T&Cs for Sale of Second-Hand Uniform

The Pulteney Grammar Uniform Shop gratefully accepts second-hand uniform for sale.

We have a special area dedicated to second-hand clothing in our newly renovated store, with a wide variety of high quality uniform available for purchase. We welcome you to come and browse or purchase at any time during opening hours.

Second-hand uniform is accepted on a consignment basis. Once goods are sold, 50% of the selling price will be credited to school fee accounts for current families, and a bank transfer will be arranged for families who have finished their time at Pulteney Grammar. Payments for the sale of second-hand goods for split families with current students will be credited to school fee accounts, unless a bank transfer is requested on the Second-Hand Uniform Form.

Please complete, sign and date the Second-Hand Uniform Form and leave it with the garments you would like us to sell for you. The Second-Hand Uniform Form can be downloaded here, or collected from the Uniform Shop. Second-hand garments may be left at the Uniform Shop or at the School’s front office.

Please ensure that all garments are freshly laundered, and blazers are dry-cleaned (please leave the dry-cleaner’s tags on the blazer). We are unable to accept any blazers with obvious sleeve alterations or white braid that has not been treated at the dry-cleaners. If blazer buttons are missing, the sale price will be reduced. 

Due to allergies, any clothing covered with animal hair will be considered a donation to the mission.

Please note, we cannot accept shoes, socks, bike shorts, zootsuits, hats, school bags or discontinued uniform. We also cannot accept any garments that are very thin, frayed, worn, discoloured or with stains, tears, holes or with obvious repairs. A good way to judge is to send garments that you would be happy to purchase yourself.

The Uniform Shop Manager reserves the right to dispose of any garments considered unsuitable for sale and Uniform Shop staff will determine a selling price for all goods. Once you leave your items with the Uniform Shop Staff, it is at their discretion what is put out for sale and what is donated to the mission. You will not be contacted if the clothing is not suitable for sale and it will be immediately donated to the mission. 

You may choose to donate the proceeds of the sale of your second-hand goods to the School, to go towards teaching and learning programs and resources for students from ELC through to Year 12, and donations are gratefully accepted.

After 12 months, second-hand goods that have not sold will be considered a donation to the School or will be donated to a mission.