Access to past student records

Past student records hold private and personal information of old scholars.

Pulteney has a duty of care to ensure this information is held and maintained in a secure environment. The following process has been developed to protect your privacy. We need to make sure the person requesting your information is really you.

For many requesting this information, school was a long time ago and addresses, signatures and the like change. Therefore, we need to make the following requests to make sure we only release your information to you. 

Please Note: final Year 12 results are not issued by Pulteney. Past students can apply to the SACE Board for a replacement copy of Intermediate, Leaving, Leaving Honours, Matriculation, Year 12 and SACE results.  

Students who completed their secondary education between 1993 and 2019 can access their Record of Achievement and Tertiary Entrance Statement by logging in to Students Online

Students who completed their secondary education prior to 1993 will need to complete the replacement results order form via SACE.

Contact SACE directly with any questions on 8115 4700. 


Process for requesting access to past student records 

Requests for access to past student information must come directly from the past student. 

You must contact the School in writing. Please address correspondence to the Principal via email address  

You will be required to verify your identity. Please supply a copy of proof of identification which includes a photo, address and date of birth. A drivers’ licence is ideal. 

You must specify what information you require. 


Releasing information to a third party 

Information cannot be released to a third party, in Australia or overseas, without your consent. If you require us to release information to a third party, please indicate who will be seeking the information (preferably give contact details) and the type of information they will require.  

Frequently, screening companies are used by employers to undertake background checks on candidates. In this situation, the initial request must come directly from the past student and comply with the above process. Please note the standard release documentation used by screening companies is not sufficient for us to release your personal information. We must receive your specific permission as outlined above. 

Access the School’s Privacy Policy here.