Kurrajong Sport

Please direct any questions regarding places to the Head of Sport Huw Bowen: 


Please be aware that activities are subject to minimum and maximum numbers. Each student is to nominate for ONE sport/ activity only, to ensure greater equity of opportunity for all. A second round may be offered by email communication depending on vacancies in the activities offered.

Please nominate your child/ren’s 2019 Term 4 sport selection via the ‘Trybooking’ link below. For your information, nominations for Term 1, 2020 activities will be sent out at the end of Term 4, 2019.

Kurrajong 2019 Term 4 Activities:

Please note that due to the Colour Explosion Fun Run to be held on Thursday 24 October, Term 4 Week 2, there will be no co-curricular sports scheduled on that day.

Activity When Where Manager Email
Aikido Mondays 3.45–4.45pm 
Weeks 1 – 7
Gymnasium  Marlyn Mason
Louise Perkins



Gymnastics  Thursdays 4.00–5.00pm 
Weeks 1 – 7
Glengowrie Recreation Ctr Maxwell Tce
Cass van den Broek
Amelia Mislov



Hot Shots Thursdays 3.30–4.30pm 
Weeks 1 – 7
South Tce Basketball courts Virginia Bubner Virginia Bubner Kate Dodd



Mini Hoops Thursdays 3.30–4.30pm 
Weeks 1 - 7 
Prep Basketball Court Shelley Stuart
Lucy Radford



In2cricket Thursdays 3.30–4.30pm 
Weeks 1 – 7
(Park 20)
Alison Benecke
Elisabeth Fiddler



Activity Selection:

Please book online via www.trybooking.com/BFIIP
Bookings will be open from 10am Friday 13 September until 12pm Friday 20 September.

  • Students wear their sport uniform on the day of their activity.
  • Students are escorted from the Kurrajong courtyard to their activity area.
  • Students are to wear a hat and have a water bottle with them.
  • Students are to be collected by parent/ caregivers from the activity area at 4.30pm, or by the designated finish time. Please let the manager know when you have collected your child.
  • Parents must notify the School if your son/ daughter needs to be taken to Out of School Hours Care (OSHC). Students must be booked in to OSHC as per the normal OSHC booking arrangements.
  • If the activity has a Manager please contact these members of staff in the first instance.

Pulteney Sports’ Values
Participation in the co-curricular program at Pulteney is congruent with the values that underpin the School’s approach to building a strong sense of community. The sports and activities offered provide students with opportunities to participate in enjoyable activities that strengthen their sense of teamwork and improve their fitness. The values of Commitment, Unity and Growth Mindset provide the foundation for everything we do in sport at Pulteney. All participants in Pulteney sports are required to model these values.

Extreme Weather Policy
Activities will automatically be cancelled when the maximum temperature forecast for the day is 35°C or more at 8.30am on the Bureau of Meteorology website. If the decision is made to cancel because of inclement weather or electrical storms, the School will message families by 12:00pm on the day.