Basketball - Girls

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Week 4 - Wednesday 8 November (MS Finals)

Middle A Girls Basketball were defeated by Seymour 36 to 22 

While we lost to a more consistent opposition on the day, we certainly made Seymour work for their victory. A number of times the margin came within two points. We applied strong defensive pressure and adjusted our game as required, working cohesively as a team. Offensively, we worked the ball around well to create space and maximise scoring opportunities. Thank you to Jade for scoring. 

Best players: Sophie Cardillo (14), Anna Evans (6), Jessie Aldridge (2)

Scorers: Sophie Cardillo, Anna Evans, Jessie Aldridge

Nicole Maxwell – Middle Girls Basketball coach


Middle B Girls Basketball were defeated by Seymour 61 to 16 

We faced a strong Seymour team who were effective at cutting the base and working the ball into the key directly under the basket. Pulteney Middle B girls adjusted their approach throughout the game and demonstrated moments of excellent teamwork and commitment to run hard to gain position in defence. We also showed increased confidence to maintain our dribble and assess our options in our attacking end. Thank you to Sophie for scoring. 

Best players: Georgia White, Grace Harkins, Meisha Rollison

Scorers: Georgia White (10), Meisha Rollison (4), Grace Harkins (2)

Nicole Maxwell – Middle Girls Basketball coach


Week 3 - Wednesday 1 November (Finals)

Senior A’s were defeated by Westminster 44-34

Senior B’s were defeated by Walford 41-25

Middle A’s were defeated by Concordia 36-32

Middle B’s were defeated by Concordia 56-6

Nik Sacoutis, Co-ordinator


Week 2 - Wednesday 25 October

Senior A’s defeated Wilderness 28-20 

Senior B’s were defeated by Wilderness 34 – 29 

Middle A Girls defeated Wilderness 15 to 12 

The girls fought hard in a close game and, whilst the score line remained tight with us trailing slightly at times, we pushed hard (exhausted with only 5 players) to finish the game on top. With increased determination to drive to the basket, box out for defensive rebounds and apply increased pressure on the ball as it came down the court, we gained some valuable turnovers. 

Best players: Sarah DeJong, Georgia White, Anna Evans


Middle B Girls were defeated by Wilderness 44 to 4

Pulteney Middle B girls faced much taller opponents who worked well as a team to set up high percentage shots under the ring. While we ran hard and put our arms up to add some pressure in defence, we needed to show greater determination and confidence in offence. 

Best players: Indira Sarin, Grace Harkins, Jade Leanne


Week 1 - Wednesday 18 October  

 Senior As – BYE 

Senior Bs - Pulteney 56 defeated Immanuel College 38

Top Scorers: Jess Simons 15 points, Lara Kittel 13 points

Best Players: Jess Simons, Lara Kittel, Tayler Price 

Middle A’s - Pulteney 72 defeated St Peters Girls 13.

 Best players:  Sophie Cardillo, Jeanne Lombard, Sarah DeJong. 

Middle B’s - Pulteney 29 defeated St Peters Girls 12.

 Best players: Tiarn Verhulst, Georgia White,  Miesha Rollison.


Nik Sacoutis, Co-ordinator