Basketball - Girls

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Week 8 - Wednesday 22 March  


Senior A Girls Basketball defeated Scotch 33 – 17 – Intercol Shield game 

After a good session at training on Monday night, our Pulteney girls were looking forward to a tough Intercol game against Scotch.

Again we were undersized, but what we lacked in size, we made up for with aggression.

Our full court trapping defence early in the game helped us come up with some great defensive stops and led to some easy scores and some easy shots that we unfortunately did not convert every time.

If we didn’t steal the ball in our trap, we packed in our zone in the half court and tried to force perimeter shots from our opposition and they struggled with this.

Half time saw Pulteney leading by 2, 12 to 10.

In the second half our half court trapping defence presented Scotch with more difficulties getting the ball up the floor and again we were able to get some great stops. Laura Argy forced some good trapping situations and Aiden Hill came up with a few critical steals. 

Katia Stamatelopoulos penetrated well early and made some great baskets. When Scotch sent two players to her she made great dishes out to both Jessica Simons and Kirsty Kittel who were able to make some great baskets off this, by either catch and shoot or re penetration. 

I was very proud of how our Pulteney girls played this game with such intensity, passion and desire to win. 

Beating Scotch for the Intercol basketball shield was a fantastic achievement. 

Great job by these amazing girls 

Best Players: Katia Stamatelopoulos, Jessica Simons, Laura Argy, Kirsty Kittel 

Top Scorers: Katia Stamatelopoulos 15 pts, Jessica Simons 8 pts, Laura Argy 5 pts, Kirsty Kittel 4 pts


Sharon Simons – Senior A Girls Basketball Coach


Senior B’s were defeated by Scotch 28-21

The girls started the game strongly resulting in some easy scoring opportunities early in the game. Lara Kittel played an excellent game and was our main ball handler and scorer. Izzy Fabbro tried tirelessly all game and proved formidable in defence. Chelsea Goodes and Kim Verhulst played solid basketball both in defence and offence.

Once again it was a game of missed opportunities. We had enough of the play and ample scoring chances to win the game.

Unfortunately, the girls tired towards the end of the game which allowed our opponents to score some easy lay ups on fast breaks and increase the margin. 

Best Players: Lara Kittel, Izzy Fabbro, Chelsea Goodes

Top Scorers: Lara Kittel 14pts, Izzy Fabbro 4pts, Chelsea Goodes 4 pts


Nik Sacoutis – Girls Basketball Coordinator


Middle A Girls defeated by Scotch 34 to 31

Unfortunately, the score is not a true reflection of the game. The girls played the better basketball for most the game, however a few costly decisions towards the end of the game allowed the opposition to make some crucial baskets.

Best Players: Sophie Cardillo, Kelsey Brion, Jeanne Lombard

Top Scorers: Kelsey Brion 10, Jeanne Lombard 9, Sophie Cardillo 8


Michael Keough – Middle A Coach


Middle B’s defeated Scotch via forfeit