Basketball - Boys

Welcome to the Boys Basketball reports page of the School website, match reports and/ or scores will be posted here as soon as possible as they are received.


Week 8 - Saturday 24 June


Pulteney 1st V defeated Westminster College 46-39

This was going to be our toughest test so far as our opposition were also undefeated and had been showing themselves to be an imposing outfit. We were down two of our regulars for this match and therefore promoted Jesse Coombs due to his consistent form in the 2nd V and his sound knowledge of our offensive structures. 

We started strongly with some excellent intensity from George Athanasas which set the tone for us for the rest of the match. Elijah Randell was a tower of strength at both ends and the team showed amazing poise and awareness to isolate him for a period where he was dominating offensively. Tom Sibly was again organising us and controlling the tempo of the game – knowing when to run and when to steady the team and this continued when Daniel Nielsen was introduced into the game, scoring some valuable baskets with his trademark drives.

Matthew Rule exploded offensively scoring 7 points in a hurry with a long three pointer and two strong drives down the middle. Samuel Price started the second half with a great focus and hit the scoreboard in a number of ways, strong inside work coupled with mid-range jump shots, pressure foul shots and an important three pointer as the clock expired.

We started the last quarter on even terms and the team committed fully to the call of lifting the intensity for one last effort. Cameron Horsell was instrumental in turning two half chances into Pulteney possessions and Jesse Coombs was likewise making things difficult around the boards with some excellent efforts. We put the clamps on Westminster defensively and were focussed on playing team first basketball, highlighted by George Athanasas’ 10 metre dive/slide to retrieve a ball that was rolling towards his opponent, flicking it up into the safe hands of a team mate. We were not to be denied and through some steady foul shooting in the clutch we came out victorious and take a 6-0 record into the next stage of the competition.

Best Players: A great team effort
Top Scorers: Elijah Randal 14, Samuel Price 14, Matthew Rule 9, Daniel Nielsen 6, 

Peter Sexton – 1st V Basketball Coach


Pulteney 2nd V defeated Westminster College 38-36

We set out to improve our season result where we had fallen short by small margins on a number of occasions.

We started with good intensity but we lacked organisation and structure, and once Max Hammerstein took control in this area we opened up many scoring avenues, taking the lead into quarter time on the back of some strong work from Jordan Cirocco.

Oliver Bishop was welcomed back after recovering from an injury last week and he was prominent at both ends of the floor, scoring steadily all match in a strong display. Jesse Coombs worked tirelessly under the basket and turned many defensive rebounds into fast break opportunities for our runners. Thomas Conroy and Roman Cardillo played vital roles in linking the plays together and contributing to the result through team play.

We started the last quarter with a four point advantage but the opposition was challenging us with many strong drives to the basket. We came into the last few minutes with a 2 point deficit but showed great poise to draw level through an Oliver Bishop basket. With only seconds remaining and the scores tied, we came up with a massive defensive play and transitioned the ball down the court, finding Oscar McKenny in the corner for a long jump shot that swished through the net as the buzzer rang out in the background. Great credit must go to Oscar for having the nerve to take and make the big shot, yet the poise to not panic and find the best option showed that the team has taken giant strides this season.

Best Players: All played well
Top Scorers: Oliver Bishop 15, Jesse Coombs 6, Jordan Cirocco 6

Peter Sexton – 2nd V Basketball Coach 


Pulteney 3rd V defeated Westminster School 56-17

This week we did not have Albert, but we welcomed Tom to the team. The game started off well for us on offense, finishing the quarter 12-3. There were open inside shots for both teams, but we hit ours more consistently, evident from Sam BW’s back-to-back baskets in the paint. At the first break, we adjusted our defense to protect the key and secure defensive rebounds. Good defense from Tom led to good offense and fast break points from Lewis. Our guards’ pressure on ball handlers gave Westminster a tough time getting the ball inside from the perimeter, allowing us to close out the half 14-4.

We introduced a trap after our scores to try steal a few extra buckets and it started paying off from the first run. The pressure forced them out of the key and limited their scoring options to long shots. They eventually broke the trap and started playing more aggressive and hustling for offensive rebounds, but they were still unable to score effectively, holding them off with a similar 12-4 score-line. At the start of the final quarter, Daniel sat out with an ankle injury and Lewis finished early for Soccer, leaving Arthur and Anthony in charge of running the floor. They ran the offense with patience and waited for the easiest opportunities to score.

