Parents and Friends of Pulteney

Welcome to the Parents and Friends of Pulteney (P&FP), where parents are an important part of their children’s education, and the wider School community. Pulteney is a city school that prides itself in providing a welcoming community environment for all parents and friends.

Statement of Purpose

The Parents and Friends of Pulteney exists to bring together all members of the School community for mutual benefit.

We grow and support the community through:
• building relationships and friendships across the School;
• providing a representative voice;
• organising and hosting key events;
• raising funds for student focussed projects;
• liaising with all bodies in the Pulteney community; and
• proving an annual scholarship.


Members of the Parents and Friends of Pulteney are drawn from the broad Pulteney Grammar School community to include: current and past parents, grandparents and care givers, current and past staff, and extended family members of current and past students. Existing parents and staff are automatically members, and other friends are invited to make their interest known to the Management Committee. 


An Executive Management Committee of the P&FP is elected by members at the AGM in November of each year. The 2017/18 committee are:

Peter Neuhaus (President)
Peter has been involved with the P&FP since first child began in ELC in 2006, and now has two girls at Pulteney in Years 7 and 10.

Sandy Sexton (Secretary)
Sandy has been involved with the Pulteney community since 1998, and her three children have now graduated from Pulteney.

Jeff Goehr (Treasurer)
Jeff has been involved with the P&FP for 5 years, and has one child at Pulteney in Year 10 and one who graduated in 2017.

Herve Astier
Herve moved from France in 2013, joined the Pulteney community in 2015 and has 2 daughters in Year 1 and Year 3.

Sue Loftes
Sue has been a Pulteney parents since 2007, with two children having graduated and one in Year 10.

Brenton Milewski
Brenton is a Pulteney Old Scholar (1981-83) and has two sons at Pulteney in Years 9 and 11.

Marisa Veronese
Marissa has been involved with the Pulteney Community since 2004, and currently has one son in Year 10.

2018 P&FP Meeting Dates

• Thursday 8 February
• April (date TBC) (Special General Meeting to approve the revised Constitution)
• May (date TBC)
• June (date TBC)
• August (date TBC)
• September (date TBC)
• October (date TBC)
• November (date TBC) (AGM to consider annual reports and elect the Management Committee)

All members of the community are welcome to attend management committee meetings and participate in discussions.

2018 Events include:

• Sunday 18 February - Community Welcome Cocktail Party
• March (date TBC) - Class Representative and Ambassadors Thank You Function
• April (date TBC) – School Picnic in the Parklands
• Saturday 18 August - Pulteney Foundation's 'White Party' gala dinner
• December (date TBC) - Year 12 Farewell Dinner

Other P&FP Activities

  1. Support to Parent Ambassadors who welcome and host new families to the School.
  2. Support to Class Representatives who organise class level functions.
  3. Provide financial support to the ‘Artist in Residence’ Program to bring inspiring people to our students in performing and visual arts.
  4. Second Hand Text Books – the Parents and Friends have paid the subscription to Sustainable Books so all Pulteney families can sell or buy second-hand textbooks. This is a national website used by hundreds of schools, but also facilitating Pulteney to Pulteney trading. 
  5. Sporting Goods Trading Tables – 12/13 April and 28/29 September 2019.

Please consider being an active member of the Pulteney Community - the time commitment is not onerous. For more information on how you can help, speak to the current President Peter Neuhaus, one of the other Management Committee members, or Mark Bourchier (8216 5504) in the Community Relations Office.

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Allan Wheaton Paving Project

A unique opportunity to have your name permanently engraved on a paver around Allan Wheaton House. We invite Old Collegians, families and friends of Pulteney Grammar School to purchase a paver.

To order a your paver click here