Buzz Book

At the beginning of each year the School has produced a Buzz Book which lists students' names, home address, phone number and parents' names. This facilitates communication between parents and students for sporting and social contacts.

Each sub-school Buzz Book will be available from each sub-school front office.

You will be listed in the Buzz Book unless you indicate that you DO NOT want to be listed by filling out this form.

The Buzz Book will be updated with current address information each term. There is no charge to be included in the Buzz Book.

All information in the Buzz Book should be considered confidential. The type of information on your family, which will be included in a directory should you choose to be listed, already stored in the School's database, appears below.

If this information changes please ring the School on 8216 5555.

Information that will be included:

  • Parents name & home address (please advise if a silent address).
  • Home & work landline & mobile numbers (advise if any of these are silent) – note that it is not possible for work landline numbers to be silent.
  • Email address - note this is your 'Default' email address as marked on our system - this is either your home or occupation email address. Note that it is not possible for email addresses to be marked as silent.