Welcome to the Pulteney Shop

School uniforms form an integral part of a school’s personality.  The uniform is very much a part of the identity, the tradition and the general discipline that our school offers.  The school uniform enhances discipline, pride and performance and reduces competition between students, most of whom accept uniforms as part of standard Australian culture.  Worn with pride by students, a uniform will set a school apart and give it an individual identity.  Uniform is part of the school community.

If you are an existing family and are replacing uniform items the school now has an online app called Qkr (Quicker). This can be downloaded for android or at the app store. 
1. Search for Qkr on your phone app store.
2. Register and select your country of residence.
3. Register your child/ren.
4. Then place your order.

Once you have read through this page, you may have further questions.   Please do not hesitate to contact the shop staff, as we will be pleased to answer any queries you may have.

Please phone: 8216 5538


The Pulteney Shop entrance is at 33 Gilles Street (on the corner of Symonds Place), Adelaide.  Please check Council parking signs for times allowed in adjacent streets.

Tuck Shop

With an emphasis on healthy eating guidelines, and a focus on nutritition, Rory's Tuck Shop is open from 8am until the end of lunch daily, and offers a great selection of tasty food.

Orders can be made via the QKR! App, the online ordering system.