Rules (Constitution)

In recent months the POSA committee has been considering proposed updates to the 'Rules' or Constitution of the Association.

Below are links to three separate documents, the current Constitution, the updated Rules and another document which summarises and explains the proposed changes.

The President Mark Bourchier invites you to peruse all documents and provide any feedback to either himself or the author of the proposed update, Tony McArthur.  If acceptable, the proposed updated Rules will be taken to a Special General Meeting for adoption.

Mark Bourchier - President  email
Tony McArthur - Committee email OR  08 8379 1801

CURRENT Constitution   UPDATED Rules 3.3  Explanation of changes 


Notice of Special General Meeting

Notice is hereby given of a Special General Meeting to vote on proposed changes to the POSA Constitution.  The Special General Meeting will be on Wednesday 9 August 2017 at 7:30pm in the War Memorial Room of Allan Wheaton House, 206 South Terrace, Adelaide.






12 July 2017