Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Vision for Reconciliation begins with our acknowledgement of the Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people as original custodians of Australia. We recognise that their
living culture and heritage shapes the identity of all Australians.

Pulteney Grammar School is a co-educational college situated in the CBD of Adelaide on
Kaurna land. Pulteney has an enduring commitment to nurture and develop the whole
person in each of our students. This commitment is not just a focus on academic
excellence but a dedication to inspire a life-long love of learning that empowers our
students to be critical thinkers.

Reconciliation to Pulteney is education of all members of our community about the
heritage and current realities of our shared history. It is also about commitment to the
rights of children, leadership, excellence, respect, courage, honesty, openness,
collaboration, diversity, justice and social inclusion. Pulteney is committed to sustaining
and being accountable for long-term reconciliation outcomes within our community.

Please read our Reconciliation Action Plan here.