Parents and Friends of Pulteney

Pulteney Parents and Friends Association (The P&F) supports the school community in creating a vibrant and welcoming environment for all students, parents, staff and friends. The P&F meets regularly throughout the school year - we invite you to become involved. Participating in P&F activities is a great way to be involved in school life, create special memories and make friends across all levels of the school.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet so many different people from so many different realms and walks of life, across different points in their children’s schooling. It gives you the opportunity to forge some really lovely friendships with people you probably never would have had the opportunity to meet.” Sue Loftes, President

At the heart of the School

The P&F exists to bring together and support the school community through social functions, programs, events and fundraisers, such as:
• Friday Quad Café
• Sports Day Barbecues
• Parent social get togethers
• School discos for Prep and Kurrajong
• Easter and Christmas raffles
• Pageant Day Barbecue and Cake Stall
• Remembrance Day morning tea
• Farewell Dinner for Year 12 students and families
• Pulteney Ambassador program
• Parent education forums in collaboration with the school

Through our fundraising we have been able to contribute significant funds to support school initiatives such as:

  • Artist In Residence Program
  • STEM Sista and STEM Mista programs to help support the renewed focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths for students
  • Kurrajong Nature Play with the purchase of toys and resources for learning, fun and discovery in the new play spaces
  • The greening of the school grounds and amenities
  • The Friends of Pulteney Scholarship (refer below)

In 2020, our focus will be on raising funds towards the purchase and installation of state of the art audio visual equipment in the Robert Henshall Sports Centre, used for many school activities and assemblies as well as large social gatherings.

Participating in the Parents & Friends

Current parents and staff are automatically members of the P&F. Other community members, including past parents, grandparents, past staff and extended family members of current and past students, are most welcome to be involved. Participation can be on a regular basis as a committee member, Class Parent Representative or Pulteney Ambassador.  Parents are also invited to assist from time to time at Pulteney events such as sports day barbecues, sausage sizzles, disco, garden working bees and other events throughout the year.

We encourage you to let us know if you would like further information on the Pulteney Parents and Friends or would like to be involved in any capacity.  Please contact the committee.


A Management Committee elected by members at the AGM in Term 4 of each year is drawn from across the school community. In 2020 the committee comprises:
President: Sue Loftes (Year 12 parent)
Secretary: Brenton Milewski (Old Scholar, Year 11 parent)
Treasurer: Kathleen Karagiannis (Year 1 and 3 parent)

Committee Members:
Ali Blake (Year 2 and Pulteney Playgroup parent)
Tanya McNamara (Year 6 and 2 parent)
Meg Oates (Year 7 and 10 parent)
Carol Quelch (Year 8 and 9 parent)
Marisa Veronese (Year 12 parent)
Sarah Wu (Year 2 parent)

The committee is supported by school staff members Rev Tracey Gracey, Mark Bourchier and Greg Atterton.

P&F Class Representatives:

Parents from ELC, Kurrajong, Prep, Middle and Senior School year levels are encouraged to consider being a class representative and help in fostering a strong sense of community in your year level through helping to build connections and inclusivity.

This role involves:

  • Being a point of contact for parents and also the P&F committee
  • Arranging get togethers for your class and/or year level. These may be parent only gatherings or family events
  • Sharing information to your year level about forthcoming school and social events
  • In conjunction with Parent Ambassadors, helping to welcome new parents in your class into the school.

Ambassadors Program "Pay it forward"

One of the strengths of Pulteney is its strong sense of community.

Starting at a new school can be daunting not only for students but also parents and as a city based school, drawing students from a wide cultural and geographic area this can be even more so.

The Parents & Friends work closely with the Enrolments Office to implement the Pulteney Ambassador Program, with the aim of assisting new families to:

  • Become familiar with their new school environment
  • Feel welcomed and a part of the Pulteney community
  • More fully share in their child’s school journey.

New families can choose to be a part of the Ambassador program and will be matched up with an existing Pulteney family. Existing Pulteney families can nominate themselves to be Ambassadors.

The Ambassador role can be beneficial to all involved. Possible activities include:

  • A phone call to introduce yourself prior to the end of the school term or year
  • Meeting up over a coffee during the term break
  • Answering any questions e.g. book orders, uniforms, tuck shop, sports, music activities etc
  • “Buddy up” at the Orientation Day
  • Introductions to other parents and students in the class or year level

We were all new to the school at some stage, through sharing our knowledge and experience we can pay it forward.


2020 P&F Meetings (all welcome to attend):

  Date Time Location

Tuesday 4 Feb 


War Memorial Room,
Allan Wheaton House, 190 South Tce

Tuesday 17 March


War Memorial Room,
Allan Wheaton House, 190 South Tce



Tuesday 12 May 



War Memorial Room,
Allan Wheaton House, 190 South Tce

Tuesday 9 June


War Memorial Room,
Allan Wheaton House, 190 South Tce


Tuesday 4 August 


7.30pm War Memorial Room,
Allan Wheaton House, 190 South Tce

Tuesday 8 September

7.30pm War Memorial Room,
Allan Wheaton House, 190 South Tce

Tuesday 27 October (AGM)

6.30pm for 7.30pm

Annual General Meeting
Naval & Military Club

Tuesday 10th November


War Memorial Room,
Allan Wheaton House, 190 South Tce


2020 Events include:

What When Where
Quad Cafe Friday mornings 8am-9am Wyatt Hall (Terms 1 & 4) and Kurrajong (Terms 3 & 4)
Sports Day BBQ and Cake Stall Thurs 5 & Fri 6 March Vaughton Oval (Park 20), opposite Pulteney Grammar School
The Pulteney Foundation Long Lunch Sunday 1 November Jarmer's Kitchen
Pageant Day  Saturday 14 November Adelaide Oval


Allan Wheaton Paving Project

A unique opportunity to have your name permanently engraved on a paver around Allan Wheaton House. We invite Old Scholars, families and friends of Pulteney Grammar School to purchase a paver.

To order a your paver click here