The boys had play after play of effortless and unselfish basketball, especially from Matt. Tom also had a huge 10-point quarter and we saw a rare 3 from Sam BW, contributing to our 18-6 4th quarter. It was good to get a win after a tough couple of games. Rest up Daniel, we need you back as soon as possible. 

Best players: Arthur Blunt, Anthony Lucas

Top Scorers: Tom Rundle


Kieren Krischnappa – 3rd V Basketball Coach



Pulteney 4th V defeated Nazareth 30-10

Another strong performance by the boys this week as came up with a sizeable win over Nazareth. Hard work on defense lead to easy finishes on transition giving us a 7-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. Our goal in the half-court set was to work the ball inside and we executed this well.

Elias Patrikis and Ryan Moseby scored with ease over our undersized opposition, combining for 22 points. This coupled with strong rebounding efforts from Josh Hackett and Will Cockburn gave us a commanding presence inside that proved too much for Nazareth. Lachlan Rawson, Terry Koumi and Jackson Harvey hustled hard in the passing lanes, coming up with some nice interceptions leading to fast break points.

Hugh Gowland acted as the administrator for our offense in the half court set, showing great patience when the fast break option was not available. Overall a great effort by all this week marking two big wins in a row, good work boys.

Best players; Ryan Moseby, Elias Patrikis, Lachlan Rawson
Top Scorers; Ryan Moseby 15, Elias Patrikis 7, Terry Koumi 4


Luke Nottage – 4th V Basketball Coach


Pulteney Middle As defeated by Westminster 27-49

We started out the game defending well with high intensity. Some early scores and aggressive play by Ollie de Broughe ended us all tied up at the end of the first. The second quarter we dropped intensity a bit but still got some really good looks offensively through our passing game.

Declan Bell was dominant offensively with an outstanding overall game, scoring our next 15 points in a row keeping us within striking distance. The second half we went away from the team style basketball which had kept us in it so far. Too much dribble and individual play didn't allow our offence to flow and unfortunately the game blew out. Tough loss for the boys to close out the term. We'll look forward to putting forward a full four quarter effort next term.

Best players: Declan Bell, Ollie de Broughe, Travis Lewin
Top scorers: Declan Bell 17, Ollie de Broughe 6


Joel Kittel – Middle As Basketball Coach


Pulteney Middle School Bs defeated Westminster 23-19.

Coming into the game we looked strong, willing to fight from the get go. From the first tip Oskar and Clarke looked strong, finding easy baskets around the ring. On defence we fell to a zone early to test our opponents, this worked to our favour as Will and James stepped up early inside applying hard pressure forcing Westminster to shoot long ranged 3s. Slade, coming back from injury, was aggressive diving on loose balls and looking to attack the ring when possible. After an intense but low scoring affair, we held a 2 point lead at the half.

The second half saw us run a much more composed game of basketball. Archer, coming up from the C's played some solid defence, locking down opposing players and limiting Westminsters offensive flow. The Cooper's both continued to show grit and determination in defence, gathering steals and running the floor for fast break points. After holding a 10 point lead Westminster clawed their way back to have the game within 1 point with a minute on the clock. Oskar took this opportunity to show his clutch ability by holding the ball as he needed and when he drove dishing off to the open man when doubled, allowing for an easy basket to cement the win.
Great team performance where each player knew how to execute in order to get the win.

Best Players: Oskar Felusch, Will Rooke, Slade Holway, Cooper Hillen
Top Scorers: Cooper Hillen 7, Oskar Felusch 6, James McMartin 4


James Sibly – Middle Bs Basketball Coach


Pulteney Middle C's were defeated by Westminster: 64 -16.

We came up against a very strong middle C side, who were able to shoot the outside ball, use cross screens and implemented a full court man to man defence. 
For the second week in a row we came up against a trap and we struggled again. Westminster continued to trap us full court despite by comfortably in the lead in a move that could be considered questionable. Archer and James showed poise in generating inside looks against a smaller Westminster line up and defensively we were frugal as most of our opponents points came out of turnovers. 
Cooper continues to grow in confidence and controlled the offensive side of our game. We need to work on boxing out and our ability to burst through a trap but all things considered the scoreline does not accurately represent the valour with which our boys played. Gabe Wilson showed poise in maintaining his dribble which allowed him more time to make good decisions.
For the second week in a row we hit a fourth quarter buzzer beater so watch out when we are in a close one!!

Best Players: Archer Stonehouse, Cooper Sarson, Finn Boylen, James Lance
Top Scorers: Cooper Sarson, Archer Stonehouse, Finn Boylen


Matt van der Sommen – Pulteney Middle Cs Basketball Coach