Instrumental Music FAQ

  • Q: How can I help my child in the early stages of them learning an instrument? +-
  • Q: My child is learning to play from an external music teacher. Is this appropriate or do I need to enrol him/her at school for instrumental music? +-
  • Q: Is it realistic to expect children as young as Year 3 to remember their lesson times, especially with a rotating timetable? +-
  • Q: What happens if my child is away from school for a lesson? +-
  • Q: My child has an excursion or other school event coming up. Do I need to let their teacher and the music secretary know? +-
  • Q: If my child is sick, will I still be billed for the lesson? +-
  • Q: My child was somewhere else in the school when the teacher came looking for them. Should I still have to pay for that missed lesson? +-
  • Q: If I want to help accelerate my child’s learning, can I get a second teacher outside of the school? +-