matt and Lewis in the final minutes of the game. Despite the 10-point margin, they did not give up on the game until the final buzzer.

In this week’s training session we will do a refresher on our offenses and defensive structure so that we’re prepared for our game against Adelaide High next week.  

Best players: Matt Beahan, Lewis Suttie
Top scorer: Matt Beahan


Kieren Krischnappa – 3rd V Basketball Coach